Five Things To Do While Waiting To See The Garden Design

I got an email from the Garden Designer, a progress report of sorts. She has completed a detailed garden design for my front yard and has a concept design for the back yard. We will hopefully meet next week, schedules permitting, to review what she has so far.

In the meantime, out in the garden, I sense myself thinking of the garden differently as I continue to read the book she left for me and anticipate implementing the new garden design. I am fighting the temptation to put the garden on hold while waiting to see the garden design. But a garden can't really be put on hold. It keeps growing, changing, and evolving.

Here are five things I'm going to do while waiting to see the plans the Garden Designer has.

1. Weed. I am confident the plan will not include weeds, and every little weed I pull now means there won't be a big weed to pull later.

2. Plant. I told the Garden Designer that the vegetable garden design I have is fine "as is". Then I read the book she left me and decided that there is a better way to design even that garden. But I'm still sowing seeds and planning to plant vegetables as the Spring season takes hold, anticipating that I can re-work that area in the fall.

3. Mow. I see that the grass is growing. I expect my lawn to be smaller with the new design, but that doesn't mean I'll just let it grow, unkempt, waiting for its removal. I should be mowing for the first time on Saturday.

4. Prune. I'm still going to take care of the plants I have. Some may be moved, some may be removed, some may stay where they are. As long as they are here, I'll take care of them. (Except for the 'Stella d'Oro' daylilies which I dug out so the garden designer wouldn't see them).

5. Read. I'm up to chapter six in the book the Garden Designer left on my bench last week,Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home Scale Permaculture by Toby Hemenway.  Very interesting...

And a bonus sixth thing to do... imagine and wonder what the garden designs will look like. I'll find out next week....


  1. You have all of us wondering right along with you...

  2. This is all quite exciting, Carol. We love hearing about your take on working with a designer. Change the veggie beds? That is a giant step for gardenkind. :-)

  3. Fall sounds like a much better time to rework the veggie garden. Are you excited for that first mowing to come?

  4. Good idea, Carol to stay busy. Helps the time pass. H.

  5. Carol...this is going to be a great garden adventure. I popped over to look at the book and it does seem to be a good approach to gardening~ What fun, but the waiting is never easy! gail

  6. Oh sounds exciting! Our 'gardens' for the new house are like stamps and just full to the brim with builders rubble - oh my!! It wil take a long, long time....

  7. I'm glad you have some things to keep you busy until the meeting Carol...but I can imagine the waiting must still be difficult. I hope it goes quickly for you :)

  8. Gaia's Garden is one of my favorite books. It is probably time to read it again!

  9. I have that book, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I'm glad you found ways to keep yourself occupied while waiting.

  10. Sometimes its hard to wait, but the things to do that you described are extremely important. Still, you can walk around and see what's coming up and just take peace in knowing that its going to be a great year!

  11. The suspense is killing me! Can't wait to see your design.
    I'm envious you were able to secure the help of a designer. hehe


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