Happy New Year, Ten!

The old rabbit, Nine, or Aught Nine as some called him, peered through the garden gate looking for signs of his replacement - a young, energetic bunny named Ten.

“Where is he”, said Nine to no one in particular. “I’ve got some advice for him and it’s almost time for me to leave!” While he waited he shifted his weight from one foot to another and wondered if his fur would ever dry out after that cold, wet summer. He checked his bag again to make sure he had everything he should take to The Past. It was heavy and hard to carry.

Just then he caught a glimpse of Ten hopping toward the gate.

With the same boundless energy and enthusiasm that Nine remembered once having, Ten arrived at the gate with one last big hop and a skidding stop and greeted Nine with an exuberant, “I’m here!”

“It’s about time”, said Nine, thinking all the while that Ten seemed just a bit too new, too green, too… something that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. “Oh,” he remembered “Ten is the first bunny of a new decade, that’s why he seems different.”

“Ten, I’ve got just a few more hours before I turn the garden over to you. Please listen carefully as there are some lessons I learned that I want to share with you before I go. I think they will be helpful.”

“I’m all ears”, said Ten.

So Nine pulled out the list he’d made during the last few days of the year, looked it over, and decided he really didn’t have all that much advice to offer, so he would make it brief. Besides, there wasn’t much time left!

“Ten, you’ve got 365 days before your replacement shows up. My advice is to do some hoeing when you can to earn your keep around the garden, but remember that “all hoe and no play” isn’t good for anyone. Try to get out of this garden on occasion to see what other gardens are like out there. And if you see a plant or flower you want, grab it. If you wait, it might be gone if you try to go back for it. Finally, have some fun along the way.”

Ten took notes, nodding his head as though he understood. It sure sounded easy enough!

“And one other thing, when those other rabbits come to the garden for various holidays be sure to…”

In mid-sentence, Nine looked at his watch and exclaimed, “Oh dear, my time is up. I’ve got to go. Good luck, Ten. I’ll see you next year in The Past, where I’ll be from now on. Auld Lang Syne and all that and have a great year!”

And with those last words, Nine grabbed his bag and disappeared into the fog, leaving Ten at the garden gate, trying to remember the advice he’d just been given, wondering what he was supposed to be sure to do when those other rabbits showed up.

But even without knowing all that he was supposed to do, he was very excited about the new opportunities he would have, the adventures he’d go through and quite ready for the chance to show how well he could tend the garden until his own replacement arrived.

Happy New Year, Ten!


  1. 9 gave some excellent advice. I hope 10 brings you lots of good things, in and out of the garden.

  2. You painted such a wonderful story. What a delightful tail. Happy New Year Carol.

  3. Happy New Year to you too! Thank you for a wonderful year of gardening advice, gardening-related laughter, and much gardening inspiration. May we all harvest twice as much as we did last year!

  4. I bet Nine was just hopping off to find some dandelions, glad to get a break at last. Have a wonderful New Year and thank you for having been part of mine in 9!

  5. Happy New Year Carol..., Nine is counting its blessings and Ten is hoping for more....

    ~bangchik and kakdah from MALAYSIA.

  6. Here's wishing you an early May and a happy new year, Carol!

  7. Oh, this story of passing the baton, make that the passing of the hoe was a real treat, Carol! May you also discover new and wonderful things in the coming, no it's here! decade. :-)

  8. Another wonderful story,Carol. Thank you for all the great posts in 09. I'm looking forward to Ten's garden views (an yours, of course) in the coming year. Happy New year!

  9. Happy New Year Carol. What a wonder little garden story befitting for us gardening's with hopes and goals for the New year.

    Ten has lots of Wonderful surprises for us this year I'm so happy he's here!

  10. Love your stories and may I toast to Ten! Here's hoping for a wonderful New Year!!

  11. Great story Carol and I hope you have a wonderful 2010!

  12. Best wishes to you for a happy new year and no sign of those other bunnies, except as food!

  13. Happy New Year to you Carol.
    Like I've said before, I see the makings of a children's gardening book


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