If I Was In Charge...

If I was in charge, I would have made sure these pink Phlox paniculata bloomed on July 15th and not today, so I could have included them in my bloom day post.

Well, actually, if we are going to be sticklers about it, this phlox really needed to bloom on the 14th because that's when I take my bloom day pictures. I like to post early on the 15th and pictures of the garden taken at midnight on the 15th don't generally turn out all that good.

Many thanks to all who participated and shared their blooms with everyone yesterday. That was fun. Let's do it again on August 15th!

If I was in charge, I would also not let this flower go by the common name Candy Lily. It's botanical name is x Pardancanda norrisii. That "x" in the front of the name means it is a hybrid developed by crossing two different genera instead of two species within the same genus. In this case, these resulted from a cross between Pardanthopsis dichotoma and Belamcanda chinensis. To further confuse matters, this flower is from a seedling from the original plants that I started from seed purchased years ago, so it is likely not really even Candy Lily any more because most hybrids will not produce seed that is true to type, anyway. (Although maybe when you cross two different genera, they do? Hmmm, something to look into...)

But that's not why I would not call this flower Candy Lily if I was in charge. I wouldn't call it Candy Lily because it is no lily, it is from the Iris famlily! It should be Candy Iris!

Now, at this point, I'm tempted to start up a long explanation about the Lily family, Liliaceae, and the Iris family, Iridaceae, but it is such a pretty day, I won't. Unless, of course, someone comments that they'd really like me to. Just let me know.

While I am pretending to be in charge in my garden, here's what else I would make happen:

- All the weeds in my garden would be small and easy to pull and there would be just a few so as to give me the pleasure of pulling them every once in a while, but they would never take over!

- The green beans would ripen just a serving or two at a time so I could pick them as I wanted to cook them for dinner, and not have them all ripen at once so that I have five pounds of green beans in my refrigerator waiting for me to either cook them, give them away, freeze them, or do something with them.

- My tomatoes would not all be green right now. (Enough said about that!)

- Squash would not blow up like balloons just because I didn't check them for a few days. (No further comment.)

- Everywhere I work in the garden would be in "dappled shade", but the garden would grow like it was in full sun.

Yes, if I was in charge just a few things would be different around here!


  1. That reminds me of the post on the blog formerly known as Garden Chicks Design tips about Super Powers. If you had a garden super power, which one would you pick? Here it is:

    An interesting question...

  2. When you figure out that one about not having the squash balloon, make sure you post instructions here. Inquiring minds with large squash really want to know.

  3. I think that is the main reason I never got interested in vegetable gardening. I really dislike working in full sun.

  4. Carol, when you find out the secret of how to be "in charge" of the garden - will you let me know? As my garden needs a bit of bossing about.

    Amusing post - just what I needed.

  5. That Garden Lily/Iris/Rose by any other name is just stunning! Anything bicoloured gets a smile from me.

  6. Ooh, if I were in charge of mine, I would eliminate the Bermuda grass, and I would change the names of daylilies too because they are not daylilies.

    You make some good points my friend. My Phlox paniculata are just now starting to bloom too. Odd. Oh, and I ate my first tomato, a smallish 'Pink Brandywine'.~~Dee

  7. I'd love to know the differences between the lily family and the iris family! Are they more like th Capulets and Montagues or the Brady Bunch?

  8. If I was in charge I would certainly take care of all the weeds. Weeds are the enemy right now. As it cools down the next couple of days I am declaring war on weeds. Declaring war is something you do when in charge. I am feeling very in charge.

  9. If I were in charge, rain an inch of rain would fall, and only at night, and there would be no Japanese Beetles and Earwigs. Can I get you started on other things called "lilies" that aren't? (Daylilies, Waterlilies, Calla Lilies...)

  10. I vote to have you in charge, Carol! Especially if you'll implement your rules in MY garden (the weeds are huge, and the rain keeps comin'....)

  11. I'm definitely with you on the weeds and the dappled shade! You could stagger plant your beans so they don't all come at the same time next year.

  12. I wish you were in charge with a bit of help from Mr. McGregors daughter. Hate those Japanese Beetles. That was a fun post. You are soooo right.

  13. Just to make you a bit jealous, I picked my first large tomatoes of the season yesterday. They will finish ripening inside since I have been supporting the grasshopper population with the cherry tomatoes. *sigh*

    I may have dappled shade at 7am when I try to do my gardening, but I also have the additional bugs to go with it.

    If I were in charge of my garden, the grasshoppers would only eat the weeds and I would actually have a zucchini plant survive the those darn imitation lady bugs. Who knew i would be sad that I don't have zucchini.

  14. And if I were in charge, I'd have more time to devote to creating posts! ;-) I just signed up for my GBBD post (I hate to miss) and thought you should know! ha.

  15. I agree - my phlox started opening today!


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