Hortense Hoelove Answers Groundhog Day Questions

Dear Hortense Hoelove,

Do you believe in the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil? Isn’t he the greatest weather forecaster of all time? Doesn’t he deserve his own website and all that media coverage? Even grown men dress in tuxedos and make various proclamations on Groundhog Day because Phil is so important.

Hibernating in Pennsylvania,
P. Phil

Dear P. Phil,

Hmmm, your letter seems a bit suspicious, so I’m not going to comment on all your questions. I will note that no matter whether the groundhog sees his shadow or not on Groundhog Day, Carol will be planting her peas on March 17th.


Dear Hortense,

Do you know when spring will arrive in Indianapolis?

Waiting in Indy,
Thorn Goblinfly

Dear Thorn,

You know it doesn’t really matter when spring arrives in Indianapolis, because Carol will plant her peas on March 17th.


Dear Ms. Hoelove,

Do you take much stock in planting by the phases of the moon?

Over the Moon with Gardening

Dear Over the Moon,

I take stock in anything that helps the garden grow better. I hear rumors that Carol is going to try planting by the phases of the moon this year. It’s just a good thing that the moon phase is favorable for planting peas on March 17th because we would never hear the end of it if she couldn’t plant her peas on that day.


Dear Hortense,

Will the answer to every question on Groundhog Day be that Carol is planting her peas on March 17th?


Dear Patrick,

It is Groundhog Day, isn't it? And isn't Groundhog Day known for being a day for repetition? With that, I'll leave you with the thought that Carol is planting her peas on March 17th.

Hortense Hoelove


Dear Mz Hoelover, do not fret about Carol's choice of planting date. She is a good gardener and the moon will be kind to her and her garden. After all I am sure she was howling with the Wolves during this phase to pay homage to the moon. No groundhog in their right mind would come out while wolves are howling unless it wanted to be a sacrifice to the moon.
Darla said…
I believe that Carol should plant her peas on March 17th!
Teresa O said…
Inquiring minds want to know...Will Carol be planting peas on March 17th? What a great chuckle reading your post was, makes the snow falling outside not seem quite so cold.
lotusleaf said…
According to the Indian almanac, March 17 is the right day to plant peas for Carol:-D
Ruth said…

That was so cute! It helped cheer me up today as I wait and wait and wait for spring.
YardFarm Austin said…
What a fun post. I already planted some peas - hope they will be OK. I will be planting again on March 17 though, as all indicators seem to indicate that that is the right day.
Vetsy said…
I will be waiting and watching for Carol to plant her peas on March 17th... and as for all you Groundhog fans out there,I'm Sorry".. I'm going to break Tradition and fire him!

I even wrote a blog about..called Good bye Groundhog!
Chloe m said…
By all means, plant your peas on the 17 of march, don't let some silly groundhog tell you what to do. You crack me up, hoelove.
Jayne said…
Thanks for the smile on my stay-at-home-sick day.
Anonymous said…
The ancient Celts celebrated the solstices, the equinoxes, and the days half between. May Day, Halloween, and Groundhog Day are three of those half way days. The fourth is still celebrated in Britain with bonfires, but not here.

The ancient Celts planted their peas on March 17th.

Like I'm going to listen to some groundhog in Pennsylvania! (I'm going to listen to the groundhog in Woodstock, IL, instead.) I need to get some Sweet Pea seeds so I can also plant them on March 17th.
Meredith said…
You made me laugh. I do hope nothing prevents Carol from planting your peas on March 17th... I got a little under the weather and missed my plant date of February 1st. But I'm not too fussed, honestly... the 3rd or even the 5th is fine. :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks Hortense for the laugh & advice. Sounds like we should all be planting peas on March 17th!
Rose said…
Dear Hortense, I just wanted you to know that I trust your predictions much better than Phil's:) I do have a serious question, however: I may be out of town on March 17. Is there an alternate date for planting peas? Or should I just forget about it and wait until March 17, 2011?
Suzanne said…
St. Pattys day peas are the best! thanks for the morning chuckle~