Tomato Update from May Dreams Gardens

From the tiniest ‘Red Currant’ to the ginormous ‘Super Beefsteak’, I have tomatoes of all sizes and shapes, but essentially only one color. Green.

Yes, the ‘Gold Nugget’ cherry tomatoes have been slowly turning to a golden yellow color, and they are great for snacking. And earlier this evening, I ran out into the mist and cloudiness and picked a few nearly ripe, tiny ‘Red Currant’ tomatoes that were not quite bright red, but red enough for me to pick for a salad tomorrow.

And there were those three ‘San Marzano’ tomatoes that turned bright red, but all had blossom end rot and now are rotting in the compost pile.

But other than that, all my tomatoes are green. Green. It’s my favorite color, except when it comes to tomatoes. I prefer my tomatoes to be red, or yellow, or the pink of the ‘German Johnson’. Any color but green.

But I’m hopeful that any day now, those tomatoes will start turning and soon I’ll be able to post more tongue-in-cheek descriptions of first tomato rituals and faux laments about how I have so many tomatoes, I don’t know what to do! (Please let me have so many tomatoes that I’m forced to write such a post!)

This year all my tomatoes seem perfectly shaped, with no serious contenders for the World’s Ugliest Tomato (WUT) so there will be no contest for a new WUT this year.

For those waiting for the May Dreams Garden’s Tomato Contest Rules (MDGTCR) to be announced, I thank you for your patience. I’m working out rules that will be fair and impartial and allow all to enter for the coveted second place prize!

How are everyone else’s tomatoes doing this year?


Connie said…
I picked my first full sized tomato last was beautiful. Just posted a photo of it tonight!
I have only one tomato. It is in a topsy turvy. It has produced some ripe tomatos. I can't say I am thrilled with the results. I don't water it regularly so I won't complain.
Love your tomato .....fresh..fresh and love your cat.....cute..cute
As soon as my tomatoes start turning some rotten squirrel comes along and steals it.
Caroline said…
Your green tomatoes look fabulous. My tomatoes are already spent (heat, drought, blah blah blah) but the ones we ate in May and June were delicious. Bird netting kept the birds and the possums away for the most part.
My tomatoes are green as well. This year has been a weird growing season, it must be the rain. I doubt I'll have any tomatoes until Sept.
Oh dear. You're all scaring me. I planted my first perennial gardens in 10 years and my first veggie gardens in about 30 years. I didn't know about all the furry and feathered pests I have to worry about with tomatoes.

Of course I have NO red tomatoes either. I'm seeing lots of complaints of this type. Lots of green but no red,yellow, or purple tomatoes anywhere. I started six varieties of tomatoes from seed including Cherokee purple which I selected for the novelty but I've been hearing good things about them, if I ever see PURPLE anywhere.
KayGee said…
Sweet 100s are coming in a few at a time and the first romas are going to be ready today or tomorrow (I hope)!
Other than that, everything else is very green as well.
Commonweeder said…
Carol, Tomatoes are on everyone's mind, but it will be a while before any of mine are on my table. It has been so cold and wet here in Mass. The plants look good and are finally flowering, with even a few little tomatoes set. Just wish us luck that we'll get to ripeness before frost!
Three words, Carol : Fried green tomatoes.
Diana said…
Carol -- Well, the sun came out today, so there may be hope for your green babies yet. I weeded in my brother-in-laws total jungle patch of tomatoes for several hours today. He's got some red cherries, some yellow grapes and a few pink ones that will soon turn red. There are 20 varieties of heirlooms in his patch. Sure wish we were here to eat them all!
Rose said…
Your tomatoes are sure looking good, Carol! Hope you wait awhile for the tomato contest so that I have some ripe in time to enter, not that I expected to win anything:)
Gail said…
I don't grow them but love this contest an an opportunity to cheer my blogging friends on to winning the coveted second place ribbon! I did have a really delicious tomato that the Amish farmers grew...Brandywine.

Jan said…
We still have a few big tomatoes that are ripening, but it seems only the cherry tomatoes are still setting fruit. Tomato season is just too short.

Always Growing
Kathy said…
We don't have any red tomatoes, but we usually don't at the end of July. However, at least one plant is over 5 1/2 feet tall.
Rachel said…
Thanks for reassuring me that my tomatoes are normal. I usually have some red ones by now but just have a few light pink small ones and lots of big green ones. It's been such a nice, cool summer in the Chicago area that I don't think I'd trade the lack of heat and humidity for earlier red tomatoes. I know they'll come around soon.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Carol, my poor pitiful Sungold and Snow White tomatoes are on hiatus due to heat exhaustion so I won't be able enter the contest. Maybe next year!

I may grow a fall tomato crop, though. We shall see.
Muum said…
My tomatoes seem slow this year.
:( I have an Early Girl that has an orange tomato on it, and a slightly yellowing 'roma' type tomato, but I am wishing for ripe tomatoes.