A Session with Dr. Hortfreud: Rain

Another therapy session with Dr. Hortfreud...

Carol, you are fortunate we were able to have this session. The weatherman said in the morning that we could get one to two inches of rain, and we didn’t. That would have prevented us from meeting.

I know, Dr. Hortfreud! If we had gotten all that rain, I don’t know what I would have done because I really don’t have another WOO to mow or meet until Sunday! By then the grass would have been so tall, I would have had to raise the mower blade up to the highest setting, which I call the “emergency setting”!

Calm down, Carol, as you can see it all worked out and your grass is all cut and we are meeting. I’d like to park that thought about the emergency setting on the lawn mower for a future session, however, because it seems curious that you have even considered the need for that. Now what’s on your mind?


That’s on everyone’s minds. Can you be more specific?

Dr. H., I feel guilty because we’ve gotten so much rain this spring that I’d like it to stop raining for awhile so I can get some more work done in the garden.

Guilty? You don’t control the rain, Carol, so if you want it to stop for awhile, that’s okay.

But I feel so bad for all the gardeners in Texas and California who aren’t getting rain and are having to make tough choices about which plants to water and which plants to let fend for themselves.

Well, it is natural for you to have empathy for them, you’re a gardener, they are gardeners, too. But, again, you don’t control how much rain you get.

But what if I wish it would stop raining, and it really does and we have another dry spell like last summer.

Carol, you’ll deal with it the same way you did last summer. I was proud of you for letting the lawn go dormant and watering only the plants that really needed the water.

Thank you, Dr. Hortfreud. Are you sure it is okay to wish it wouldn’t rain for awhile?

Yes, it’s okay, and while you are wishing, wish for some rain for your friends in Texas and California, “just in case”.

Okay, I will! I hope they get enough rain to please the rain lilies!


EAL said…
do you feel better now?
MA said…
I'm beginning to wonder if you need a real doctor.
Annie in Austin said…
Next you'll be thinking the Texas garden bloggers should feel guilty about Cold Climate Kathy's late frosts ;-] Take a deep breath, Carol- none of us are in control of a dang thing!

And thanks for making the wish.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Nice. Ha ha ha!
We've had sooooo much rain lately, but now it looks like back to normal Idaho heat and sun.

I REALLY need to participate in the next GBBD.
Rosey Pollen said…
That's very clever. Thanks for making me smile tonight!
I have yet to use my garden hose, so much rain.
Jane said…
I wish we could get just a day or two of your rain! It's dry and overcast here in Portland, with no appreciable rain for 4 weeks.

No, wait, I really want my rain to go to all the good gardeners in California, who need it more than I do. Now I feel better.
Lori said…
Heehee. I'd be all, "Dr. Hortfreud, is it wrong that I feel all jealous about my friends up north getting all that rain?"
The good Dr is right, we can't control nature. I do wonder what will happen when all this rain recedes. Will we have a drought?? Most likely. Everything looks so lush right now. Love it.
Anonymous said…
Dr. Hortfreud! :D
Kathy said…
Yes, we know we don't deserve our good fortune when we have plentiful rain, and we equally feel we don't deserve a drought. How does that "prayer" of Karel Capek go: "Lord, please let it rain, but only at night, and make it a gentle rain . . ." etc.
Rose said…
I really think these sessions with Dr. Hortfreud are helping you, Carol. We can't change the weather, but it helps to have a professional tell us it's okay to wish for something different. While we're making wishes, I wish for a little cooler temperatures like the Chicago gardeners have gotten. I need to go weed, but it's a sauna out there!
Carrie said…
Wow he is a wise Dr. Listen to his words of wisdom and fear not little one. It's good you have someone to talk to about such things but a little unsettling that the client/therapist relationship is put out there word for word for all to see.....Are you sure he is accredited?
I've been feeling the same way (she said as the rain poured down with thunder and lightning). Thanks for slightly assuaging my guilt.
Leslie said…
Thank you for the good wishes! What if you don't feel guilty about the rain and I won't feel guilty about your freezes? I think the thing is we're all beginning to know and therefore worry about each others' gardens!
Darla said…
We have been above 100 degrees for the last 4 days here with NO rain! You can send some or way!
cat said…
what a wise doctor! thank you for thinking of us down here in the texas heat! and it's not your fault..;)
Queen B. said…
Hot and Humid here !! waaa!
Time to jump in the ocean though...
Pam/Digging said…
Although you can't do a thing about it, it's the thought that counts, and I always appreciate wishes for rain for Texas gardeners.
Is this like multiple personalities?
What's really weird in my Texas garden is that the rain lilies have been blooming despite the prolonged absence of rain! Poor confused plants.

Good grief, the Accuweather widget says it's 87 in Indianapolis right now! You must be sweltering!