Is My Calendar Right?

I woke up this morning dreaming that it was December and the gardening season was more or less over here in my USDA Zone 5b garden.

Then I realized that it was December and the gardening season is more or less over here in my USDA Zone 5b garden.

Wow, that was sure a fast spring and summer. Is my calendar right?

Didn’t I just get back from seeing other garden bloggers in Chicago in May? Wasn’t I just out in the garden gently planting my little tomato seedlings? Where’s my garden to-do list? Have I really mowed for the last time this season?!

It all seemed to happen so fast.

And now we are expecting the first snowfall of the season sometime late tomorrow night, I think.

I hope winter goes just as fast as spring and summer. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t. After all, I just have to get through December, January, February and March until I can plant peas. And once I do that, I’ll have May, June, July, August, September, and October to be out in the garden.

You ask what happened to November? November! You can’t trust November. It might be like this past November, when every weekend seemed to be sunny and nice, giving me lots of good time in the garden. Or it might be cold and dreary and rainy and not worth anything to anyone. Don’t trust November.

And don’t trust April either. April?! Or is it Hate-pril? April is closely related to November and might be very cold and winter like, making both you and the plants suffer. Or it could be just as nice as can be and lure you into planting frost-tender plants too soon. Don’t trust April.

Anyway, while I wait for spring and the first crocus, I’ll keep busy. I might read a few gardening books, order up some seeds, tend to my houseplants, make sure the worms have plenty to eat, set a few goals for my garden for next year, and see if I can coax the garden fairies, or Dr. Hortfreud or Hortense Hoelove to write a few posts for me while I rest up and get ready for next spring.

Yep, if I keep busy, hopefully winter will be enjoyable, and before I know it, it will be spring once again.


Mary Delle said…
I also can't believe it's already December. Totally caught me by surprise.
Ole Man Winter lulled us into a sleep this fall. He will sneak in here and give us a jolt of what he's all about in no time.
How can anyone hate April? It's glorious, as was this November. Too bad it was ruined by a totally washed out October. I'm not quite ready for the snow to fly, but I did get some Christmas decorations up outside already.
Anonymous said…
it is nearly December 2nd- where did the 1st go to. I already had snow in my garden; I am out Northwest, Not looking forward to shoveling.
I wrote a poem, about the moon. If you can stop by and tell me what you think..

My Poetry Path

My Walking Path
peter said…
if your readers are looking for more information on USDA plant hardiness zones, there is a detailed, interactive USDA plant hardiness zone map at
I really don't like March or April because we never know when a freeze will destroy all of our hard work. Cute post.~~Dee
Town Mouse said…
You can always dream of May...
Winter arrived here with a big splat, almost with no warning, this morning.

I love the photo at the top of your blog, it is so poignant.
Yvonne said…
Hear hear! Yes even in central Italy (zone 8 or 9 not quite sure) we get caught out by April and November. We had snow in April last year and a heatwave this November. Not to be trusted at all! Y
Kate said…
I'm always thrilled to have mowed the lawn for the last time but the rest of this? Realizing it will be 6 months before I can play in the mud again? Well, that one is hard to come to terms with...
Rose said…
I'm still wondering what happened to fall...
Melanie said…
Enjoy the winter rest. I had freezing temperatures and snow, in my zone 3 garden, back in October. I agree with you about April.