When A Gardener Wraps Christmas Presents

When a gardener wraps Christmas presents, she starts out with her stash of wrapping paper accumulated over several years.

She lays it out and notices that it has a decidely green and floral look to it. How did that happen?

She likes this one because it has amaryllis, holly, pine and roses on it.

She's had this roll for several years.

She likes this paper because it has poinsettias on it and even says "Poinsettia" all over it.

She hopes the people she gives gifts to like it, too, because it is one of those mega rolls that you can buy at the warehouse stores. There is enough paper in this roll to wrap every hoe she has every year for the next decade, and then some.

She was really excited to find this paper because it has botanical names printed on it.

And the botanical names appear to be pretty accurate, like Abies concolor.

For a more vintage, traditional Christmas look, she also has paper with Christmas trees.

This is a stiff wrapping paper, good for books and other heavier gifts because it won't tear.

While she's wrapping all the gifts she thinks about cutting some of the branches in the back of the Christmas tree, where no one would notice if  a few branches were shorter, to use for package decorations.

But then she realizes the only reason she wants to do this is to get to use her Felco pruners which she hasn't had a chance to use in almost a month, so she decides not to do it.

When all the gifts are wrapped, she puts some of them in this bag which even has the word "botanical" on it.

And the word "flora". These gifts are supposed to be stocking stuffers. Oops, some of them are bigger than the stockings.

When she is all done wrapping everything, the gardener ends up with this one odd gift amongst the Christmas presents.

This isn't a Christmas present, it's a birthday present for her sister who is turning 50 - FIFTY - on January 1st. Her sister will have to be an auxiliary member of the Society of Gardeners Age Fifty and Over (SGAFO) because she doesn't actually garden, though she likes gardens and pretty flowers. But she will be 50, so she'll be eligible to join if  someday she does decide she would like to garden.

Then when the gardener is all done wrapping presents, she admires the flowers and trees and botanical words on the packages. It all makes her very happy and puts her in the Christmas spirit. It makes her want to start a Christmas tree farm. It makes her wish she had more amaryllis plants. It makes her think of the Christmas Cottontail and she can hardly wait for Christmas!


  1. LOL. I do confess an affinity to botanical prints and did send out Mudlark greeting cards with botanical prints last year and this year.

  2. Carol, what a stash of beautiful wrapping paper! Most of it is way to pretty to be used on presents. :) I missed out on the wrapping gene and tend now to sue more bags, but I really like your idea of using greens on a present.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year filled with lots of gardening adventures.

  3. Those are lovely. Head on over to Hallmark. This year they have the most beautiful poinsettia paper or and one with holly on it. I wrap each of my children's gifts in a different paper so that I don't have to tag them. I can also see at a glance how many they have. :) ~~Dee

  4. Beautiful paper, Carol. My stash isn't nearly as varied. I can remember when (does that qualify me for the SGAFO... that plus my true age)I used to only use colored foil paper and bows made of ribbon that "sticks together when wet". They were mighty pretty but too expensive now and I haven't seen any of that ribbon for a long time.

    Your post brings back nice memories though. Thanks

  5. I don't have botanical wrapping paper, but I do have a botanical print wallpaper border in my bathroom, and sometimes I can find facial tissues with a botanical print on the box.

  6. The Christmas Cottontail is one of the best Christmas presents I have received Carol. I keep thinking about trying to illustrate it. I do hope you and yours have a great christmas. Just seeing all of this botanic wrapping paper makes me know you will. Cheers.

  7. Where do you find such great wrapping paper? I didn't buy any this year because I didn't like any I saw. I hope there is still some of that paper in stock that Dee mentioned.

  8. We've been using gift bags for several years in lieu of wrapping paper. I got into a mood recently and gave away all of my Christmas-themed bags, though. Now what are we going to use???!!! (I may have to go buy some with garden themes.)

  9. Oh no, now I am doubting my love for plants ~ no wrapping paper like that here *shame*!!!! I'd go for it with those pruners, I won't tell ;)

  10. My wrapping paper is more wildlife oriented, but I love yours. In fact, I have wrapping paper envy because I have never seen any of this sort of wonderful botanical paper in our fair city or the environs. And I do shop for paper.

    I love it when everything under the tree is in a different paper, it makes it look so festive!

    May you and yours have a blessed and joyous Christmas, Carol.

  11. Nice wrapping paper 'collection' Carol!

    Merry Christmas, and safe travels to you and yours!

  12. LOL. Don't forget the mistletoe Carol.;-)
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  13. Your stash of papers is gorgeous. I love collecting paper. I doubt that I could ever use paper so beautiful. I'd just keep it to look at like so many sheets of Japanese paper I've collected.

    This year, however, we didn't wrap a single present. Nor did we get a tree. When I see your wrappings, I feel I should have been more festive.

  14. This is a delightful post but the part I liked best--the part where you say you have stocking stuffers that are bigger than the stockings. I too have that problem for my hubby's stash. Lovely wrapping paper is just such a pleasure.
    Happy Christmas to you, Carol, and to all you hold dear!

  15. I love the vintage papers Carol~A perfect touch under the tree~~Have a wonderful Christmas with your family filled with joy and celebration. gail

  16. I have lots of those mega rolls, too, Carol, that I think I've been using the same paper for years:) Love the botanical bag!

    Hoe, hoe, hoe! I hope the Christmas Cottontail brings you lots of gardening goodies and that you have a very Merry Christmas!

  17. LOL ... all true at this gardener's home, too. Wishing you and yours all that is merry and bright!

  18. Merry Christmas Carol! I have enjoyed your posts this past year and look forwarding to reading more in 2010. H

  19. Merry Christmas, Carol.

    Always Growing

  20. Carol,

    Merry Christmas to you. Your taste in wrapping paper is unlike mine but I love it. I prefer shiny paper with shiny bows and ribbons. You made me laugh out loud a few times, i.e. referring to your using your Felco pruners.

    You're too much and I miss you.

    I hope 2010 is full of love and laughter for you. And a few more new hoes.


  21. Yeah, guess you had a bit of a theme, huh?! The gifts look lovely - I'd be so happy to receive the one in that beautiful tote bag!

  22. I wish people would give *me* presents wrapped in botanically-themes papers! It's nice that some of yours are educational as well; get a gift, learn a few scientific names.
    Have a lovely holiday, Carol! I look forward to many great posts in the new year!


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