I'm Thinking About Gardening

Thanksgiving, just one week from today, is sort of a mental cut off day for me when it comes to garden clean up.

By the time I arrive at my sister’s house for dinner that day, I like to have all the fall clean up done in the garden so that I can give my full attention to making sure that I get to the homemade noodles for a second helping before a certain nephew does. Otherwise, I won’t get a second helping of homemade noodles.

By full attention, I mean 99% of my mental faculties, because there is no mental cut off day for me when it comes to gardening!

In fact, right now while I write this post, I’m thinking about gardening.

I’m thinking that it is a wonderful thing that yesterday I finally received my first seed catalog of the season, a sure sign that it is once again time to think of the beginnings of a new garden in the spring. After all, in just four months, give or take, I’ll be out in the garden once again planting peas.

I’m thinking about gardening.

I’m thinking how flattered I am that this May Dreams Gardens blog was included in a Top 20 Favorite Garden Blogs list by the editors at Horticulture magazine. I'm in some great company on that list.

I’m thinking about gardening.

I’m thinking about what a new reader would think about yesterday’s post where I wrote about not yet receiving a seed catalog and Garden Hoes: The Movie. With no knowledge or background on me and my garden, I might come across as some sort of a gardening geek.

I'm thinking about gardening.

I’m thinking that I am a thankful to not just be thinking about gardening, but to be a gardener.

And, of course, I'm thinking about gardening.


As I watch the garden full of perennials slowly melting away for the winter I too am thinking about next spring... The gardening mind never rests even if the gardeners body does take a break. Congrats on the well deserved mention in Horticulture Mag.
Darla said…
I imagine you breathed a sigh of relief when your seed catalog arrived!! Do we ever stop thinking about gardening?
Caroline said…
I'm thinking about gardening, too! What are the odds! I know you receive many illustrious awards for your blog, but I gave you an award, too: an "Honest Scrap" award. http://shovelreadygarden.blogspot.com/2009/11/hammer-time-cant-touch-this.html
Thank you for all you do!
lotusleaf said…
Congratulations for getting the prestigious award!I think you are a dedicated gardener who is constantly thinking about gardening.
Greensparrow said…
What? You got a seed catalog? I've still have none! Not even the lame ones I never order from! I'm about to CRY. Carol, you've GOT to do something to get me through it. You blog is all I've got until the catalogs come!!!
Kate said…
Hey, congratulations! That is VERY impressive. I have not, as yet, received a seed catalog so I'm feeling a tad neglected. :)
I wish I could have all the fall cleanup done by Thanksgiving, but the Willows never drop all their leaves by then, so there's always raking to be done. Maybe I should start complaining on my blog about the seed catalogs that have been studiously avoiding my mailbox. It seems to have worked for you.
Carrie said…
We picked up our first seed catalogue 3 weeks ago! Not that we've looked at it, oops.
I've bought in the broad beans and they will be planted soon, the garlic is in and the daffs are poking their heads up. Spring is coming!!!! (I'm desperately trying to go through winter with blinkers on - spring is all I see)
Good luck with those noddles!
Paul said…
We are having extreme problems trying to keep leaves out of our garden. After the heavy winds we seem to be filling bag after bag of leaves. Can anyone suggest a sensible solution. I tend to despise leave blowers but I may have no other option to get my garden looking the way it should. Great blog by the way. My wife and I very much enjoy reading it.
Rose said…
Oh, I wish that I could have everything done by Thanksgiving, but the rains have made that difficult. And since I'm the Thanksgiving chef here, it's time to think about cleaning and cooking, not gardening. Well, I haven't stopped thinking about it altogether:)

Congratulations on the mention in Horticulture--that's quite an honor!
Vetsy said…
I got my seed catalog yesterday!...

Yahoo! I had never received any this early in the season before and I'm giddy with excitement!

Browsing through seed catalogs always cheer me up!
Kathy said…
I'm feeling very thankful to have the opportunity to continue my fall clean-up. Usually the weather gets horribly nasty before I finish.
Do we ever quit thinking about gardening? I don't think so. Congrats on your wonderful award.~~Dee