Yes, There Will Be A Bloom Day After "The Freeze"

A few questions and answers about Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Dear Hortense,

My garden has been frozen in places where it wasn't supposed to freeze. Should I skip Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day on the 15th?

Frozen in Austin.

Dear Frozen in Austin,

While Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is strictly optional and looking about the garden may be painful and disheartening now after the freezing temperatures, I think you should go ahead and look for blooms on bloom day and write a post about them. Someday, when you are facing yet another hot summer day, you will want to look back and remember. Really, you will.


Dear Hortense

Will bloom day every end?

Faithful Flower Follower

Dear Faithful

An end to bloom day? Well, I don't think now is a good time to stop this tradition because January 2010 marks the end of Year 3. Who stops at the end? Oh, wait, check that. Doesn't February 2010 seem like a good place to start another year of bloom day posts? Sure it does. But before we start at a new beginning, we have to wrap up Year 3 with our January posts. Then bloom day will keep on going for another year. 


Dear Hortense,

Can anyone post for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day?


Dear PW,

Yes, anyone and everyone is welcome to post about their blooms on the 15th of the month for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. There is no excuse not to, even if your blog isn't strictly about gardening. Something blooms for everyone, every month. Sometimes we just have to look a little harder for those blooms. But they are there, and there's no reason not to share them with everyone,

Hortense Hoelove


Dear Dr Hortense, Do buds count on Bloom day?? I might have a bud but a bloom may be hard to come by.
Darla said…
Dr. Hortense,

Do mushy plants count? I hope I can find something blooming after all this is has been very cold the last two weeks here. I think GBBD should be the Journey to Forever!
Caroline said…
Dr. Hortense,

Do blooms atop cut flowers purchased at a market count? What about annuals purchased at a nursery and plunked into the ground for no other reason than there be nary a true bloom to celebrate on Bloom Day?
Rose said…
Hortense, I am so excited about this January Bloom Day--I think I may actually have a bloom by that time! Of course, it's indoors. You'll just have to wait until Friday to see what it is:)
Cyndy said…
Hortense, I am a new blogger looking forward to posting my Connecticut camellia - she's sheltering inside of course!
Nell Jean said…
I should think that buds do indeed count, as do purchased blooms -- they are available, so they're blooms. Indoor plants count. What I won't be showing is dead stuff. It's Bloom Day, not frozen plants day.

I had hoped that buds of Camellias would open by the 15th, but they're tight against the cold. They'll have to wait another month.

Gardeners are a sturdy lot. We'll find something, somewhere to show hope for the coming spring.
Karen said…
You can't stop now! Bloom day reminds me to go out and check for blooms. Last week my hellebore had a couple small blooms, but the continued cold has finally done them in. of these days I'll participate.
Commonweeder said…
I remember my very first bloom day when I wondered whether buds counted and was assured that they did! Now I'm wondering whether withering blooms count, but I know there is always something. Frost flowers at least.
Wouldn't it be weird if the Northern gardeners had more to post than the Southern gardeners? My Amaryllis is about to pop, so I'll have an actual indoor bloom to post. I'm so tickled.
Jayne said…
I won't be able to get out into the garden during daylight hourse on the 15th of Jan, but would it count if I found a bloom on the 16th, Saturday?
Jayne said…
I forgot to add, this will be my first Bloom Day, let's hope I can find a bloom!
Cindy, MCOK said…
I don't want to talk about Bloom Day. I'm feeling very despondent about my lack of blooms compared to January 2009. I'd run away from home if I felt better.
Wendy said…
third year - wow! I joined you guys late last year. Can't wait to start the spring with you!