No Seed Catalogs Means Hoe Movie Time!

Through Twitter, email and other social media sites, I have been made acutely aware that many gardeners have already started to get seed catalogs in the mail.

I, on the other hand, have not yet received any seed catalogs and am starting to feel as though I have been inexplicably dropped from the seed companies' mailing lists. I wonder, ever so briefly, how this could be because I order as many seeds, if not more, than most gardeners. I order so many packets of seeds that I use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of them.

To console myself, To celebrate my catalog-free existance, I have come up with several reasons why not getting paper catalogs in the mail, especially from seed companies I have no intention of ordering from, is a good thing.

1) It's better for the environment.
2) It saves trees.
3) It reduces costs for the seed company to not send catalogs.
4) It keeps me from staying up late reading seed catalogs.
5) It reduces clutter on my coffee table, which is already loaded down with gardening books.

Rest assured, even with no seed catalogs, I will be buying seeds this winter, going directly to the seed company websites to order online. Really, it's fine that everyone else seems to have gotten at least one seed catalog in the mail already, and I have not.

In fact, not having any seed catalogs right now has left me with some free time, which I have put to good use to create...

Garden Hoes: The Movie

Please take a minute to put down your seed catalogs and gather everyone around to see this not-to-missed cinematic achievement.

Now aren't you glad no one has sent me a seed catalog yet?


  1. I am completely charmed by your Hoe Doc...Beautifully photographed, excellent movement through the seasons...a great over view of your garden (very nice) and the cast, was an exciting ensemble of the known and unknown. FYI~~Submissions are now open for all categories to the 2010 Cannes Independent Film Festival in May 2010. gail ps I've only received one seed catalog

  2. One should view this video every morning to get them going with that marching music. It just makes one want to go out there grab a hoe and start choping.

  3. hahahaha! Carol, you are the best. And if it consols you at all, I ALSO have recieved no seed catalogs yet. Which hasn't stopped me from pouring over seed lists on-line but... I want to curl up on the coach with hot cocoa, Pinetree, Johnny's, Chiltern, and all the rest! Hurry up people!!

  4. Fun video! I just got two catalogs yesterday: Stokes and Pinetree. They seem much earlier this year. I wonder if it's the economy?

  5. I am not a movie watcher at all...BUT, this is one film that is a must see! I don't do seed catalogs..

  6. You are not alone- I share your catalogless angst! I love the video! The music is so upbeat, I feel better already.

  7. Carol,
    Sometime I worry about your sanity! (Just kidding.)

    What a fun movie. The music inspired me to march off to work!

  8. That was quite the hoe-down, Loved it! thanks...Rosey

  9. I haven't gotten our seed catalogs either, so don't despair! Criminy -- I have to get through the holiday crazies, before I can even think about spring! Maybe that's why winter exists...

    I LOVE the film! It's hoe-tastic.

  10. Fabulous, Bravo...I'd take that red headed hoe home in a minute, what a doll!

    Very funny Carol!

  11. I hope the Academy nominates you for a Hoescar for your film.

  12. When the Garden Tool catalog finally arrives you can order gifts for everyone, Carol - film the results and call that movie Merry Christmas, Hoe, Hoe, Hoe!

    In recent years the closest thing to a garden catalog I received was the Smith & Hawken catalog...guess I'll have zero this time.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  13. If it's any comfort, Carol, I haven't received any catalogs yet either so it has given me time to make a list of the plants that did well this year.
    I grew white Cosmo from seed. One plant in a large pot grew to 4 ft. making me very happy every time I went out to deadhead it.
    The Salvia Victoria Blue, paired with a Miscanthus in another large pot also looked great and is still blooming. Another success was a chartreuse colored Flowering Tobacco; looked great with a Palace Purple Heuchera until the deer took that plant down; still I had many happy moments here this summer.
    Chris-gardening in deer country, NY

  14. I presume that's music of Souza -- it fit in really well! You couldn't find any Hoezart? Of course, if you hadn't been showing us the business end of the hoes, some Handel would have been appropriate...

  15. Oh, I'm so glad you haven't received a seed catalog yet (neither have I). This film was such a great use of your newly found free time! It's surely Oscar-worthy in the short documentary categories. I give it two green thumbs up. And my compliments to the musical arranger--it made me want to go out and do a little hoeing myself.

  16. I thought it was an excellent choice of music. To me, that is the hardest part of making a video, finding suitable--and free--music.

  17. I'm not sure why, but the music that goes along with these images seems just perfect for Hoeing. I think it is the accented beats, or something.

  18. Those are really lovely hoes. I don't think I ever appreciated the elegant forms they have. Especially the round one.


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