Still Picking Green Beans and Other News From My Garden

The news from in and out of my garden..

I’m still picking green beans and it’s almost October.

These beans are from my third sowing of green beans this season. Using some seed I had left over, I planted four foot rows of the varieties ‘Provider’ and ‘Bountiful’ on August 2nd, both of which did well for me earlier in the season,and continued to do well for fall picking.

I also planted a row of ‘Roma II’ beans which were recommended for late season planting by Botanical Interests Seeds. It also did very well, and the flat, wide beans will be a nice change of pace after eating the other varieties most of the summer.

I was flattered to have my blog featured by the local garden columnist in The Indianapolis Star.

Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp, our local garden writer and co-author of The Indiana Gardener’s Guide wrote a very nice column about me and my blog and it was in the Saturday paper. As a long time reader, I was thrilled to meet her and talk about gardening and writing about gardening. If you’d like, but only if you really want to, you can read the Indianapolis Star version or go to her blog where she has posted it with pictures.

The upright Fuschia is blooming.

I purchased an upright Fuschia back in May and then almost immediately, it mysteriously didn’t get watered and dried up something terrible. I don’t know how that happens, as I’m usually a fairly attentive gardener.

I cut it back and there was one little green leaf, so I kept watering it all summer and now, it’s blooming! I might bring it inside for the winter and see if I can keep it alive until next spring. It seems to be a survivor, so maybe it will make it.

That reminds me that next weekend, I need to round up all the plants that won’t make it through a frost and decide which ones I want to bring inside for the winter to try to keep until spring. To keep spiders, pillbugs, millipedes, centipedes and other many-legged critters from coming in with them, I’ll repot the plants, even though Fall is generally not a good time to do that.

And that’s the news from here in my garden. What’s going on in yours?


  1. That was a great article, Carol! Congratulations!

    Those green beans look healthy. I think you need to drop a batch by your mother's house... (hint, hint, hint)

    Your little sister

  2. Yummy looking green beans! I had one little buried Spring seed germinate into a bush when I added compost for the fall garden! It's blooming, so I may get a bean or 12. I'll trade you some squash for beans! Think we could mail 'em?!

  3. Well ain't that somethin. You have been written up a couple of times now. You are a rock star. Well deserved I might add. I knew that picture of you was special when it showed up on my computer monitor. It is just fine that she spelled my last name wrong. It'll throw people off my trail.

    I've got the beets, Swiss chard, carrots and sugar snap peas I may get before the killing frosts. Damn grasshoppers keep eating my lettuce and spinach sprouts

  4. That was a very nice column! I enjoyed seeing Christopher's picture too.

  5. Nice looking beans... and a very contrasting tomatoes, the little and the large. We are still picking winged beans, probably another month, roselles, papaya, banana and green veggies... Cheers, ~bangchik

  6. Before you know it, you'll be a bigger star in Indianapolis than Payton Manning. I'm going right over to read Jo Ellen's article you, your garden and your blog. Hooray for the little Fuschia bloom.

  7. A friend of mine that read the IS sent me the link for your article. It was a good one.

    My garden is slowing down. I need ot get out and cut some things back. Pick up sticks that blew down in the storms the last couple of days. Fall is creeping in here slowly but surely.

  8. Kudos on the good press, Carol. You deserve it. I love seeing Robin's "rock star" quote mentioned again--that one has staying power!

  9. Congratulations on the shout out for your blog, Carol! Now pass me some green beans, please...


  10. Green beans it is then. I am so glad your fuschia has new life. Mine have had a hard time making through the summer, but I'm hoping for blossoms as it cools off here. Congrats on your article. You deserve it.

  11. Congrats on the your blog being features Carol. I brought a few things inside after being gone all summer. Their holiday was over. With the plants I brought in all kinds of bugs. I was wondering why I had so many geckoes in the house when I realized why they were there. They should clean up the bugs in no time and then I'll have to catch them!

  12. Carol, That was a delightful article and I loved seeing your smiling face!
    You rock!

  13. Not much is going on in my garden right now--a week of cloudy, rainy days and feeling under the weather myself have kept me from finishing up some needed chores in the veggie garden. This has been a banner year for green beans, hasn't it?

    Thanks for sharing the article in the Indy Star--a great review, and congratulations!


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