Tomato Seedling Progress Report: Thank You!

Many thanks to all who read and enjoyed yesterday's post on April Fool's Day about the progress of my tomato seedlings. Some of you got it right away, some of you wanted it to be true but knew it couldn't be, and others decided perhaps  it was true.

But some of you who have been reading my blog for several years, knew to watch out on April 1st for a "tall tale". This was my fifth April Fool's Day to post something that was a made up, yet slightly believable, story.

The only part of the story that is true is the list of tomato varieties I'm growing, minus of course the "super tomato", Rielooflirpa, which is April Fool spelled backwards with an "rie" on the front of it to make it look like one of those German tomato varieties.

But believe you me, as we say here in Indiana, if such a tomato ever did show up here in my house...  well, who would ever believe me if I posted about it on April 1st?  April 2nd... maybe.

So thank you to all who read and commented, or read and laughed, or read and wondered, for allowing me to have my fun for a day.

If you are interested in other tall tales told on a certain spring day every year, you can follow the links below to see what else I've written...

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And now, no fooling, we are experiencing record high temperatures, so it is time to get busy in the garden and prepare for the giant Easter egg hunt this coming Sunday!

Thank you!


  1. The giveaway in your April Fool's post (other than knowing that you're a prankster) was the line where you happily parted with such a treasure. A enthusiast such as yourself would never say "Please take this strange plant away from here. It's creepy."

  2. Okay you got me. I really thought this was true - hey you never know and I'm still new enough to this blogging thing to believe what the experts say (and I regard you as one of those experts). Must be all the blonde hair dye finally killing off my brain for me to believe such a tall tale. Thanks for the morning chuckle today as I realized I had fallen for it all.

  3. Ha, Carol, I kept repeating "reelooflirpa" out loud, trying to figure out where you came up with that name. I should have looked at it more closely:)

  4. You got me good yesterday...I loved it!

  5. Hilarious, you prankster you.~~Dee

  6. I worked at a botanical garden until recently. The curator would go to places like the Himalayas to gather plants. We were selling one that didn't even have a name yet. We called it Species nova, and asked buyers to report back to us about the plants as they grew in their gardens. I did believe you at first because such things do happen.


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