Another Chance or Two

Another chance is all we can ask for sometimes.

Would you like another chance to win some free seeds from Botanical Interests? Yes? Then head over to Dee's blog, Red Dirt Ramblings, and enter to win six packets of seeds and a book on family gardening. Even if you don't have kids, you should still enter because you can surely find some kids to garden with! Enter by Saturday, Feb. 20 at Midnight CST.


Would you like another chance to join in for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day? Do you know about Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day?

Every month on the 15th, I encourage you to go out to your garden to see what is blooming, post about it, then leave a comment on my bloom day post so we can find your bloom day post. Then we can all virtually visit your garden to see what blooms you have.

For those who would like another chance to begin "at the beginning", this next bloom day post on February 15th marks the beginning of the "bloom day year", and begins the fourth year of this garden bloggers' meme. Gosh, three years since the first bloom day post, already?

All are welcome and encouraged to join in! And don't assume you have nothing to share because it is February and you are buried in snow. You might be surprised if you go have a look-see. I've already pre-scouted my garden outside and inside for blooms. Yes, outside in the snow, and I did find a few "plant activities" of interest. Plus I have an interesting bloom indoors, pictured above. Any guesses as to what it is?


I sort of didn't fill up the bird feeders this past week. But I filled them up earlier today. I wonder if the birds will give me another chance and come back to eat the black oil sunflower seeds I left for them.


Winter really is about another chance for us temperate climate gardeners. Under the snow, the garden is being transformed, once again. It's becoming a clean slate for spring.

It's preparing itself to give us another chance to plan and plant the garden of our dreams. And shouldn't we always take advantage of another chance?


  1. Carol, thanks so much for the link love. Yes, everyone deserves a second chance.~~Dee

  2. Thaks for the link, though I don't think I am eligible to join, living half way across the world! I'll certainly join the Garden Bliggers' Bloom Day.

  3. Oh YAY! Bloggers Bloom Day...I love it and am looking forward to participated.

    Greater Good Gardens

  4. I have actually marked my calendar so I won't be late to GBBD anymore. There is DEFINITELY nothing blooming - don't even need to check (I'm under about 3 feet of snow). I did have some crocuses come up the day before our big storm. My kids tried to protect it. ho hum. I'll have something on the 15th though...

  5. This V-day is all about 2nd (and even third) chances in our family. Without those extra chances, I wouldn't have met my wonderful husband, and we wouldn't have our beautiful new granddaughter.

    Happy 3rd anniversary, Bloom Day! Thank you Carol for dreaming it up, and for hosting it each month.

  6. Great way to think about winter, as preparing a clean slate for us to give us another chance come spring. :) Since we're both celebrating our *second* marriage here this V-day, I especially liked your post!

  7. Calendar marked for Bloom Days and hoping to post without fail! No idea what your flower is though. Do tell!

  8. Is that a streptocarpus?

    Looking forward to Fickle February Bloom Day.


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