Beginning of Summer at May Dreams Gardens

Do you know when summer begins?

You will probably say that it begins on June 21, 2009 at 5:45 AM, but that is not true here.

Here, summer begins much earlier, at least for me. And it is in just a few hours!

Is everyone familiar with all the pre-race festivities that take place right before they start the engines for the Indy 500 race?

If you are, then please note that I believe that summer starts precisely when Jim Nabors sings "Back Home Again in Indiana" before the start of the race.

Don't tell me about the summer solstice and how summer is still a month away.

I know better.

Summer is in just a few hours!

So if by chance you are watching the Indy 500 or listening to it on the radio like we do here in Indianapolis (because the race is blacked out on television here), please pause for a moment when you hear Jim Nabor's sing and think of the beginning of summer at May Dreams Gardens and in your garden, too.

Then pause for another moment to look at the entire pre-race schedule and note that it includes some solemn moments, too, moments to remember that this is Memorial Day weekend, a time to remember and honor those who gave their lives in military service to preserve our freedoms.

Thank you, and have an enjoyable Memorial Day in and out of your garden.

(False Indigo, Baptisia 'Purple Smoke', pictured above)


  1. Happy Summer! My Baptisia 'Purple Smoke' has just started blooming. I just love it.

  2. Is that your Baptisia? I'm so jealous. I've loved it from pictures since I first started planning my garden. Finally winter-sowed one this year but it's still sitting in a jug.

  3. My husband will be watching the race. I'll be working in the garden. Summer isn't quite here yet, although we had the first long weekend of the unofficial summer season last weekend.

  4. Carol...I think the same thing...summer begins way before the official solstice celebration...that always strikes me as the decline of summer...since the days start to shorten! Happy summer! gail

  5. We just saw Jim on tv singing his song. It sure feels like summer today. Hot and muggy. UGH.

  6. Well it feels like Summer outside between the afternoon thunderstorms! My husband has the race on the T.V. as I type....too many crashes for me!!! Happy Summer...


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