Winter Solstice: Our Thoughts Turn To Gardening

I found this rare nest on my front porch and I'm watching it to see what or who hatches.

Could it be the nest of a partridge or a turtle dove? Maybe it is French hens or calling birds? Oh, wait, it has to be GEESE! Because the six geese are a-laying.

But if that is the case then one of the geese is holding out on me because I only see five eggs. I guess I should ask some of the maids to check these eggs occasionally when they aren't out milking cows, just to see if anything hatches.

I myself simply do not have time to watch a nest with funny eggs in it today because  it is the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice. There won't be enough daylight for all the more productive activities of the day, like thinking about gardening, so this nest may just have to remain unwatched if the maids are also busy. 

You would think I could watch this nest AND think about gardening at the same time, but I simply can't do it all.  I am busy! GADS! I also have to wrap Christmas gifts, go to the grocery story, make several calls,  and go to work. Plus now that it is winter, I really should make sure that all is ready in the garden for the arrival of the Christmas Cottontail.  I don't want to risk him not leaving some seeds and bulbs here!

And in between all of these holiday preparations and funny egg watching, I am putting the finishing touches on a major announcement regarding seed catalogs. You will not want to miss it, so stay tuned to channel "May Dreams Gardens" for further details as they become available. Major media outlets will also be notified when this major announcment regarding seed catalogs (MARSC) is ready. 

There isn't enough time in a day, is there? Especially on the shortest day of the year.  Make every minute count! 


All of the lights are on in the house already. Must have light...
Wonderful post! Happy Winter Solstice to you!
Anonymous said…
Making every minute count, grand advice Carol! I hope you have a wonderful solstice and other holidays with your friends and family. I look forward to your seed announcement too. Hooray for spring! Oops, just a little early, eh? :-)
bg_garden said…
This is a wonderful container design! Merry Christmas from Snowy BGgarde3n
Lona said…
I want to see the geese that laid them eggs. They must be the most colorful creatures. LOL!
Busy time for everyone right now. I for one am glad that the shortest day is here and it is all uphill from now.
You have a wonderful Christmas.
You are so funny. Hope the Christmas Cottontail leaves you lots of goodies. I also hope those ornaments don't hatch.~~Dee
Anonymous said…
The solstice is my son's birthday, otherwise, I would hate it. I need to see the sun again. A light box just isn't enough.
Darla said…
But....the days will now be getting longer and dreams of May days will soon be here!
Commonweeder said…
The sun is giving us a good show today, blindingly bright on the white snow. And I am improving each shining but short hour - baking! It is time for the final Good Neighbors Food Distribution and those families will have fancy homemade breads this time.
Happy Solstice everyone. What do YOU do on Solstice. I've told my own little tradition that I follow on my blog.

I love your sense of humor, Carol. the 12 Days references were great.
What a cute post. You have me chuckling ~ and grinning from ear to ear ~ now that a few more minutes of daylight are coming my way!
Gail said…
There seems to be very little that doesn't remind you of gardening! Have a wonderful day. gail
teresa said…
Happy Winter to you. YOur post is entertaining as usual. Your sense of humor is refreshing. I hope your eggs hatch and your bunny shows up. Merry Christmas
Cindy, MCOK said…
You might want to remind those ten lords to watch where they leap ... you wouldn't want them to break such rare and valuable eggs!
Rose said…
Maybe there are 5 gold rings in those eggs?? It's definitely a busy time of year, which is why somehow I missed the last meeting of the SPPOTGWLS and find myself reading three posts at a time this morning. Sounds like you had a good meeting; so sorry I missed it. You certainly have quite a few bunny ornaments on the tree--I'm sure the Christmas Cottontail will notice and know that you have been a very good girl, Carol!