A Session with Dr. Hortfreud: Who Are These Bloggers?

Another session with Dr. Hortfreud

Good morning, Carol. Did you work on that assignment I gave you after your last session?

What assignment is that, Dr. Hortfreud?

The one where you enumerate, explain and embrace all those guest bloggers who show up on your blog.

Oh, that one! Yes, I’ve made some notes.

Good, now lets’ go down through them starting with Hortense Hoelove.

Hortense? Must we start with her? I thought we’d start with you and then work our way day the list from there.

That’s fine, let’s just get started.

Okay, here are my notes.

The Guest Bloggers at May Dreams Gardens

Dr. Hortfreud – Full name is Dr. Viola Quercus Hortfreud. She is my garden therapist, the one who I have therapy sessions with mostly when I am mowing the lawn. We work through some of my issues and problems. As I mow back and forth with the mower, I mull back and forth over the issue of the day, or of the garden, and resolve it.

Hortense Hoelove – Full name is Hortense F. Hoelove. She’s like “Dear Abby”, which I read faithfully as a kid growing up. She answers questions from gardeners and the "plant-lorn". There are some who question the last name of Hoelove, asking if that is made up. If anyone thinks it is real name, please make an appointment with Dr. Hortfreud.

Thorn Goblinfly – Full name is Thorn Goblinfly of May Dreams Gardens. She is generally the garden fairy at the keyboard when the garden fairies take over and write a post. They do this when I leave my laptop on and unattended. They are all sneaky but she’s the ring-leader!

Is that all of them, Carol?

Yes, Dr. Hortfreud, I think that’s everyone.

And I hope it is everyone. Okay, now let’s talk about the rabbits because quite a few of them have shown up with names, too.

Must we Dr. Hortfreud? I really am busy this weekend.

We must eventually, but since you claim to be busy, I’ll let you go through them in the next therapy session. Also on my list is to discuss how many of the traits of a gardening geek pertain to you, so you should start thinking about that, too.

Not the gardening geek traits!

Yes, those, too.

Uh oh…


  1. The suspense is killing me;-) Does Dr Hortfreud make house calls? Or, at least, telephone conference calls?

  2. Carol, I love all the characters I meet on your blog! You have the most wonderful sense of humor - and sense of the human condition.

  3. I haven't heard from Thorn Goblinfly for awhile. Perhaps if you're really busy this weekend, you could leave your laptop on.

    Thanks for the advice on the tomatoes, Carol. I was afraid it was too late to save the diseased ones. Who would have thought I'd be complaining about too much rain in August?

  4. Good now I know the characters!

  5. Great intro to the guest bloggers, Carol. I always read Dr Hortfreud's posts in an Austrian accent in my head!

  6. I see I'm not the only one imagine Dr. Hortfreud sounding a lot like Dr. Ruth. I can't believe you weaseled out of explaining about the rabbits.

  7. Those googley eyes are showing up everywhere. It must be some kind of disease that knows no limits.

  8. he he he. amazing characters. pretty unique post.

  9. I just can't get past the googly eyes to read the rest of the post, Carol. All I can hear in my head is Christopher Walken talking about the googly eyes on his ferns and such! lol. (I guess I need to get to bed!)

  10. Maybe you could post photos of everyone so we could keep them straight!


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