Large Shrubs and Radishes

If I were a more patient photographer with a better camera, and maybe a telescopic lens or two, this would be a picture of birds sitting around in some large viburnums in my back yard.

Instead, it's a picture of a little pile of tiny radishes, truly the last harvest this season from my vegetable garden.

We should all be planting large shrubs if we have the room for them. They not only can be a "living fence", but they also provide shelter and sometimes food for a variety of birds.

Don't be afraid of those big shrubs. Go ahead and plant some in your garden. You and the birds will enjoy them for a lot longer than you will enjoy a little pile of fall radishes.


  1. now,
    here's the question, Carol,
    ARE there birds in this picture?

    we know, we know . . .
    we're dumber than a bag a hammers.


    okay, actually, we agree with you
    about the shrubs.

    shrubs may also be strategically
    placed to aim they eye, construct privacy and direct paths.

    we LOVE shrubs!


  2. And evergreen shrubs provide the best cover for our feathered friends in the winter. I always have a bunch of birds hanging out in the Box hedge. I can't see them, but I hear them chirping away.

  3. My favorite shrub is loropetalum, which will grow into a tree form.

    The birds like the grape arbor, which has climbing roses on the front.

    Looking forward to Bloom Day.

  4. you know i discovered today i love laurel! I saw a very nice one outside a shop. We have always had loads of shrubs and everygreen bamboos in the garden, the lottie is a slighty different matter, but we are surrounded by mature hedging and trees and we plant more every year! Hurrah for birds (and radishes too) x

  5. My entire neighbor's house is covered in VA Creeper and is a "living 3 story rowhome". Yes, the birds love it and I enjoy watching them, but my god the noise. Be careful what you wish for.


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