Introducing Indy Garden Sense

I am pleased to announce my new gardening column, Indy Garden Sense, appearing each Thursday in the The Southside Times, a local weekly newspaper available at various locations in southern Marion County and northern Johnson County. My first column appeared today.

I would like to give a special “Thank You” to The Hoosier Gardener, Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp, who featured my blog in her column in The Indianapolis Star a few Saturdays ago, which led to me getting this opportunity!

And thank you to all who read my blog and encourage me to keep writing about gardening!

And now, some hopefully useful information on how gardeners can use newspapers...

You can use newspapers to:

- Make paper pots for seedlings.

- Help smother weeds in a garden bed. Lay down several pages of newspaper over the sod and weeds, wet it down, and then top off with stuff like chopped up leaves, dirt, and compost. Pile it high and let the mysterious processes of composting work through the winter. By the following spring, you should have a nice garden bed ready for planting.

- Contain the mess when you are repotting houseplants inside. Use the newspaper as a handy drop cloth, then when finished, throw the whole mess, including the newspapers, into the compost bin.

- Shred the paper and feed it to the worms in your very own vermicomposter.

And of course, you can:

- Read a newspaper, because maybe there will be something in it related to gardening. And if there isn't, let the editor know that you want to read about gardening in the paper!


Urban Green said…
Congratulations, Carol!
Keep writing, and we hope to see more from you.
Jill-O said…
What wonderful news. Our local newspaper no longer features a gardening column - probably as a cost cutting measure. Very disapointing.
Lancashire rose said…
Congratulation Carol. The local community is lucky to have you giving them the gen on gardening. Your writing is always chock full of information. Hope you will still have time to blog!
Darla said…
Congrats!! Very well deserved Carol.
Congratulations on this new project. Your writing is wonderful, so I'm sure your new column will be fabulous.
Congrats! It's always exciting to see more gardening in newspapers. There just isn't enough...ever!
Carolyn gail said…
Hooray for you, Carol, and well deserved. I agree with Dave, never enough gardening articles in the papers. I'm sure you'll be a great asset to your readers.
Laura said…
congrats carol, on a well earned success
Congratulations, Carol! I just clicked over to read your article on mums. I'll have to add the Southside Times to my news list so I can read your articles!

Just an FYI, when you click on your link from the on-line paper it doesn't work, or at least it wouldn't work for me.
Good for you! My hubby's paper plant make newsprint so every time a newspaper gets a great new writer it is good for business! Kim
Pam/Digging said…
Way to go, Carol! You weren't awarded Most Educational Blog and Best Writing for nothing.
rambleonrose said…
Congratulations Carol! If you love what you do, you will always do what you love!
This is great, Carol! The community will benefit from your knowledge and expertise! It's also nice because you'll have more 'gardening' going on during the winter months...even if on paper only!
Gail said…
Wonderful news Carol!
Annie in Austin said…
No wonder the rabbits keep turning up in your garden - they think you're one of them, Carol...the Energizer Bunny!
How cool that your expertise and enthusiasm will have a new place to shine.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

(word verification is "glysopho" - almost but not quite a word)
beckie said…
Alright, Carol! I look forward to reading your columns.
Frances said…
Fabulous news, Carol! They are in for a treat. I love your recommendations for newspapers, having purchased a handy dandy pot maker thingey for newspaper last spring. Need to practice that rolling technique. And the newspaper as grass killer really works too. Reading? Our beloved garden columnist was cut from the paper to save money. Times are tough for the world of print in this area.
I somehow posted my congrats to the wrong entry. So. Congrats, again!
Mary Delle said…
Great news, Carol. Your first column was quite good.
Town Mouse said…
Congratulations! That's very exciting.
Anonymous said…
And it's a grand article too! I can see why they would want you. You do have one of the best blogs out there and you come up with the most clever ideas. Congratulations
Congratulations, Carol! I like your first article about mums. Many people don't know that they can plant store-bought mums, and throw them away after they finished blooming. I am sure that newspaper readers will enjoy your articles like we, blotanists, do. Happy gardening and writing!
Layanee said…
Carol...great news! I know you will entertain and enlighten many Indy gardeners. Congratulations.
Chookie said…
Congratulations, Carol! Have a fun time writing!