Enjoy The Spring FOLO Days

These May days, these glorious, sun-drenched (sometimes rain-soaked) May days, are the FOLO days in the garden. There are so many blooms that we are seeing the First Of, and right beside them are blooms we are seeing the Last Of for the season. FOLO...

I’m now enjoying the last of the tulips, a species tulip, Tulipa marjoletti. All the other tulips are quite ready to be dead-headed.

The Korean Spice Viburnums, Viburnum carlesii, showed their last blooms weeks ago, it seems, and I won’t see or smell those blossoms for another year. But they were quickly replaced with the first blooms of the Snowball Viburnum, Viburnum opulus ‘Sterile’.
These blooms have no scent, but in May, I don’t need scent from the big old-fashioned Snowball bush viburnum because I have the scent of lilacs nearby.

I’ve already seen and smelled the last of the common lilacs, Syringa vulgaris, which bloomed in April. Now, I am enjoying the scent of the smaller Syringa meyeri.

And in a few days time, the first blooms of the ‘Miss Kim’ lilacs, Syringa patula ‘Miss Kim’ will open and fill the side garden with their scent.

In the vegetable garden, I’ve already harvested the first of the lettuce, spinach, and radishes. I hope it doesn’t get too hot too soon so that the days of the last of these cool season crops is as far off as possible.

I know the hot days of summer are coming, though, because I saw the first of the Marguerite daisies, probably Leucanthemum vulgare, bloom yesterday.

I hope you are enjoying these Spring FOLO days, with the last of some blooms and hopefully the first of many more blooms. Is there any better time in a garden than this?


Growing up on a farm in Ohio until the age of 13 gave me plenty of opportunity to fall in love with lilac. I'd ride horses up to bushes and they would be right at my height. Our snowball viburnums just finished a week ago. Enjoy your spring garden!
Unknown said…
Oh wow, how pretty. I need to check my daisy's and see if they have buds! I have a Korean Spice TINY start, but it has leafed out and is growing.... they smell so wonderful. Great post! ~Brooke
How beautiful! I love your snowball viburnum. I have little buds on my lilac and am eagerly awaiting that smell. May is my favorite month just for all the lush greens.
Yes, May is the month of Dreams. Lots of FOLO around here too. This is the first year that my newest snowball bush has looked so full of balls. It is fun to see. My tulips are long gone.
Unknown said…
No there isn't a much better time in the garden than May! Beautiful flowers you have posted.
It is amazing how quickly the FO becomes the LO! The lilac and the tulip blooms are over before you know it! Especially since I haven't been outside as much to enjoy them between all of the rain and the time away from home caring for loved ones.
Rose said…
FOLO is the perfect way to describe these days of May, Carol! I'm sad to see my tulips dropping their petals, but I know that soon other flowers will be taking their place. The lilacs were gone before I knew it; I think it's time I plant some of the newer varieties so that I can enjoy them longer.
Pam/Digging said…
I'm happy knowing that it's May for your sake, Carol. But with highs already in the mid-90s and high humidity, it feels like the 100s here in Austin this week. So I'd have to say that yes, there are better times (at this latitude) than May, namely April!
Marissa's Blog said…
I like that...FOLO days...I think you are a little ahead of us here in northern WI, but still we are entering those days as well. I'm beginning to see the last of my tulips, but the first blooms of other things like Rhododendron. Keep up the great work!
Commonweeder said…
I don't think I have quite gotten to FOLO. The lilacs aren't blooming yet, and the daffodils are done yet. Give me another week or two.
This is, hands down, the best time of the year to be in the garden. Absolutely wonderful. I just never want to come in.
Yes, it's a great time. I'm anxious for some of my butterfly attractants to start blooming though! Your garden must be really lovely. I especially like those tulips.
Diana said…
Glad you are enjoying your FOLO days, Carol. Made me think of accounting classes! (FIFO) But you are so right, there are many overlaps in the garden right now and that's really fun to watch. Most of our early plants are going here, though, because it's been in the mid-90s and humid. Now I can't wait for the tomatos that a growing fat and green.