Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - July 2009

Welcome to Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day for July 2009.

It seems that in every garden, no matter how much research, thought, and planning we put into plant placement, there are always one or two flowers that end up hidden in the back of the flower border behind a much bigger plant.

In my garden, that flower is the balloon flower, Platycodon grandiflorus. Even though I try to remember to move them, and do move some of the seedlings, the balloon flowers always seem to end up behind a bigger plant, like the willowy-leaved blue dogbane in the background of this picture. To even see my balloon flowers, I had to step into the flower bed, being careful to step only on the weeds, and look behind that blue dogbane.

I'm now making the balloon flower the first picture of my bloom day post, as a way to make amends to it and to show off its blue color.

Note to self, move balloon flowers in the spring.

Elsewhere in the garden there are swathes of blooms, including Shasta daisies, Leucanthemum sp.

These are just past peak bloom and are ready for a first round of deadheading

I have plenty of the ubiquitous coneflowers, Echinacea purpurea, because I rarely deadhead them in the fall.
Right in the center there is a blooming perennial sweet pea, Lathyrus latifolius. I’ve been pulling that out for several years due to its thug-like qualities. Looks like I missed a one. I'll pull it tomorrow, maybe the day after, definitley by the weekend.

Out in front, I let a few black-eyed susan’s, Rudbeckia hirta, bloom where they self sowed themselves, right by the front walk.
They’ve done a nice job there. Sometimes Mother Nature knows what she’s doing.

Elsewhere in the garden are the remnants of the blooms of June, a continuing parade of daylily and hosta blooms, some white-flowering marigolds that seem a bit stubborn about even forming flower buds, and some Phlox paniculata that looks like it will start blooming on the 16th. And some squash blooms, lots of squash blooms. Oh, and "little n" nasturtiums.


As we do every month, we are sure to welcome some new participants to Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day this month. To bring them and everyone else up to speed on how this bloom day got started, I thought I’d reminisce a bit here in mid-summer going all the way back to a cold winter's day...

Bloom day started in February 2007 when it was cold and gray and snowy and icy in my garden and I was reading books by and about Elizabeth Lawrence, one of my favorite garden writers. I read where she wrote “We can have flowers nearly every month of the year.” We can? We can!

At the time, I had no flowers blooming outside in my garden, but knew others did. I wanted and needed to be reminded that some people were gardening where the earth wasn’t frozen, so I suggested that garden bloggers showcase their blooms on the 15th of the month so we could see who had what blooming where.

That first bloom day, 37 bloggers left a comment, and several of them posted about their blooms. This past month, June 2009, 155 bloggers added a link for their own bloom day posts!

I would like to thank all who have participated in the past, and all who will participate this month. I would also like to thank those who have helped to ensure that the garden world continues to know and learn from Elizabeth Lawrence, through her garden in Charlotte, North Carolina and through her writings, many now published as compilations. One day soon, I hope to visit her garden in person.


I offer one final bloom day picture, prompted by a post by Helen Yoest of Gardening with Confidence. She wrote that Elizabeth Lawrence displayed her cut flowers one per vase, to showcase each bloom individually.

And so with my nod to Elizabeth Lawrence, here's a sampling of what is blooming in my garden today, displayed in individual vases.
In the back are Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer’, an unnamed Asiatic lily, and Sunflower ‘Earthwalker’. In front are Zinnia ‘Envy’, a Shasta daisy, and a purple coneflower.

We can have flowers nearly every month of the year. And we can share and learn from one another about plants and gardens, wherever we live and grow, by stepping outside our own garden gates and corresponding with one another through blogs and emails.

I hope you’ll join us for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day this month. All are welcome!

It's easy to participate. Just post on your blog about what is blooming in your garden on the 15th and then leave a link in the ‘Mr. Linky’ widget below and a comment. If you don’t know what to put in your comment, answer this question: Does your garden have more blooms or less blooms this year compared to last year?

I think my garden has more blooms. It’s been a good year so far.

Thanks to all for joining in for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day once again!

*Note, Mr. Linky is now working as you can see. Please notify me of any spam links left here so I can delete them. Thanks for your patience!


chuck b. said…
Am I first? Where is Mr. Linky? I am ready to go.

"there are always one or two flowers that end up hidden in the back of the flower border behind a much bigger plant"

Yeah, you just reminded me of a flower I missed!

That sunflower is remarkable.
Anonymous said…
Hi Carol, glad you compensated the pretty blue Balloon Flowers by making them #1 in the photo display. :) I had some Blackeyed Susans that self seeded themselves this year & MN did a good job.
arythrina said…
I don't see a widget, but I'm in!
Anonymous said…
Forgot to mention my post is up, don't see Mr. Linky so here's my url:
joco said…
Daisies galore at your place. And that blue is electric.
Like you, I have had to resort to the indoors at times for my pictures.

All things bright and beautiful this month.
In between rainstorms that is. Amazingly enough the plants think it is summer, even if I want to have the heating back on.

Come and take a look at some of my gaudy flowers finding refuge in the kitchen.
Ah, that Mr. Linky can be a shy fellow sometimes. One of my flowers that seems to get hidden is a blue balloon flower as well; thanks for reminding me to go look for it. Your grouping of individual flowers in the glass vases is just lovely — especially centered on that window with the sun outside. My post is up and, yes, I am pretty sure there are more things blooming than last year.
Muum said…
I have the same problem with my balloon flower! Maybe it is just shy. Having trouble with my mouse, so will just say, come on over for a visit!
Phillip said…
My post is up at

Thanks Carol!
I like the effect of the individual vases of single stems. You can appreciate each flower, but you can also move the vases around and play with different arrangements.

Since Mr. Linky is in hiding here's a link to my blooms for the month:
Pam/Digging said…
My post is up, Carol. Your balloon flowers are pretty, as are all those coneflowers--my faves!

As for my garden, it's been a hard summer for a new-baby garden in Austin. I do have more than the one bloom that I show, but not a whole lot more. But those few include a couple of hardy daylilies, if you can believe it. Mine are usually finished by mid-June.
Jill-O said…
In case you can't get Mr. Linky up soon enough, you can find my Bloom Day posting at
I really enjoyed your story of how Bloom day began. Knowing the origins of a "tradition" keeps it alive.
Salix Tree said…
I've got my post up:
I love your rudbeckias, there are so many! Mine usually only bloom as single flowers. I might try that particular type, hirta, next.
Anonymous said…
I love your Rudbeckias & Shastas, mine is all orange & purple this month, but the orange really stads out. You may have convinced me to add some yellow with those rudbeckias!
I love your showing. Love the balloon flower and have the same problem. I have a surprise showing of Echinacea; some spared by the bunnies.

Participating in your nod to Miss. E. gives me great pleasure, both in taking the time to see a moment in my garden and to visit others.

Thanks for providing this forum!

VP said…
A happy St. Swithin's Day to all Blooms Day Bloomers!

You've made me chuckle as usual Carol. I too have hidden flowers. However, my Japanese Anemones have found a solution: they stand on their tippy toes and stretch as high as they can to find a way through the Clematis that's using my contorted hazel as a support.

My post's here - I've decided on a quite a different view for today's Blooms Day and you'll find it here. I'm glad to see WV says equally which sums up what I'm trying to correct a little with my post today ;)
VP said…
BTW I see some people are asky where Mr Linky is. Looking at another regular meme I particpate in (ABC Wednesday, so I'm also combining memes today), it looks like there's been problems with spammers, so Carol's quite right not to be using it today.
Nan Ondra said…
Beautiful balloon flowers, Carol! Good luck remembering to move them next spring.
My Bloom Day post is up too, at Hayefield. Let's see if I remember how to create a link:

Bloom Day at Hayefield
patientgardener said…
Another month gone already! My GBBD post is here
rambleonrose said…
Here's my post:

Unfortunately I think I have fewer blooms this year--my tall coreopsis is barely in bud, and usually it's the star of the prairie corner right now.
Les said…
Carol, thanks for hosting another Bloom Day, and I really appreciated the back story. Such humble beginnings and now it is practically an on-line holiday. I like your self sowers, the only one I have is the Echinacea, which is past peak for me, but I do not deadhead them. Sorry Mr. Linky could not make the party, here's my post:

Second Annual City Wide Bloom Day
Frances said…
Hi Carol, all of your blooms are wonderful, but my heart soared at the sight of so many echinaceas. Ours have yet to self sow like that, too many other things around and no bare soil perhaps. More flowers this year, absolutely, due to the blessed rainfall. Thanks for the history of the bloomday too. It is the reason I began blogging, to be able to join in.

Bloomday/Weed Day July 2009

Poor Mr. Linky. Hope he feels better.

Bloom day scans are here:

Thanks for hosting.
Janet said…
Good morning Carol! I was ready last night, but gave up and went to bed. Sorry Mr. Linky isn't working. Thanks for hosting this!
Marie said…
Hi Carol,
Your cone flowers look great. Mine look a little raggedy having been trimmed by groundhogs. Thanks for hosting another bloom day.
I really like baloon flower but it doesn't like my soil or something. I can't seem to get it to grow here. Hmmm I love the display of onesies to a vase. You do appreciate each bloom that way.
Hi Carol,

Lovely echinacea and rudbeckia. They are so colorful en masse. I also enjoyed the brief history of GBBD, nice to know we're all continuing the tradition.

My post can be found on my blog at

Happy Bloom Day!
Emily said…
Here's what's blooming in my garden.

Greens and Jeans Bloom Day Post


Gail said…
Hello Carol, Thanks for hosting Bloom Day...Love the coneflower and your Susans look spectacular!

...and since it appears that I can't remember the code!

Layanee said…
Carol I love that idea of one bloom at a time. Must get more vases. I am posted this month and excited to do so. Thanks for hosting.
Anonymous said…
Swaths like yours in the garden is what I long for. :)

Mother Natures Garden
Diane said…
Mine's up:

I am saddened by the absence of daisies in my garden. I really need to fix that. Yours look gorgeous!
It's too bad your Balloon Flower does act like my mom's. Hers shoots up to 4 feet tall. Of course hers is at the front of the garden. Summer is definitely in full swing in your garden with all those Coneflowers and Rudbeckias. I have a serious case of envy for your Zinnia 'Envy.' Not one of my Zinnia 'Envy' seeds sprouted. My post is up here
CommonWeeder said…
It looks like high summer in your garden. Here morning temperatures rarely (rarely!) break 60 degrees. Last night it went down to 49 degrees. However all the roses like the cool and wet weather as you'll see. My post is up.
Our conditions much like those CommonWeeder describes. It does not feel like high summer! My contribution is here:
I love the swaths of daisies, coneflowers and rudbeckias. Here's what's blooming in NJ, zone 6b (hydrangeas, lilies, phlox, etc.):

-Heirloom Gardener
garden girl said…
Good morning Carol! Very nice blooms you've got - love the balloon flowers even if they are a bit hidden. I've been tempted to try them in one of the sunnier spots here.

My post is up at
Pictures up, writing on the way - Blackeyed Susan is a different plant here in the UK, have a look at our version...and does anyone know the Latin name for it?
Thanks again Carol for this monthly opportunity to find one another and share our garden pleasures!
Daphne said…
I ought to have those same photos you do (except the daisies), but this year has been so slow none of mine are blooming yet. At least I have my Ghost Pipes up again this year. With all the wet weather they are blooming like crazy.
Daphne said…
Whoops without Mr. Linky I suppose I should add a link to the post to make it easier.
Dave said…
We have way more blooms than last year! The spring rains have been good for our garden. I followed a skipper butterfly around for this bloom day!
Marcia said…
I can't believe I'm first on the link. What luck and it's only my second time doing this.

And in answer to your question, I do have more blooms, but only because it's a new garden (4 summers old in 2009) and each year there is something else added.
TLB said…
Hi there, first time poster :) Please have a look at my flowers! It's winter here so not a lot is blooming, but the things that are are rather pretty!
Caroline said…
The heat and drought in Central Texas is making everything bloom all wacky-like. The rudbeckia is just now starting to bloom (one pathetic blossom half-open), while the coneflowers are all bloomed out, as is the flame acanthus, which usually doesn't bloom until August!
Tatyana said…
Thank you Carol for hosting this event!
Entangled said…
Looks like Mr. Linky is working again. (Sorry for messing up the look of the list by entering my pen names together with a slash.)

I planted balloon flower for the first time this year, and was surprised that the plant was so small relative to the size of the flowers.

Love the picture of the individual flowers in vases. I read that post by Helen too. And I like your bay window in the background, but where is Eliz L's bamboo? :-)
Anonymous said…
Oh, if your Rudbeckia are blooming, then mine must start soon! I have a couple of different species, but they're all some of the cheeriest flowers in the garden.
GardenJunkie said…
I finally gave up on balloon flowers - they always seemed to be hiding... There are definitely more blooms in the garden this year - but that's probably because I doubled the size of the flower beds (hardly any lawn left - at this rate there'll be no more grass in the back yard by next spring!).
Outside In said…
Hi Carol,
Beautiful Blooms, I love the Black Eyed Susans. My post is up, Happy

Thank you Carol for hosting this.
Catherine said…
Hi-I do a general post about what is blooming in my city. If you think it doesn't relate you can delete the link. I love your blog and wanted to participate. -Catherine
KayGee said…
We have many of the same blooms this month. I've noticed that some of mine are a bit ahead of schedule as compared to last year.

Happy Bloom Day!
Xan said…
Not sure what happened to my comment; apologies if this is a double-- find me and my Bloom Day flowers at Mahlzeit ( and flickr ( Great project. Thanks to Katxena at MyFolia for the tip.
Rose said…
Carol, I love the display of single blossoms on your table! It really shows off what is blooming in your garden right now. I am running a little late...but my GBBD post will be up later today.
Cinj said…
Lovely blooms Carol. Summer is so busy for us gardeners, isn't it? I can't believe it's 1/2 way over already! Where in the world has the time gone anyway?
Jill-O said…
Hurrah! Mr Linky has returned! I've reposted my link again, this time in the proper manner.
Carol, my dear, as you probably are well aware I am never at a loss for something to say, but I totally appreciate the question at the end of your blog! The answer is, I have more flowers this year than ever before largely because I have probably twice as much garden space as before due to the development of the Stroll Garden.

I have totally enjoyed participating in Garden Blogger's Bloom Day over the years, it has grown to an amazing size. I only regret that I missed the first few, I did not discover it until June.

My post is here:

Hope to see you around there this month.
Dan said…
Hey Carol, I just put up all my bloom photos, many many bloom photos! I was hoping to be earlier but was out to late last night. Thanks for hosting such a fun event!
Jean said…
Carol - I love your display of flowers in vases. I must do that! Also, I need to start reading some Elizabeth Lawrence. I've been reading some of Caroline Dormon's works; she was a good friend of Elizabeth's (and lived not too far from where I live).

This summer I would say I have about the same amount of blooms. It was a tough start to the summer with drought and high temps and it still continues. So I'm just glad I have something!

Thank you for hosting. Although I didn't start joining GBBD until last September (didn't know about it til then), it's been a year to the day that I started blogging!
Anna said…
I enjoyed seeing your July flowers as well as reading about the origins of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. What an inspirational idea you had Carol and we are all richer for it. I have not read any of her books as yet but must do.
Hi Carol - your dedication to GBBD continues to amaze and impress me - it's so cool how it keeps growing. (Plant it and it will grow!) I think there are more blooms in our neck of the woods this year too - although the annuals are still growing slow without the heat... Cheers, thanks and happy day!
I look forward to bloom day each month to see what's blooming where and if I have any of the same things. One thing I think I'm missing this year is daisies this year after seeing yours. I like the cut flower display, a great way to see each flower than have them all squished together in a vase the way I do it :)
more...always more!
The individual vases are a charming way to display reason to haunt resale shops...bud vases.
Thanks, Carol!
Town Mouse said…
Carol, those Susan's are stunning! Thanks so much for sharing, and for inviting us to bloom day. I so appreciate this chance to step back and see what's really going on, and to then visit a few other gardeners.

Happy summer! I'll be curious to hear about your bulb purchases, I appreciated the reminder ;->
Anne (in Reno) said…
Yay! I finally manage to get my pictures in on time! And mister Linky is working, too! I can't wait to have time to look at everyone else's gardens...
Liisa said…
Yey for Shasta Daisies and Black-Eyed Susans! Around here they are common, but I love their joy! I also love that balloon flower. :-)
Wow it must be summer or something! Always so interesting to see what you have in flower Carol - lots of luvverly daisies - I love rudbeckias. Also interesting to see your phlox aren't out yet - mine have been in full bloom for a few weeks now. What a difference a few degrees makes!

You can see them on my GBBD post - it's here:

Thanks as always Carol!
Carolyn gail said…
Neither rain, sleet, snow, hail or heat has stopped me from posting for GBBD since I've joined, Carol. So happy this has become so successful. It's delightful to see what diversity there is in the many gardeners who post their blooms.

I've got my post up , showing an amazing amount of growth since you were here in late May.
Despite the cooler weather this summer in the Northeast, we gardeners at Storey Publishing have a lot to show off! Take a look at some of our July Bloom Day photos:
bradzio said…
In answer to your question I have a lot more blooming now, as comparted to last year, but that's mainly because we've only lived here a little over a year and a half. And we redid the front yard in the last 6 months or so.
cat said…
i'm so excited to be a part of this! thank you so much...:) everyone's gardens are so beautiful and i love that last bloom picture carol...the vases in a row look lovely!
Kanak Hagjer said…
Hi Carol, I love those gorgeous blooms in your garden. But the display in individual vases~~that's really pretty!!
Dreamybee said…
I love your blooms in their vases-so light and airy and summery!
Iris said…
I love the individual vase idea! And you have such pretty individual blooms to show off. Oops! Just realized I forgot to post a balloon flower photo--maybe mine will hold on until next month's GBBD. Thanks for hosting!
Rachel said…
I'm new to the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and I think it's a great idea. It's fun to see what's blooming on a particular day in the garden. It will be interesting to see next year if the same things are blooming on the 15th of the month. Thanks for the Mr. Linky widget that makes it so easy to add a blog to the list.
Country Mouse said…
Love the rudbeckia. And the cool formal presentation of your flowers in vases. Very calming.

Why am I at work, and with no time to ramble among this months blooms! Later....
Lorene said…
Hi Carol,
Thank you so much for keeping the "flowers" blooming. Happy GBBD!
Michelle said…
Love the single flower vase display. It is such a simple elegant arrangement. Thanks again for bringing us together this month.
Carol, the single flowers in a vase are so elegant. It is all lovely, especially the weather!
Sue Swift said…
Have never come across the balloon flower before. Super.
I forgot to list my Sweet Peas - ah well.
I too do vases with single blooms in them. I collect any tiny bottles I can so I can have vases with small blooms in every room.
Anneliese said…
Hi Carol!
My dad informs me that there are many more blooms this year because the garden is bigger. Most of those blooms are on edible plants. We should have quite the bounty next month!
Kate said…
Hi Carol,
It's lovely to see rafts of Echinacea self-sowing. I believe it's native in your area, right? We don't have it wild hereabouts at all but it grows well in gardens nevertheless. I'm wondering about these doubles - so pretty but devoid of seed for birds and pollen for insects. They last forever... but so do plastic flowers...

I love browsing the other garden bloggers' sites and seeing what's happening in people's gardens around the country. Here's my post, in case the linkie-thing doesn't work: - thanks again for another lovely post!
MacGardens said…
Hi Carol, as you can see from my post I solved the Perennial Sweet Pea 'thug-like' qualities by giving them their own place to play. I love them!
ina said…
This is my first time posting here. I found you through m.heart. I am afraid I may never get out in the garden now! So much to savor here. Thank you.
Kelly said…
My garden definitely has more blooms this year, but that's mostly due to the fact that I increased my garden space by more then three times. It also helps that all the young plants I planted last year are now in their second year in their permanent home and have started to spread out.
danger garden said…
So much to look at...gotta go read all those bloomday posts! Thanks for keeping this up and happy July!
While balloon flowers are very attractive, the ones my wife planted are as brainless as peonies: they grow so top-heavy that they can't stand on their own. Do the supports for them look classy? Not at our house. In fact, the supports cancel out the beauty of the flowers; it's a draw.

In any case, it's a pleasure to participate for my first time in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. I don't grow flowers... but it seems that a lot of my plants are abloom!
Kerri said…
Hello Carol,
After much ado with Blogger, my post is up.
I'm hoping to read more of Elizabeth Lawrence's books this summer, if I ever get caught up with the garden. But then, perhaps I shouldn't wait that long :)
The individual blooms in vases is a lovely idea. I will certainly try it.
Isn't that Balloon Flower a wonderful shade of blue?
All your blooms are beautiful, including "Little n". Nasturtiums are such a simple way to brighten up a garden. I love them!
Happy Bloom Day, and thanks for hosting!
Emily said…
More blooms... due to more rain this spring, more plants, more beds, more experience, more knowledge... :-)
Melody said…
I made it! Better late than never. So many pretty flowers - so little time to look at them all. I'm off again:)
Jan said…
Finally got my GBBD post up. My garden seems to be like so many others - not as many blooms as in previous years. That being said, there still are a few pretty little flowers around.

Always Growing
Your flowers look great. You are exactly right about all the flowers that get hidden behind taller ones. I often wonder what was I thinking? I love those baloon flower. the purple is so beautiful. Thanks for hosting the GBBD. I love seeing everyone else's gardens and flowers.
Anonymous said…
I love that one flower per vase idea for showing off blooms! I kind of do that already just for the house, but next month maybe I'll have to do it for bloom day. Cute!
Bren said…
This is a wonderful idea.... I am bookmarking this entry so I can return and add my blooms for today.
Happy Summer - LOVin this blog of yours as always!
Barbara E said…
Chuck B was first. Am I last? Checking in from California at 7:45 PM. Great idea. I have enjoyed everyone's posts so much!
Lee17 said…
Oh! Your rudbeckia is so pretty!! Mine dried up and disappeared. It's just too darn hot for them this year. Sigh.
Elf said…
A friend told me about the 15th-of-the-month Bloom Day, and I sort of started last month, and for sure got out today and did a yard inventory. Hmm, I think I should have put a more specific URL in my link.
Leslie said…
Thank you, Carol, for providing us with many days worth of blog surfing to see all the wonderful blooms...beginning of course with your!
I have plants that end up hiding, too. I have hopes that they will "grow up" someday, but of course some never will.

Thanks again for hosting Bloom Day!
Garden Lily said…
Thanks for the explanation. I keep reading about garden blogger's bloom day, and now I finally know what it is. I hope to join in next month, since I was shooting hummingbirds instead of blooms today.
Carrie said…
Dam it!!! I forgot again, you may get a belated post (smiles shyly).
Donna said…
Hi Carol!

Thank you for hosting Bloom Day! I'm a beginning blogger and have jumped right in. Here's what's blooming in my garden...

(I'm still working on learing that linkie thing.)

Happy Summer!
Yvonne said…
I also would like to participate in your Bloom Day but what with one thing and another I missed it but hope to do better in August. I have linked up anyway so at least that's a start.
Yvonne in Umbria, Italy
Helen said…
Oh, I hate to spoil the perfect symmetry of 101 comments, Carol, but here I am anyway, enjoying your Compositae family. All those cheerful daisies! I'm sure the butterflies are happy. My post is a day late and (after our holidays) more than a dollar short. Happy Bloom Day-plus-one!
~~Rhonda said…
Carol, thanks for hosting Bloom Day. This is my first round and I am looking forward to checking out all those other gardens! One thing I have particularly noticed this year in the garden is the daylily color. It seems more intense and beautiful than most years. The subtle tones are more pronounced, the colors brighter, and the patterns bolder. Not sure why! Perhaps they like the wetter, cooler weather we've enjoyed this summer. ~~Rhonda in s. IL
Randy said…
Wow! Your flowers are thriving!! Gorgeous photos.
Kathy said…
Hard to tell if I have more blooms or less. Bloom day at Cold Climate Gardening
I'm a day late in adding my link to yesterday's post. Came by via Kylee@Our Little Acre's blog.

I'd say I have more variety this year, but not necessarily more blooms. I definitely have to move things around--the larger flowers always seem to reseed themselves up front!
Carol, an amazing turn out for GBBD, my post is now also up - somewhat late :(
I enjoy your images of the Shasta daisies and Echinacea, and looking forward to the time when I have big clumps - yours are looking marvelous.
Also you put such pretty flowers in the individual vases - the sunflower is grand.
shirl said…
Happy GBBD Carol! Loved the single stem vase group shot... very nice as are your blooms for this month. Fav this month is the cone flower although the black eyed susans always make me smile :-D
Diana said…
I have several things that are dwarfed by overzealous neighboring plants, so your post, as always, makes me feel like a "normal" (what is that?!) gardener. Right now, it's nice for me to see what is growing instead of frying in other gardens. I'll be enjoying that cool IN weather tomorrow night for 8 days!
Hey Girlie, I'm finally here. :) Happy Bloom Day. You always bring something new to the table. This time it was the vases with their singular blooms. I like that idea, but don't have any small vases.~~Dee
Carol, thanks so much for giving all of us a place to share our gardens. It's so exciting to visit gardens all over the blogosphere!
I forgot to feed Mr. Linky and leave a comment yesterday but my post is up!
Love the vases! You're hired to do the centerpiece for Seth's birthday next week!
My very late post is on a garden I visited at 8,000 feet in the mountains of Durango Colorado. Such pretty flowers for such a short growing season.

I just love seeing everyone's beautiful gardens this month. Very inspiring!!

Thanks for sharing everyone!
MLight said…
I consider all short blooms behind taller plants to be useful for vases. I have a difficult time cutting some flowers otherwise (except for things like daisies which bloom so profusely).

I wish we could grow sweet peas here in central NC. By the time they start getting large enough to bloom, the heat kills them.

I'm rather late this month - my older son and I are rehearsing every night for a musical that opens in less than two weeks (panic).

Thank you!
Last month I was so late to get a GBBD post ready that I didn't do one. This month, I was bound and determined to get it together. Sorry it's so late, but it took me a while to make my collages. I'll 'try' to do better in August;-)
Sylvana said…
I had some technical difficulties and couldn't get my post up!

You and I have very much the same flowers blooming. Doing the GBBD this month gave me a surprise - I didn't know I had so much blooming!

I really like the vase idea. I rarely bring flowers in from the garden, and when I do, it is usually only one that has fallen over or a rabbit has cut it down and I don't want it to go to waste. Mine never look this nice!