Garden Fairy Survey

The Institute of Gardenetics Research and Other Work (iGROW) is asking for all gardeners to complete a two question survey on garden fairies. It will take about a minute to complete.

Click Here to take survey

At this time, we ask that the garden fairies refrain from taking the survey and skewing the results.

Thank you! Results will be shared via a future publication of the Institute


wiseacre said…
I only see Fairies when I sample wild mushrooms.
Do my muddy fairies count? Kim
What?! here I am, perfect proof that garden faeries exist, and yet I can't take the survey? Am I going to have to make picket signs?!
Frances said…
Well yes, we have.

The proof is in the post. HA

More proof here. Why would a city build fairy doors if there were no fairies?