When A Gardener Goes To A Wedding

When a gardener goes to a wedding and the groom asks her to take a few pictures to supplement those taken by the real professional photographers, she tries to remember that he and his new bride would probably like a few pictures of people to go with the pictures of gardens and flowers.

First, the gardener realizes that boutainaire boutonniere is not an easy word to spell.

Then at the church, she notices how the trees perfectly frame the entrance and that the name of the church includes "Rosa", a favorite flower of many gardeners.And she notes what a nice day it would be for gardening.

She notices the elegance of the white flowers on black satin on the bridesmaids' dresses.And is reminded that sometimes simple decorations are best, on a dress and in a garden.

She is excited that the reception is at the Allison Mansion at Marian University because the gardens there were originally designed by Jens Jensen in 1912. And she notes upon arrival that it is an elegant estate in a park like setting that any gardener would love to explore.

The first garden she encounters is a circular garden under renovation.
But she thinks it is still beautiful in midsummer with hydrangeas blooming.

Then she sneaks over to see this garden with it's half circle of columns, which is typical of gardens designed by Jensen.
And she thinks about the lack of true architectural elements in her own garden.

Then she notices that there are lots of large planters around the entrance and on the balcony of the mansion.And she thinks about the planters in her garden and hopes she remembers to water them when she gets home, but then remembers that it rained the day before so they probably don't need water right away.

Inside the mansion, she sees all kinds of interesting architectural elements carved into solid wood, limestone and marble and painted onto ceilings, including this odd little girl.And she looks more closely to see that it looks like the little girl is holding radishes in her right hand. What does that symbolize? Who is she? Should the gardener plant radishes for fall harvest?

The gardener likes that the dinner takes place in a room with windows looking out over a wooded area behind the house.Though she is reminded again what a beautiful evening it is for gardening.

Elsewhere in the mansion, she looks out other windows to see various parts of the garden.And she is reminded of the beauty of a garden, the perfect place to celebrate a wedding.

And she hopes the bride and groom don't mind "a few" pictures of the gardens to go with the pictures of their family and guests...


  1. That balcony planter is just gorgeous! I wish I had the knack of creating such bountiful containers.

    I'm glad the gardener found some things to enjoy about the wedding even if she would rather have been home gardening!

  2. What a gorgeous setting for a wedding and reception.

  3. Carol you're just as bad as I am. According to my offspring I can't go anywhere without commenting on the flowers or the landscape.

  4. You are so right when you mentioned when a gardener goes for a wedding, these are the thoughts that often run in my mind.

    Flowers, decorations, garden and all the little small details of plants and flowers, everything is remembered even after many years.

  5. It's hard not to notice the beautiful setting and details of a wedding. There's nothing wrong with that, although there is something seriously wrong with the little girl in the picture. I can see her skeleton!

  6. I think we all suffer from similar afflictions that distract us from event or people at hand, always looking out the window or sneaking out the back door. The lucky among us can manage their affliction and say something to the hosts every now and then or contribute to the conversation without talking about plants.

  7. I realised I was a bit 'unusual' when I was 23, organising my wedding, and the florist expressed surprise that I could not only name all the flowers I wanted in my bouquet, but that I knew they were all in season. And that was long before having my own garden.

    For the record, I wanted Freesia refracta albas, champagne roses and a few deep blue irises.

  8. Nice photos! You always look at things different when you are gardener. I get a lot of inspiration from events like this.

  9. The "rosa" church is great. And thanks for the introduction to a new Jensen garden! Even if you were distracted by the flowers, it looks like a lovely wedding.

  10. Glad you managed to enjoy the wedding, gardener-style, even though you'd rather be gardening.

  11. It's funny when I go to different events I'm usually drawn to the windows to look at the gardens or notice the flowers on the table, etc. Our wedding was in my parents garden, I couldn't think of a better place for it.
    The wedding you attended was at a beautiful place, and I think you took great pictures. I'm sure they'll be happy to see pictures of the setting they were married in because I bet no one else even thought about it.

  12. You've probably caught photos of sights they would never notice! How many photos can a bride and groom have of themselves! If I know you...there are also a few photos of guests and the happy couple. gail

  13. Perfectly understandable pictures from a garden lover. Nicely done.

  14. At least you didn't kneel down and start weeding and deadheading. I think you showed great restraint. But I need to know, what do the radishes symbolize?

  15. Judy Lowe/Diggin' ItWed Jul 15, 08:31:00 AM 2009

    Wonderful sentiments, beautifully written.

  16. Hey, isn't that girl holding a stein of beer in her other hand? I got curious and looked it up:

  17. Thanks all for understanding what it is like for a gardener to go to a wedding or any place with flowers!

    Entangled, that is very interesting, how did you find that tidbit? I think I will try some fall radishes.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  18. Your perspective and authentic voice always make me smile, Carol. This is a great post!

  19. Beautiful photos, Carol! Looks like you thoroughly enjoyed yourself at this wedding. Best wishes to the bride and groom, and I hope they enjoyed all their photos, too:)

  20. Too funny, and too true... I sometimes I think I'll get in a car accident, since I'm often looking in yards and gardens as I'm driving. :-) As for wedding photos, I think that these photos of the beautiful setting and the floral details will be welcomed and possibly cherished, since there are always plenty of photos of groups of people.

  21. Interesting perspective - quite different from the official photographer's I'm sure. I think it's interesting how anywhere you go, you always find a gardening connection....that has to be a genetic mutation! LOL!

    Your little sister

  22. I agree that the place is a perfect venue for wedding and reception.


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