Achieving Happiness in Your Garden: The Conclusion

The door creaked as I slowly opened it, announcing to any who might be inside the shed that someone was entering. I could imagine garden fairies scurrying to their hiding places and actually saw a few meadow mice as they disappeared through a small hole in the wall.

Who knew when sunlight had last lit the interior of that shed? It had just one window covered over by an old piece of burlap, the kind used to wrap newly dug trees. I entered for only one reason. I wanted to leave a copy of the Five Secrets to Achieving Happiness in Your Garden there so that one day another gardener might find it.

I flipped through the pages of the book I had written the secrets in to make sure they were all there:

Grow the plants you love.

Size your garden for the resources you have.

Buy good tools.

Respect Mother Nature.

Share your garden.

After one last look around at the clay pots, seed packets and gardening tools that were strewn about the shed, I placed the book on the potting bench and left quietly.

As I walked down the overgrown garden path back to my own garden, I knew that the book was safe in that shed and that someday another gardener would find the secrets and use them to achieve happiness in their garden, just as I had used them to find happiness in mine.


  1. five fantastic secrets to always remember, what a great read, i enjoyed this thoroughly!

  2. I have really enjoyed your posts. Your writing is very entertaining and meaningful!

  3. Whether or not the secrets work for anyone else, Carol, they sure have worked for you! You seem to receive great joy from making and keeping and sharing your garden.

    And since it's almost midnight in Indiana - hope the garden fairies make sure you have a very, very, Happy Birthday tomorrow.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. Thank you, Carol, for sharing all these secrets with us. I found the passion for gardening later in my life than most, but I can assure anyone that it has brought me a great deal of happiness. Remembering the secrets you've just shared with us will help me enjoy the garden even more.

    Thanks to Annie for the reminder about the big day tomorrow--an early Happy Birthday! May the garden fairies bring you lots of treats and maybe even a new hoe.

    I just have to reply to your comment on my post last night--you posted this before the end of the first half when the Illini were still playing well. Are you psychic or just confident in your Boilers? And where have they been hiding this Hart guy??

  5. I've really enjoyed this series of posts Carol. Very creative.

  6. I am sure that the scurrying mice are finding much happiness in the beauty within any garden you create for them.

  7. Carol, You're always sharing secrets... these are but a few! And for that, you have a lot of "strangers" wishing you all the "berry" best on your birthday. Hope it's filled with joy.

  8. Carol, They're not secrets anymore (a good thing)! Happy Birthday!!

  9. I enjoyed reading your imaginative posts. The five secrets for happiness are real. Thanks and have a great day!

  10. Happy Birthday Carol. Thanks for sharing your gardening wisdom, I mean secrets.

  11. Well now there is no reason for all of us to have Achieve Happiness in Our Garden, thank you..these posts were very entertaining and wise.

  12. I really don't share my garden with anyone but my family and those who read my blog. I guess I need to branch out. Thanks for all these wonderful secrets.
    Happiest of birthdays to you.

  13. To me the first secret is the most important one. If you don't grow the plants you love, then it will be hard to follow the rest of the secrets. Thanks for the great reminders of why I garden.

  14. I've enjoyed this series of posts so very much. The Conclusion wrapped The Five Secrets series up so neatly. I have a penchant for clay/terra cotta pots and what a perfect place to a little shed filled with pots. You could write a wonderful book about the secrets, illustrated ala Beatrix Potter.

  15. Do you even have any lawn to mow?

  16. I enjoyed reading through your book of secrets- the collection of clay pots especially.


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