On The Eve of May

There’s an annual beginning in every garden, a point in time that seems like the “new year’s day” for the garden, when the old is past and the new is welcomed in.

It’s a time when everything seems possible, and all our plans seem probable.

Would anyone care to guess when that is in my garden? I’ll give you a hint, we are on the eve of it today.


All day I dream of the…wait let me look at my blog header so I get this right… together now…

All day I dream of the days in May when the sun is warm, the sky is blue, the grass is green, and the garden is all new again!

Every garden has a month of May. It might actually take place in March or April or June, but it happens at some point. When is it in your garden?

(Dwarf columbine, Aquilegia sp., blooms in the miniature garden, barely six inches tall.)


Really cute Columbine! Mine are just starting to open now, though none are the dwarf variety. Ah, spring!
May is usually that time in our garden. This year we have had a week or so of June temperatures and so our garden is now looking like our May garden. I wonder what May and June will bring us this year.
Unknown said…
Sometimes March sometimes April....depends on Jack Frost. It's typical of our area to have one last cold snap before Easter no matter when it is.
Unknown said…
If it weren't raining so much it might be April, but maybe May will be that month here in TN. We'll see what the weather brings!
Gail said…
I would agree with Dave...It's usually April, but, we've had rain, extremely hot weather and constant wind. gail
Charlotte said…
Happy New Years Eve.
Rose said…
You must be so excited that it's almost May, Carol! Mid to late May is probably the real beginning of gardening here. I'm just hoping all the rain stops soon that I can actually get IN the garden in May!

I missed the meeting of the Society yesterday. Did you vote on a new name yet? I agree SPPOTGWLS is a little cumbersome; I'm not sure BUGS is appropriate, but I certainly wouldn't forget a name like that:)
joey said…
Even as a child, May held my heart ... Michigan at its finest! Happy May, Carol!
In our garden it happens in early June.
I think I like April more than May, although my garden is fully alive and going strong again in May.
Cute little Columbines!
Rock rose said…
I love that delicate blue columbine and look forward to May Dreams May garden. May has lots of memories for me. May first was my father's birthday and it was the time I got to get rid of the vest and liberty bodice! "never cast a clout til may is out" really meant the may flowers were out and not the end of May. May flowers were the hawthorne blossoms and I'm told the MAy is flowering in England at the moment.
ryan said…
Probably April. March is the foliage month, when just about everything in the Bay Area has new green foliage, and then in April the wildflowers are really going. By April, California garden bloggers are all in full bloom, blogging about their gardens and the parks in their area.
sweetbay said…
April. Middle of May is often the start of summer here, although not always.

Well, really I love April and May.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Sometimes it's the end of February, beginning of March. Sometimes it's March and early April. One never knows when spring in south Central Texas will be!