Lonely Crocus Seeks...

"Lonely crocus seeks long term relationship with compatible flowers to share the sunlight of bright early spring mornings. Must be willing to endure some cold temperatures and occasional late snows. No tulips or daffodils, please, except maybe some species tulips."

To read more about flowers to plant with crocuses check out Indy Garden Sense in The Southside Times.

(Top row left to right: Striped Squill, Iris reticulata, Crocus.
Bottom row left to right: Snowdrops, Glory of the Snow, Star Flower)


Bloom Day Thank You

Thank you to all who joined in for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Who knew that October had so much to offer? I'll be visiting many of the bloom day posts in the next few days, and I hope others will, too. It's a great way to discover new blogs, new flowers for your own garden, and see how others in different climates enjoy Fall in the garden!


  1. Your crocus sounds like such a sweet heart, I'd love to find him/her a date for the season. Perhaps you'd be better to find one in your climate zone. The long distance romance thing doesn't tend to work out.

  2. I have got to see if Crocus will bloom here. I love your style of writing in your article. Short and informative!!

  3. The first crocus is just a life-saver in the spring, isn't it? I love them!


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