Super Bowl Sunday and Our Thoughts Turn To Gardening

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and our thoughts turn to gardening, as they always do.

For those who truly do live in their garden 24 x 7, the Super Bowl is the National Football League’s championship game. Approximately 100 million people, give or take, will be watching it this evening. This year, the two teams playing for the trophy are the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints.

It goes without saying that everyone here at May Dreams Gardens and in all of Indiana will be cheering for the Indianapolis Colts. However, it is my understanding that “everyone” outside of Indiana thinks it would be nice if the Saints won because it would be good for New Orleans. Whatever. Fortunately, the Super Bowl championship is not decided by public opinion but by the players playing the game. Go, Colts!

Meanwhile, here in Indianapolis, we have a very picturesque snow cover, temperatures hovering in the teens and a bright BLUE sky (Go Colts!) It is the perfect day to make a big pot of chili, using all kinds of peppers that were grown in your own garden, harvested last summer, cleaned, cut up, and frozen for just this occasion. Then while thinking about how good those peppers grown in your own garden make that chili taste, you can look through all your seed catalogs at all the pepper varieties available and order your seeds for this summer’s garden, anticipating that maybe your team will make it all the way to the Super Bowl next year.

And while you are browsing through those seed catalogs, you can also take the time to pick out some blue and white flowers to grow, because blue and white are the team colors for the Colts (Go Colts!) and today those are your favorite colors. But be careful because you don’t want your garden to be too monochromatic next summer.

Occasionally, while looking at the seed catalogs and seed websites, be sure to glance up and watch a bit of the game and all those expensive commercials they’ll be showing, and cheer on your favorite team (Go Colts!) Then when you gather with co-workers tomorrow morning, you’ll have something to talk about other than gardening, although your thoughts will turn to gardening again, soon enough. They always do.


  1. LOVE IT! A group of us Garden Twitters are doing a #SuperSowSunday!
    stop by and enjoy the fun.

  2. Super Bowl and garden catalogs.. fun filled day.. (I'm hoping the Colts win too) :D

  3. Wonderful way to intertwine gardening with the superbowl. I don't know that I'm a Colts fan as much as I find it fascinating to watch Peyton Manning play. It sure is time to order those seeds...might as well be today.

    Browns Forever!

  4. Go Colts! They do have good team colors, so if I lived in Indiana, I'd consider planting a Colts garden. I really don't like the Bears' colors.

  5. I didn't even know who was playing. Best wishes for your team, though I suspect only a rare fanatic will be affected for more than a few days by the outcome either way.

    I have yet to decide my pepper order; there's so many varieties. And reading the catalogs is much more exciting than watching any sports match, for sure!

  6. You almost make me want to watch the game (Go Colts!) because I love blue and white in the garden. What colors does New Orleans use?

  7. First time to hear about this super bowl.What was this all about?? Care to tell me?