Ready, Set, Seed Catalogs!

Having picked the last pine needle out of the carpet, or at least the last one that I can see for now, it’s time to…

Get out the seed catalogs!

Ready, set, order! Last one to order seeds is a crummy little dandelion!

Just kidding. Relax, stand down.

There is plenty of time to browse the seed catalogs, make lists, re-do the lists when more catalogs show up in your mailbox, then re-do the lists again when you read blog posts about what other gardeners are ordering. Then re-do them again when you go to the garden center and buy some of the seeds they have. Then re-do them one more time when you discover the online seed companies that don’t have print catalogs.

Lots of time. Oodles of time. Weeks, really.

Around here, I won’t start any seeds indoors until early March and I won’t plant any seeds outdoors until mid March when I plant my peas. I think if I get my seeds orders sent by about mid-February, I’ll get the seeds in plenty of time. Or maybe I’ll shoot for the end of January?

When I do order my seeds, I will order 80% of the same varieties that I ordered last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, especially for the vegetable garden. I like to go with my “tried and true” varieties that perform well for me year after year, like ‘Provider’ green beans, ‘Green Arrow’ peas, and ‘Cue Ball’ squash, and then fill in the rest with new varieties to try. This helps ensure that I don’t a disaster in my garden with green beans I hate or peas that disappoint or ordinary “big as your forearm” summer squash.

But I always try to order a few new varieties, as space allows. And in that other 20% or so that will be new varieties, there will likely be some duds, but there will also be one or two “wows” that I will repeat the next year, and the year after that, and then move to my “tried and true” list, like ‘Cue Ball’ squash.

I love this time of year - these seed catalog reading, seed list making days of winter.

It really is the start of a whole new gardening year.

Ready, set, read those seed catalogs and start those lists!


  1. I have you win. But Mr D says he has two fishing catalogs. I'm fixing to order a load of seeds and will need a U-Haul to get them here.

  2. I recognize some of those catalogs - can you name them all? Would like to request ones I don't have...

  3. Thank goodness you said "Stand down." I was ready to jump up and grab the Visa. Yes, it's very, nearly time, although the weather outside doesn't say so.~~dee

  4. I don't get as many as I used to, and I'm conflicted about that. On one hand, I do enjoy reading them. On the other, not getting them means less paper wasted, and the seed company saves money. It is easier to keep track when there is a paper catalogue to dog-ear, rather than just seeing something on a website and hoping I make a note of it.

  5. Thanks for the reminder, I need to plan the veg garden. I want to try a few new varieties. Never too soon to start looking!

  6. I have these seed catalogs in that stack: Pinetree Garden Seeds, Burpee, Thompson & Morgan, Select Seeds, Harris Seeds, Bluestone Perennials (oops, not seeds, but plants), Seed Savers Exchange, Vermont Bean Seed Co., Totally Tomatoes, John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds, Baker Creek Heirloom Seed.

    I expect a few more catalogs to come in the mail over the next few weeks.

  7. Don't forget to check Ebay, I have really good luck finding deals there! I have been collecting and buying seed since early fall, so I have a basket full, but I am sure I will be tempted a few more times. I too direct sew in mid-March in Indiana.

  8. I can't wait for my seed catalogs to arrive. It's been several years since I ordered seeds and I've decided to start plants indoors this year. I have to stick to containers for the most part, so it will be a alot of reading and studying to find out what works best in containers.

  9. You're so right, and so funny, about the re-making of the seed lists!!!
    I do that all the time and I'm sure just about everyone else does also.

    This year WILL be different! I've already got my seeds, I won't be perusing anymore seed catalogs (OK, so just the veggie ones).

  10. Reading seed catalogs is a great way to get through this frigid winter. The way things look outside right now I don't think I will be planting anything any time soon:)

  11. I'm vying for last place. I don't start planting things inside until April and outside in mid May, although it does depend on when the snow melts and the ground unfreezes. Although, reading about everyone and their seed catalogues is making me think I should get cracking.

  12. Seed (and plant) catalogs have been a nice reminder of spring lately. I've already revised lists and had to restrain myself from ordering. Pretty soon it will be time!

  13. This cold weather can't pass fast enough so we can get the gardening season started.

  14. I've already placed two orders... but then, I get to transplant cabbages as early as mid-to-late February here. :)

    Also, I have seed-buying sickness.

  15. Why re-do lists when all those things happen? New catalog arrives... order from there, too. Read other posts... find those plants and order them. Garden center has seeds... just add to the total. Found a new company... order from them. No need to re-do. Maybe this is why hubby dreads springtime. ha!

  16. Hey Carol, I did read in today's Star that they're anticipating a seed shortage due to crop damage in the States and Europe last season. That and ever-growing demand...I *hope* to be ordering soon, or hitting up vendors at the Winter Market!


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