Who's Afraid Of The Big Ol' Rabbit?

An alert friend recently sent me information on the world’s largest rabbit, weighing 42 pounds.

Another equally alert friend, replied to the email with “We are going to need bigger spoons”.

With friends like those two...

Remember when I used spoons to keep rabbits out of the green beans?

I won’t say emphatically that spooning or forking the garden is what kept the rabbits out of the beans that year. I’ll just say that the rabbits didn’t bother my beans when the bean plants were surrounded by spoons.

I think this year I'll do it again, maybe with forks!

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  1. I'd seen these rabbits before - they were originally bred for meat, particularly I think for the Asian market. But it's the first time I've seen one being kept as a pet.

  2. So wait, the spoons kept the rabbits out AND the neighbor's cat? Holy cow, I have never heard of that. I don't know who thought of it, but that person is a genius! Thanks for sharing the idea!

  3. Spooning and forking the garden...Carol you are too much!

  4. That's one good looking rabbit.
    Spoons, huh?
    Lucky for us - crossing our fingers - we don't have a rabbit problem.

  5. I suspect Ralph the Rabbit would be undeterred by spoons and forks ... he'd just tromp right over them!

  6. Dear Carol, The giant rabbit standing in the snow made me laugh ou loud. A very jolly winter picture!

  7. I love the Rabbit looking over the cute little fence.

    Spoons used to keep rabbits away from the garden"...That's a first for me.....

    I saw a photo of that giant rabbit on Yahoo News.. WoW! never ever seen one this big.

    I wonder how many spoons it would take to keep a rabbit this large away from the garden? Lol...

    Perhaps just two extra large cooking spoons will do.

  8. Rabbits can be HUGE! I've never seen one that big in the wild but my friend has a pet that can rival most DOGS! Definitely spoon!!

  9. Your fancy force field may keep out the rabbit today but what you do not recognize is he is part of the scouting party.

    Plans are being made, Spring is coming.

  10. Oh Carol, that really makes me chuckle, but only because I used plastic spoons to protect my beans too, just like you said! Hey, it works, that's all I care. But I sure don't want to spoon or fork every plant in the yard to keep out that bunny who insists on living under my back steps in the winter!

  11. Of all the rabbit repellents I've learned about, the spoon method is certainly the strangest. We had been trying several ways to stop the rabbits from destroying my garden until we came across DeFence. The stuff really worked. Much better than liquid fence. Plus, it’s natural and organic so you don’t have to worry about using it.


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