How To Find The Gardening Books at Your Local Bookstore

I love gardening books, all kinds of gardening books. I buy them, I ask for them for gifts, I read them, I sometimes review them. I've even downloaded a few to my iPhone for "just in case" reading if I get caught somewhere and want to read about gardening.

Whenever I go to a bookstore, I seek out the gardening books first. Most of the time, I have to go up and down the aisles trying to find the gardening section, especially at my local Borders bookstore, which seems to transplant -- I mean move them --more often than a indecisive gardener moves plants around. I always end up having to ask where they are.

But at the local Barnes & Noble bookstore, it was easy to see the sign for "Gardening", right there next to the bigger sign for restrooms. Could there be any worse spot for gardening books or any books than on either side of the entrance to the restrooms? And a survey of some of my garden blogging friends indicates that this is a common store layout across the country.

I tried to look at the gardening books there, I really did. But I gave up after a few minutes because of all the people who were waddling back to the restroom, slamming one door, then another. Then there were the flushing noises. Plus, there was no place to sit to look at a couple of books more closely.

By the way, the cook books are all in another section of the store with a nearby big comfy sofa and two arm chairs. Isn't that nice?  If the gardening books had been in that section, I would still be there trying to decide which dozen I should get!


  1. Carol, Finding the garden book section is the first task...but finding any decent books is the hardest. Our local bookstore has the worst garden book offerings! No wonder folks order on line! gail You are so right, there are never any comfy chairs by the garden section!

  2. huh, then i realize that it has been long since the last visit to the book store.

  3. The Borders where I live does have a nice cosy area with a table and comfortable chairs where one can check out their selection of gardening books.
    Also they have a nice selection of gardening books.

  4. I went through something similar at a Borders recently! Although the gardening section was not near the bathrooms (thankfully), it consisted of about three measly shelves, crammed amongst other random subjects not anywhere close to botany/cooking/crafts/hobbies/anything remotely related. So not only was it poorly stocked and hard to find, but it was in no-man's land with no seating anywhere close. Why do they hate gardening books??

  5. I tell ya, they don't get no respect. Between the location and the selection of books, mostly about marijuana, it's very discouraging.

  6. You need a better book store.

    Here's a photo of the gardening section at Austin's Book People. It's a wonderful place to hang out.

  7. I force myself to avert my eyes from the gardening section when in a bookstore. Books are an addiction I'm trying hard to overcome. A recent move of the books on my shelves to make my gardening books more accessible caused me to see exactly how much yardage they occupy. Now comes the daunting task of weeding. Which will go (if any), and which will stay? My head's full of cold right now, or I'd write more about it. Later.

    Happy New Year, Carol. Thanks for all you do for our little worldwide community. Wishing you a green and growing (and glowing) 2010.

  8. It's a reflection of the attitude towards gardening at large. As much as we love it, it is far from being a national passion.

  9. Boy isn't that the truth. I was in Booksamillion today & there was an entire row devoted to Manga & graphic novels. Gardening was two small bookcases & crammed in there like so many sardines. Pitiful.~~Dee

  10. I get so many garden books sent to me (in the hopes that I'll review them) that I can't remember the last time I actually went into a bookstore looking for one. I tend to race into the local bookshop looking for more mysteries to read (they're my bedtime reading) and if I need a gardening book that hasn't been sent to me, I tend to go to Amazon for it because it's unlikely to be at the bookstore, sadly enough.
    I'm curious about the garden books on your iPhone, though. Are you using Kindle for iPhone? I just downloaded that but haven't added any books yet.

  11. The Borders I am familiar with has garden books near the restroom but not right beside it. The B&N has their garden books in a different place all together. I think the bibles etc are by the restroom. At least the last time I noticed what was there. Funny observation. I will be paying more attention next visit.

  12. LOL, I'll have to check the next Borders to see if this disease has spread to Australia too. (Surely only the compost books should be near the loos?) Most bookshops here seem to put gardening and cooking pretty close together, fortunately.


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