Congratulations, Clematis 'Rooguchi'

Congratultions, Clematis 'Rooguchi' for being brave enough to bloom after I so neglected you.

I take it that these two beautiful blooms are a thank you gift to me for finally getting rid of the weeds around you and putting down a nice layer of pine bark mulch. If it is, I thank you!

But it is I who should apologize for the lapse in the first place. I am mending my ways one bag of mulch at a time, one section of the garden at a time.

'Rooguchi', you encourage me to continue my efforts, to discover what might lie beneath those big floppy Ox-eye and Marguerite daisies that I am ripping out instead of cutting back, along with the weeds that think my garden is a good place to settle down in and put down some roots.

I hope that each year as you grow larger I'll see more of these exquisite bell-shaped purple blooms in my garden. I'm sure I will.

You've proven so far to be quite easy to care for, basically requiring no care at all other than a little encouragement to climb up the obelisk I provided for you. I will remember for best bloom to cut you back to about a foot or so in late winter. I promise!

And I'll always remember that it was Kim at A Study in Contrast who featured you in one of her Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day posts, introducing us last July. The minute I saw you, 'Rooguchi', I had to have you in my garden, too.

I wonder what beautiful flower I'll discover in the next round of bloom day posts on July 15th?


  1. Rooguchi is similar to my C. pitcheri, which is supposed to be a native to Texas. I love those delicate blooms. Mine is planted right by the garden gate so I can enjoy it as I travel in and out of the garden.

  2. It's always satisfying to put the garden to rights.

  3. I am sure Roo
    is proud of you
    for the work you do
    to make it feel like new.

  4. We'll make a Clematis collector out of you yet! Next spring, give it a little Rose fertilizer then stand back & watch the show.

  5. Shoot, Carol! I didn't have to wait until GBBD to find a beautiful flower I need to have! I believe in love at first sight, and Clematis"Rooguchi" has suddenly leaped to the top of the "Must have" list!


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