Sign of the Garden Designer: An Update

I headed out the back door yesterday evening, before sunset, looking for a sign that the Garden Designer had indeed come by earlier in the day to take a closer look at my garden and yard.

She had explained when she came last week that this was part of the process, for her to spend a few hours wandering around, cogitating on the property, pondering it alone, without me nattering away about what I thought was wrong or needed to be changed.

What did I expect to find when I went out looking for signs that she had been there? A broken twig? A footprint not my own? The old Helleborus foliage cut off and piled up on the lawn? I really should have cut that old foliage back a few days ago and could barely stand that I hadn’t done it yet, so perhaps she couldn’t stand it either and cut it off for me?

I saw none of that in the backyard. So I went around to the front of the house, and there was the sign.

On the bench on the front porch.

A book.

And in the book was the Garden Designer’s card with a note on the back…

“Carol, have you seen this? I think you’ll find it interesting.”

And I’m finding it very interesting. I’m reading it and will be reading it all weekend. I’m devouring it, studying it. I’m enthralled with it. I’m intrigued by it.

It’s quite a sign that the Garden Designer left for me.

(And yes, I trimmed back the foliage on the Helleborus right after I took that picture.)


  1. What was the name of the book Carol? Do you think it will apply to your new design? I am so excited I can barely stand it.~~Dee

  2. Wow, look at the big fat buds on your hellebores! Mine are just now emerging from the ground. And I cut the old foliage off today!

  3. Come clean, Carol...which book was it? We're all dying to know!

  4. You have built up the suspense. Now the denoument- What was the name of the book?

  5. I just ran outside in the dark seeing if some nice garden fairy had left me a garden book 'sign'. No such luck. Apparently it isn't catching.

  6. You are such a tease. What book was it?? Only the garden fairies would be cutting off old leaves from your hellebores. That was wishful thinking.

  7. Same question here.....The name of the book please and a summary of it's contents..?

  8. Are you saying that some gardeners actually plan and design their gardens? Here I thought everyone just bought plants and plopped them in the ground. Oh, wait. That's just me.

    May I say that I luv the word cogitating.


  9. Mine are in flower and I have still not cut back the foliage. Soon! I am very excited about your new garden design. Can't wait to hear more.


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