After All...

The garden looks calm and restful now, just waiting for the first snowfall. I hope it comes soon because there are some of those late fall-winter weeds coming up in a few places and a little snow would cover those weeds right up. Then I could move “weed out henbit” to my spring to-do list.

After all, you can’t really pull weeds out of frozen ground.

There are still a few blooms suspended in a sort of “frozen state” right now since it has turned cold, even if it isn’t snowing. When it turns cold like this, and gardeners have very few blooms outside in their gardens, I get a few comments asking if we post for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day in the winter months. Yes, we do.

After all, the idea is to find blooms, somewhere, every month of the year.

I lit a candle this evening that is supposed to smell like “greenhouse”. I kind of expected it would smell like good dirt, mixed with the tropical scent of orchids and other mysterious blooms like those I found at our local Garfield Park Conservatory. It smells more like pine and rosemary, which are both good scents, just not what I was expecting for a scent called “greenhouse”. I once had a candle with a scent called “Cut Grass”, which smelled exactly like a freshly cut lawn. Someone gave it to me for Christmas, which didn’t surprise me in the least.

After all, I do make a big deal about mowing my lawn.

I’m really looking forward to this “dreaming season” that we are just starting. It’s a good time to relax and reflect, and reminisce and recall the garden of this past season. I’m hoping to make this next dreaming season more of an actual “planning season” by writing down some of my dreams for my garden.

After all, what gets written down is often what gets done.

And even though I plan to take full advantage of these next few months to rest up for spring, I’m already looking at seed catalogs, thinking about what varieties to get for next year. I’m looking at the almanac, trying to decipher their weather predictions for the coming year. And I’m already looking longingly out the window at the garden because…

After all, I’m a gardener.

(Pictured above, Bird of Paradise blooming at Garfield Park Conservatory.)


  1. I really love how the seed catalogues come out now, when we're done with the garden outside (theoretically) for the year and finally have time to catch up on all our reading. (Also theoretically). There's only been one arrive so far at our house...

  2. I am all about writing down those dreams, wishes and thoughts. Making those lists of things to do. Even if they all aren't accomplished I can have the satisfaction of knowing that I did think to write it down. I wonder what Dr Hort would think of this way of looking at your to do list. tee hee...

  3. I too am looking at seed catalogs and dreaming. I already have made my do do list for next year which I keep in my gardening journal

  4. I see by your tweets that you indeed got snow. So did we! Our first, as well. The birds have really descended on the feeders this morning. I've seen the first juncos.
    No list here for me, yet. I just got the last of the spring bulbs planted yesterday.
    I LOVE Bath & Body Works' "Winter" fragrance. I've got Wallflowers all over the house with this fragrance and while I'm not sure it smells like what I'd think of as winter, it smells really good to me. (Obviously! LOL) I do love the smell of a conservatory. With all the plants I overwinter, you'd think my house would smell like that, wouldn't you? LOL. It doesn't, though.

  5. I''m not quite ready to start making those plans, I need to dream a bit first. My garden still hasn't completely given in to winter yet, but probably by tomorrow it will have finally fallen asleep.

  6. Yep, the weakest ink is better than the strongest memory!

  7. It seems really strange but nothing is being down in our gardens this year. The house will be in some else's hands in about a month. The only thing I'm planning is cuttings and divisions of my favs. The it will be 6 months until we even have a house.... It the lottie ideas are coming very slow - too cold and wet!!! Though I have loads of blubs in :) Enjoy your dreaming...

  8. I'm intrigued by the, "Garden Bloggers Bloom Day". It will be interesting to participate vicariously since my garden won't be growing anything until the snow melts, sometime in, at least, April.

  9. After all, you're the Pied Piper of gardening is what you mean, what with Bloom Day and all.

    I have that greenhouse candle. It smells nice, but not like a greenhouse at all.~~Dee

  10. Too bad Bloom Day isn't tomorrow--I actually have a primrose in full bloom in my garden! Thank goodness I brought in a few plants to overwinter, or else we'd be looking at my poinsettia and agave all winter long:) I'm ready for a little winter hibernation, too--I now have three new garden books, including the one from you, to read!

  11. Thank goodness you finally got some seed catalogs. I was starting to worry for you. :-)

    For the last few days we've had a mini-winter here in Austin: cold, rainy, icky. I've stayed indoors and read blog posts and dreamed about painting garden furniture. Is that what you get to do all winter?

  12. Greenhouse candle? wow. I'll have to keep my eyes out for that one.

  13. It's raining here Carol...the frozen ground is now mushy clay....Oh, yes, that's winter in zone 7 Nashville. On the dry and sunny days we can garden...So bulbs that are on sale after Christmas can still be planted.
    Sometimes putting a garden to bed for months at a time does sound good.


  14. You had me there for a moment, Carol. Was wondering how that plant in the photo survived the snow up where you live.

    I would like a little break myself, but here in CA, it's time to weed and do other things...In July, we'll take it easy again.

  15. The seed catalogs have started coming, just ahead of our first snowfall. I was given a Tomato candle once, and it was nicer than I would have imagined. My second Giveaway is going on - Right Rose Right Place book for planning and CowPots for planting. Later.

  16. I'm spending a lot of time with the catalogs, too. I start my perennial seeds in January so I have some type of growing thing to meddle with all winter long. :)


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