Embrace "Why Not" For A Happier Life

Embrace “why not” for a happier life in your garden

Why not?

Make your garden bigger and bolder this year!

Why not?

Buy that plant you’ve always wanted. Dig up some of that turf and plant some vegetables. Make that flower border a little longer and a little wider.

Why not?

Hire a garden designer and just  let her design a garden for you. Don’t put constraints or limits on her and see what she (or he) comes up with.

Why not?

Make your travel plans and meet other garden bloggers in person in Buffalo this summer.

Why not?

The skies are blue, the grass is green, the garden is all new again! Do you want to look back in a few months on this garden season that is just beginning and be overcome by a bunch of “why didn’t I’s”? 

Hurry, some of the crocuses are already fading.  Why not now? This season... today.

Embrace “why not” for a happier life in your garden, for a happier life!


Commonweeder said…
I'm why notting all over the place this year. Lots of new roses. More berries. A whole new 'spring garden' right in front of the house where the snow is already gone, though still deep on the lawn across the drive. You always inspire.
Darla said…
I believe I am in 'Why Not' overload right now.
Anonymous said…
Dear Carol, Carpe diem! How very true this is and I do think that you are right to remind us of it. Procrastination is a great thief of time and energy.
A lovely thought to remember all year long! Happy St. Paddy's Day!
Kara said…
Every year we dig up sod to expand the flower and veg gardens. I love doing it but hubby says I'm crazy and all he wants to do is get the tiller in there to break up grass.
Oh how I wish I could afford a professional garden design because my gardens need some serious help! I went bonkers a few years ago obtaining bulb Lilies and now that's pretty much all. And I have absolutely zero design ability. Anything that looks good in my garden was a freak accident! *giggle*
You're so right. I've been lamenting the fact I don't have an Abraham Darby rose for years. This is the year I'll have one!!!
My big "why not" this year is: Why not take all the remaining grass out of the back yard? I'm working on it. New beds and paths are in the works! Enjoy you site. Plan to be back.
Gail said…
Why not indeed! Very good points and an even better philosophy. I've loved using a garden designer's help. gail
I did that 'why not" thing a couple of years ago and we are still working on finishing the resultant huge expansion of the Stroll Garden. It has been a thing of joy and beauty even though not quite done, and I endorse your urgings to all gardeners to embrace "Why Not?"
Meredith said…
I love the exuberance of spring, which you've perfectly exemplified in this post, Carol.

We're not doing much more Why Not this year -- that's how we got a huge vegetable garden this year. We did say why not have more flowers this year, so it's officially a potager this time around. ;)
Wendy said…
great post. I usually subscribe to "why not" in life, but this is a good guide for the garden as well. The idea of hiring someone to design is interesting - it would be really interesting to know how my ideas stack up to another creative mind's.
Sue Swift said…
I think many people's answer to several of your Why-not's would be a sad "Money". But I like the philosophy - and there are always smaller why-not's that you can carry out. So why not?
baltogardener said…
Why not? is my usual philosophy. That is what gets me in trouble!
Carrie said…
Wonderful post! We are certainly living the 'why not' way at the moment. xx
Bunga said…
It's cool if there was a larger area to grow beautiful flowers. So that we can feel pleasure scenery very beautiful eyes.
vetsy said…
Carol the Why Nots? would work for me because I'm the spontaneous gardener!.....

I like to just go with the flow and grow what I like.

In the future I would also like to hire a designer and like you, allow and trust him/her to do what ever they like.
Gatsbys Gardens said…
I did hire a designer some years ago, and it was well worth it! I had a blank slate, no walks, no trees, no grass, no plants. It saved me a lot of money avoiding mistakes, gave my small garden interest.

I did all of the color selections, plant ideas and the grunt work of digging and planting.
Dorothy Borders said…
Why not, indeed? This is the time of year when all things are still possible, before the reality of summer hits us here near the Gulf Coast. Why not dream big and then try to accomplish those dreams?
Jayne said…
Great philosophy Carol. Unfortunately, I've come across a couple of physical "here's why not"s as I have been "designing in my mind" this winter. Can't plant a shrub *here* because there's a sprinkler head *there*. Can't expand the border that way because there's a gas line underground. You get the idea.. I'll find alternatives though, even if I go nuts trying!
I am having why not sleep deprivation. These blue skies are keeping me awake all night.