Seed Update With A Gratuitous Crocus Picture

A seed update with a gratuitous crocus picture.

Earlier this afternoon, out of the blue, I started thinking that in spite of all my seed ordering spread across four different seed companies, I had forgotten to order cucumber seeds.

To confirm if this was indeed the case, I rounded up all the seeds, which were mostly all piled into one basket, and listed them out on a spreadsheet.

Sure enough, no cucumber seeds!

And only one variety of hot peppers.

But I have three varieties of egg plant, thirteen varieties of tomatoes, nine varieties of lettuce with one more variety being sent my way to bring the lettuce total up to ten.

2010 must be the year of lettuce.

For some reason, I have three kinds of shelling peas even though I swear by ‘Green Arrow’ peas. Why did I buy the other two varieties? I blame the people who wrote the seed catalog descriptions for making everything sound so good, especially when you read them in the dead of winter. I still need to get some snow pea seeds, too.

On and on my seed list goes. It seems a bit more of a mish-mash than usual. But I’ll study it, mark it, organize it, rationalize it, and it will be a good list by the time I start sowing seeds beginning with the tomato, pepper, and eggplant seeds around mid-March.

And I’ll keep the list with me at all times so that when I see a rack of seeds for sale, feel the magnetic pull and end up looking at the seeds for “just a minute”, then see yet another variety of lettuce that I think I have to have, I can look at my list and remind myself that ten varieties of lettuce is enough.

Especially when planted with three varieties of spinach.

2010, the Year of Lettuce… and spinach… and don’t even ask me how many varieties of zinnia seeds I bought.


  1. That sounds like a good plan Carol. Maybe I should make a list too...

  2. Buying seeds is as fun as growing them in the garden. Growing is limited to the space available and the garden concept but buying seeds is almost without limit. As long as there is enough money left. ~bangchik

  3. Dear Carol, Much as I love salad leaves, I really do believe, as I think that you do, that ten varieties of lettuce is at least enough to be going on with!

    Good luck with your planting.

  4. A cucumber-free salad can still be really good! I have a similar problem but with peppers, so off to Lowes I go...

  5. I swear there are subliminal messages on the seed racks saying "Come take a look," "We are so cheap," "Just buy a few." But then I remind myself I don't have a veggie garden like yours, with all that glorious space for all those wonderful seedlings...

  6. You make me feel better about the mish mash of seeds that I have ordered. Where will they all go?

  7. Crocus are never gratuitous!


  8. I am 54 years old and disabled. It's just me, my service dog, Zeke and Aleka cat here in our apartment in a senior/disabled complex. Check out my nice "short" list of seeds :-P

  9. Sounds like you'll be enjoying lots of healthy greens this year! I think the planning and organizing are a fun way to pass the time while awaiting spring...the seed companies must know how anxious we are. I notice a lot more serving suggestions and recipies in the descriptions this year, perhaps making us hungry helps sell seeds too :)

  10. It is definitely the year of lettuce! I have six or seven different varieties...I lost count.