Matching Pink Plastic Pots

In a place far away yet sometimes quite near, a place I call “back in the day” or “back then”, I thought it was a good idea to plant all of my houseplants in matching pink plastic pots of all sizes. Matching pink plastic pots of all sizes. Can you imagine? Who was that gardener back then?

Now if I heard someone say “matching pink plastic pots of all sizes”, I would… well I don’t know what I would do but I sure wouldn’t put any of my house plants in them. I’m way more sophisticated than that now!

But today as I prepared houseplants to come back indoors for the winter and went around sprucing up those that stayed inside all summer, I thought of those matching pink plastic pots and went looking for any remnants of them. I searched high and low, in sunroom and garage, in any place where I might have stashed a few pots, to see if I still had one of them, and I don’t. That pleases me in some way, because normally, once a flower pot enters the May Dreams Gardens zone, it seems like it never leaves. But it would have made for a good picture on this blog post.

Now I like for the pots and containers and other assorted vessels that I plant my house plants in to be interesting in a background sort of way, so that they don’t overpower the actual plants, in the way that matching pink plastic pots would.

For example, I find this pot to be interesting.
It’s an old one, maybe thirty or more years old. I know that because my Dad bought it from my uncle who ran a feed mill and then a small garden center in the small town where he grew up. The Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera sp.) growing in it came from starts that one of my co-workers gave me. Her aunt had a big pot of it growing on her enclosed front porch for years, my co-worker said, and she took it over and gave me some starts of it. It is supposed to have orange flowers. Those would clash with a pink plastic pot.

This little clay pot has a message around the rim, “Remember the garden and dream new dreams”.

I really like that saying.

The Stapelia growing in this pot came from a start that Annie in Austin gave me when I visited her garden during the first spring fling in Austin, Texas, making it a blogalong passalong. I think it needs to be repotted. I’ll do that today, but I promise I won’t put it in a pink plastic pot.


  1. I had to laugh at the comment about who was the gardener who thought pink, plastic pots were a great idea. I think I was a similar gardener back in the day. After all, I had macrame. :) Love the sentiment of dreaming new dreams. Where would we be without them?~~Dee

  2. Hey,
    I am Lol over this post! I guess we all used to have some funny ideas about what looked good. I wonder if I will look back and laugh at my current projects...probably.

  3. If I had a collection of pink plastic pots, as soon as I discarded them, they would become the rage of the century and I would wish them back. Right now I'm waiting for nursery pots to become some kind of 'in' thing.

  4. Carol, we did do somethings that now seem a little silly. I had matching plastic clay colored pots back in the day.

    I like you pots now, and the plants in them. It's comforting to see plants and know their story. Like visiting with friends.

  5. Carol - Oh, LOL. Between your pink plastic pots and Dee's macrame, I was rolling. I remember those days...the days of hanging pothos ivy everywhere, right? Fortunately, I don't remember them too often and when I do, i can smile.

  6. I can't imagine it. And I so wish you had saved the pots or taken a picture of them all with plants in them!

  7. cute - matching pink pots of varying sizes. You must have thought it was a brilliat idea at the time. I really think that's very cute. :)

  8. lovely saying!!
    I totally enjoy collecting containers and vessels for my plants...and arranging my garden nooks.

  9. matching pink plastic pots does not sound like you at all...must have been 'back in the day.'.

  10. I'm just going through my pots trying to decide if I need all of them. I see I am not the only one with this problem. To have a pot 30 years old. Ah, yes, that is the goal.


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