Contratulations, Lorraine Sunshine

Congratulations, Heliopsis helianthoides 'Lorraine Sunshine', you are the flower of the day, of the week, of the side border where you live.

You shine above all others right now, at three feet tall and just as wide with your very variegated foliage and bright yellow flowers. And you are doing this all on your own with very little help from me. No extra water, mulch or pruning! Just a tiny bit of deadheading and a sunny spot in the garden, but that's not too much to ask for. And you are strong and hold up well with no staking. My zone 5 winters and summers are a walk in the park for you, since you'll grow from zone 3 to 9.

In honor of your outstanding achievement this year, 'Lorraine Sunshine', I'm going to stop complaining about all the seedlings you leave that aren't varigated, because just as many are variegated. I'm also going to give you a prize package worth... well, I'll at least give you some of the very best compost from the compost pile.

So, Congratulations, Lorraine Sunshine, you are the flower of the day!


Congratualtions to the winner. I believe I have the plain heliopsus in my garden and it does indeed bloom like a trooper. Mine doesn't reseed. Too bad I would like some more of it. After seeing your varigated Heliopsus I think I will have to seek it out. I like varigations in the garden since there is so much green here.
Cindy, MCOK said…
I've never met Lorraine but I like her!
Yes, I never met Lorraine before seeing her in your garden. Congrats Lorraine on a job well done.~~Dee
Amanda said…
My aunt is called Lorraine and is a keen gardener. You've just given me an excellent idea for a present for her - thanks!!!
Hi Carol! The blooms are lovely, but the leaves are outstanding, the color and the pattern. It deserves to be a winner!
Isn't she lovely?! I gave some of my plain and a start of the variegated to a friend, telling her they are pretty well behaved and don't seed all over. Well, was I wrong! We both have them seed around. I don't as much as she does because I deadhead a lot, but I do have them coming up in other places of the yard, not near the parent plants. They are easy to pull, or dig and give away, though.
What a commanding presence! It looks like it can carry a border all by itself.
Kathy said…
I have the non-variegated form and it takes care of itself. I get some seedlings but not to the point of being truly weedy. 'Lorraine' would be an even better plant.
Gail said…
She is a trooper and needs to be in many more gardens...Good bloom with variegated foliage is always a plus! gail
Rose said…
Congratulations to Lorraine! She certainly has a bright smile and deserves this award. The winner in my garden today is the purple coneflower, but I might be a little prejudiced--she always wins this time of year.
Nice. That's one gorgeous flower and foliage.