Welcome to the "already" stage of spring.

Already the Baptisia has buds on it. These grayish buds will soon be spikes of purple blooms.

Already I'm getting ready to mow the lawn for the sixth, or is it seventh, time?  I'll have to check my garden journal to know for sure because I'm one of those types of people who writes stuff like that down for no good reason. Then once I decide to do something like keep records of when I mow the lawn, I like to keep doing it, so I have a complete record.  For that same reason, I don't like to start something I don't think I can finish.

Already, two of my neighbors have hauled out hoses and sprinklers and are watering their lawns.  I love my lawn, but I don't water my lawn unless circumstances become dire.  I let it go through the natural cycles that a lawn should go through, which means in the hot days of summer, I make it tough it out. I make it send down deeper roots looking for water.  We get an average of 40 inches of rain a year around here. It is supposed to rain Friday going into Saturday and off and on through the weekend.  It is just wrong to water your lawn right now.

Already, there is some spinach ready to pick in the vegetable garden.

Already, one of my sisters called me three times last night to ask me gardening questions. The answers were damping off, too much shade, and why did you let your radishes go to seed last year?

Aleady, I'm looking for more gardening WOO's  and more garden shopping WOO's to get out to garden centers near and far to find the perfect accent container for my new front garden design. 

Already, it is fully spring.  I am all ready for it, too.



  1. Already is apt, Carol! Your spring has surpassed ours so much farther south even. The Baptisia show will be amazing by the looks of those buds. How wonderful. :-)
    ps, we have mowed out little bit of lawn several times as well. And yes, it gets entered into the journal, I know not why.

  2. I think you have 'May Dreams' early this year as many of us are experiencing. Spinach already! You win! Got a new hoe I need to show you! LOL

  3. My tulips and daffodils have pretty much faded already--a sure sign that spring is in full force. I don't think my baptisia is nearly as far along as yours is, though. And I'm already late with the vegetable garden--I just planted spinach yesterday:)

  4. I'm so encouraged to see your baptisia! I just planted three this year -- little tiny ones ordered from a catalog because I can't find them in local garden centers. They are less than 5 inches tall.

    If I wrote an Already post, I would have to note that my lettuce and cilantro have already gone to seed and my potatoes are already beginning to flower. Time marches on!

  5. What an appropriate comment about this unusual spring - already in my garden the star magnolia is finished blooming (it wasn't even open at this time last year) - already the bleeding heart has buds (another first for this early) - already the grass needs cutting (although that won't get done till the weekend).

  6. thanks for posting pics of the baptisia... I planted some from seed 2 years ago and it has yet to flower. Coming up strong at the moment and I keep peering at it to figure out if it's growing leaves or flowers.... at least now I know what to look for!

  7. I can't believe your baptisia already has buds on it. Mine doesn't. hmmmmmm I sure hope we get that rain.

  8. Those greyish purple bugs are amazing... what a great muted color.

  9. Wow, Carol, what you have growing now fills me with envy... already!


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