A New Hoe - The Hooke ‘n Crooke™

Here’s the before picture of a little corner planting…

And here’s the after picture…
And here’s the tool I used to clean up that little bed and add a nice edge in a matter of a few minutes.
This is the Hooke ‘n Crooke™ hoe sent to me by Holdredge Enterprises of West Burlington, NY to try out and add to my hoe collection. I used it exclusively to clean up that little area, and never had to pull a weed by hand, get down on my knees to make sure I didn’t accidently weed out the hosta, or go get any other tools to finish the job.

After just a few minutes of use, I was impressed by the thought and design that went into this gardening tool. It’s more than “just a hoe”. And it’s the first one I’ve received with instructions! They aren’t complicated instructions, because most gardeners, most people, hopefully know what to do with a hoe when they pick one up and use it to weed. But the Hooke ‘n Crooke™ can be used in so many different ways to weed, chop, cultivate, dig, edge, and even rake up chopped up weeds that the instructions, really just a set of diagrams, are helpful to show all its uses.

After I cleaned up around that hosta, I used the tip of the Hooke ‘n Crooke™ to dig a few dandelions out of the lawn and practiced using it to remove sod in a spot by the fence –reminding me how desperately I want to dig out that sod along the fence to but in a new flower bed. If I just used this tool to remove a little bit of sod each day…

Then I took it out the vegetable garden and practiced using it for “regular” hoeing, removing weeds from the paths and right by the raised bed sides, and making some furrows. It passed all my tests!

You should really check out the videos on their website to get a better feel for how the Hooke ‘n Crooke™ works, not only in the vegetable garden but also around the landscape. It’s sharp, well made, and an impressively designed gardening tool.

Thank you again to Holdredge Enterprises for sending me this new gardening tool. I’m pleased to add it to my hoe collection post.


  1. Great review. I wouldn't have expected much of this hoe, but now I'll look for one.

  2. Oooh. I might have to get one of those.

  3. Looks like a very useful tool! Love the name. :)

  4. Wow, that's a pretty glowing review from the Hoe Master herself!

  5. Great that you finally got to try out your new toy, Carol..what with the rain and all. Funny what we gardeners get excited over..lol!

  6. If I were more of a hoe-r, I'd order one of those for myself based on your glowing recommendation! Congrats on the new addition to the family!

  7. How many hoes do you now have in your collection? This one looks like a good one. gail

  8. I'm jealous of your hoe collection.
    G. Johnson
    Murfreesboro, TN

  9. So, would you say to someone thinking about buying their first hoe that this is the one to get? Is this the only hoe "that you will ever need"?

  10. Getting ready to order one when I get home! Perfect for the veggie gardne rows of peas, green beans and corn!
    Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  11. I will have to check out their website; looks like a very useful addition to your collection, Carol! By the way, my father showed me his "hula hoe," which he swears by for weeding. Do you have one of these?

  12. Great review, makes me think I need to get one. It sounds sort of like it is the kissing cousin with long handle to my cobra head, which at present is my favorite garden tool of all time. If it could be used for pruning too it would be perfect.

  13. Just reading through your site today, and sending gratitude and envy.
    Everything is well written, real and so helpful.
    thanks again....

  14. I think you need to bring it over here and try it out on my weeds.....

    Your little sister

  15. Carol: So, what do all the other hoes think of your new favorite? Is there hoe envy in the shed?


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