Garden Blues

My garden is singing the blues.

From these tiny blooms on Brunnera macrophylla, False Forget-me-not, to the comparately large iris flower which was labeled simply Iris 'Variegated', I have blue flowers throughout my garden.

But these aren't depressing, mournful, sad blues, as in "woe is me and the weeds in my garden".

These are happy, sky-reflecting blues, as in "take a minute and reflect on the flowers".

When I see them, they make me smile.

I'm reminded of the blues song, "Royal Garden Blues"...

Here's why I'm ravin',
here's why I'm ravin'
If it's blues you are cravin' just come on down.
You'll hear 'em playin',
you'll hear 'em playin'
Soon you'll be sayin',
"Hon jazz me 'round"
Because your feet they can't refuse.

Change playin' to growin' and you've got a nice little bit of jazz blues to hum to yourself as you check out even more blue flowers like...

...these flowers. Even if I hold my breath until I turn blue, I can't remember the name of them.

It's kind of embarrasing to not know their name or have a tag for them, since I planted them. Fortunately, there are some nomenclature rules we can apply to come up with the temporary botanical name Forgetia azure to use until I figure out the real one.

I remember the name of this blue flower! This is the lovely Blue Dogbane, Amsonia tabernaemontana. Each litte flower looks like it was cut out of the perfectly blue skies of a spring day in May, just for me to enjoy.

Other bluesy flowers in my garden this week include Aquilegia vulgaris 'Tower Blue', the first spiderworts, Tradescantia sp., and False Indigo, Baptisia sp. And, I'm on the lookout for more as a visit garden centers when I'm out and about.

The blues don't seem to last long in my garden, so I'll enjoy them while I can, humming along to this old blues tune.

"No other blues I'd care to choose, but Royal Garden Blues."

What color is your garden singing these days?


GardenJoy4Me said…
Hi Carol .. My garden in the "Blues" too and it is beautiful .. can't beat Jack Frost for looking the most handsome devil that he is : )
Diana said…
My garden sings the blues a little, Carol, but nothing like the profusion of delicates that you have surrounding you. They are lovely. I'm particularly fond of the "Forgetia azure!" (I have a lot of those in every color -- so glad you named them for me!)
Harlinah said…
Love your blues Carol - down here in Melbourne (Australia, not Florida!) in late autumn my garden is all about the blues, but nothing as delicate as yours; here the blues are sung by salvias, succulents, plumbago and euphorbias.
Gail said…
Carol...I have to agree your amsonia flowers are bluer then mine! Aren't they sweet little bluestars! gail
Darla said…
Blues seem to be more popular this year than in the years past around here. Very nice.
Anonymous said…
Maybe your Abraham Lincoln lilac will bloom next year and it is suppose to have a wedgewood blue bloom. We have two planted.
Holly said…
I love my forget-me-nots, pretty little flower that is well behaved and a gentle soul. My iris are not blooming yet, but we have big buds. And I saw that my false indigo is up with vigor flowers yet. In NW PA we must be a tiny bit behind you.
Mindy said…
love blue. right now just at tail end of forget me nots in seattle. miss my old blue poppy. thanks for lovely pics
Anne (in Reno) said…
Love the Forgetia, from the picture it looks like some kind of flax. My blues lean purple here, but it means the butterflies and bees love them so I don't mind. Even if the picture on the tag is blue though, it seems to want to be purple. Must just be my crazy yard. Love the song, too.
Yoor dogbane plant is amazing.
Forgetzia azure -- thanks for that big laugh this morning! I have some of that plant, but it looks a little different than your variety. It has a relative in my garden, Forgetzia magenta.

We love the blues around here, both musical and floral. My garden, as usual, is sporting a rainbow of multicolors. I have always aspired to having a "White garden" or a "Pink garden" or whatever, and then I get derailed by some hot number at the nursery and there goes my color scheme. Maybe I just need more discipline.
You crack me up. You sing blues songs while walking through the garden? I'm just working like a demon right now trying to mulch everything before vacation and spring fling. LOL. I like the song.~~Dee
Does "Veronica" ring a bell? (The flower, not the song.) My garden was singing the blues, but now it's segueing into the hot pinks, rubies and purples.
Lancashire rose said…
I love your blues. We are out of the blues and into the yellows and oranges. How I wish for forget-me-nots like yours. Are the Amsonias wildflowers? I have those in my wild areas but they were very poor this year. I sometimes think about trying to dig them up. Are they bulbs?
I do so hope that the Amsonia a friend from Maryland sent me (dug from her garden) is that variety. I just love it ... I'm such a pushover for blue flowers!
Kathy said…
I'm with MMD. The Forgetia is 'Crater Lake Blue' veronica. Have it myself, but it's not blooming yet here.
Carol said…
Very Clever Blue post ... thanks for the blue tunes and tones... could that be a type of salvia?? I have seen it might have had it but that blue is not in my life no more. I enjoy hearing the music... I know I should knw but who is the singer? We are having a heat wave right now... could use some cool blue of the ocean! Sure my blue lilac, forget-me-not and orris iris will drown in the near 90 degrees! Lovely post!