Random Thoughts While Being Focused and Busy

A few random thoughts on a day when I should be very focused and busy. Focused. Busy.

The bleeding heart, Dicentra spectabilis, is starting to bloom.  Seems early to me, but it might not be.  I'll have to look back in my garden journal to see what I wrote about it in other years.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was early. We've had two days of record highs, Thursday and Friday. 

Everything seems to be exploding to life in the garden and growing inches overnight.

This Forsythia 'Gold Tide' almost hurts your eyes to look at it, doesn't it?
To get a good picture of this, I think I need a fancier camera, the perfect lighting, and way more "photographic skill" than I have.

I swear I've wanted to move  this shrub for several years now because it is crowding out, or being crowded out by, the tall spruce, Picea orientalis 'Green Knight', next to it. With the new garden design, I, or rather someone, will be moving this Forsythia to someplace else in the garden. The garden designer is very keen on re-using plants in better locations and not just starting over with all new plants. I like that. It will save me some money.

These hyacinths are getting all floppy now. I guess they overachieved on size of bloom, but I refuse to stake them. I've never heard of anyone staking hyacinths
I can report, though, that if you step on one of those blooms while you are mowing the lawn, it is very slippery. I did that yesterday when I was mowing the front lawn. I didn't fall, but I could have! And then I imagined if I had fallen and twisted my ankle or worse, having to tell the emergency room people that I slipped on a hyacinth bloom. "Ma'am, could you spell hyacinth for us?"

By the way, I did not mow my back lawn yesterday. I'm leaving it tall so that it will be easier to hide Easter eggs in it. Dr. Hortfreud approves and thinks I should occasionally let the lawn go a bit.

And that's enough random thought for a Saturday morning. I am focused and busy, did I mention that? I'm preparing for the big Easter gathering and egg hunt, eggstra'ordinaire!


  1. I have to stop and think how to spell hyacinth as I type it...not sure I could manage it whilst in the ER! Glad you're ok...Have a delightful Easter Egg hunt and a wonderfully sweet weekend. gail

  2. i know the feeling of getting distracted - so much to do today and the garden is calling, calling, calling. But too much to do in the kitchen getting ready for the Easter feast. No hyacinths on the menu.

  3. Glad you didn't fall, a bum ankle would slow down your mowing..Have a Great Easter!

  4. It would have been difficult to hop with a sprained ankle. Be careful! Falling over or not the hyacinths are lovely.

  5. that new foliage and flowers of the dicentra is gorgeous.

  6. I am zone 5, but nowhere near where you are as far as blooms or cutting grass. My bleeding heart is up but only about 5 inches.

    You are obviously a lot warmer. My soldier hyacinths are up but not quite ready to bloom. I think I am going to have the same problem in regard to stepping on them when they fall over!


  7. Tiptoe through the tulips, hop through the hyacinths ... whatever you do, have a happy Easter!

  8. "Exploding" is an excellent word for this spring. Here in Pa we are definitely having a flora explosion with a week of weather in the 70's. I feel like I can't watch it fast enough.

    I have a hard time photogrphing yellow blooms. If you learn the secret, please let us know.

    Be careful out there!

  9. I think there must have been a fairy gathering amongst your hyacinths. They battered down the hyacinths while dancing on them no doubt. Either that or the Easter bunny helpers gathered there and they sat on them while they were looking over where they were going to place eggs for the family. I hope you have an eggstraordinarily wonderful day.

  10. We did stake hyacinths - at the nursery, even.
    Looked very horrible, though, and you'd think we'd have been able to grow them in such a way that they didn't flop over...


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