Dear Friends and Gardeners: May 3, 2010

Dear Dee and Mary Ann and Gardening Friends Everywhere,

Is it just me or do the weeks pass more quickly in the spring? Or maybe it feels like last week went fast because this weekend was a repeat of last weekend – rainy. I don’t feel like I’ve done much in the garden so far this spring, but I feel like I have a lot to do.

I am seeing progress on the implementation of the new garden design in front. Last Monday, the garden designer and crew came and moved a few shrubs around. They are returning on Tuesday of this week to finish digging out the new beds in front and plant new shrubs and others plants “according to design”. I know people want to see before and after pictures of the design on my blog, but I’m holding off on those until there is an "after" to see.

Last week overall seems like a blur in the rear view mirror. Monday evening I mowed the lawn; Tuesday after work I dug up a bunch of hostas and took them to my sister-in-law and brother’s house and planted them; Wednesday morning we had frost on the ground, which only seemed to nip the grape vine; Thursday evening I moved a few more perennials that are right where I want to see the patio expanded to and dug up more hostas and Shasta daisies to take to some co-workers; Friday I rushed home after work and just had time to mow the lawn.

Then this Saturday and Sunday, I seemed to be all crosswise with the weather. It rained off and on, and for awhile, you would have thought that I was making it rain! Every time I had a chance to go out and work in the garden, it would start to rain. Then when I was busy with other things, it would clear up. The only thing I did was “free the clematis” by removing the support I had around a shrub-type clematis.

I hope this upcoming week will be different, and it surely will be because on Friday I start my “gardening vacation”. For this vacation, I tell everyone to act like I’m a thousand miles away and then I spend all my time gardening right in my own backyard. I've been taking my "gardening vacation" during this same timeframe in May for about the past twenty years and thoroughly enjoy it.

But between now and then, I’ve got a lot to do in and out of the garden, so I’ll wrap this up with a picture of my vegetable garden taken late on Sunday.
I sure am growing some mighty big weeds! I plan to pull them out this week.

I hope your gardens are doing well, and you aren’t quite as frantic as I seem to be.

Hortifully yours,


P.S. – The picture above is of ‘Tower Pink’ columbine growing in my garden, the same ones that I wrote an article about for the Dec. 2009/Jan. 2010 issue of Horticulture magazine. I think the garden fairies like to snatch those blooms and make petticoats out of them.

P.S.S. – I’m picking lots of nice lettuce and spinach from my garden now, but no radishes yet. I planted the radishes later than usual, when the moon was waning, so they need some more time to grow.


  1. You have nothing to worry about with your weeds - it's a nice tidy vegetable garden from my point of view! I have lots of weeds to tussle with this week.

  2. A gardening vacation is brilliant. I've taken a day or two off work at times for that purpose but never a long stretch. That would be so nice. Hope the weather cooperates for you.

  3. I certainly feel like there's more to do than I have time to do it. I feel like this every year in May, and somehow the garden survives--and I do, too. Enjoy your vacation!

  4. I just said to my husband on Saturday that I needed to take a week off just to garden - sounds like you've got that plan right! Enjoy. You are having a most exciting time right now with the new design unfolding. Can't wait to see the "after".

  5. Carol, sounds like things are coming along if a bit slowly for our taste. :) I hope you thoroughly enjoy your gardening vacation. I'm sure you will.~~Dee

  6. So much gardening to do, so little time. I must say, even though I don't know you well, I've been thinking of you since the calendar turned to May. This is the month when all our dreams come true, right? Thanks for sharing your garden with us.

  7. since I live in an apartment I have a small garden made of potted plants. It might be small but it's pretty cool. You guys should check it out.

  8. I have some small weeds that will be just as big as yours in a week if I don't get out there and nip them in the bud, so to speak. It's just that it is so frantic around here and weather has been weirdly windy and rainy alternating with sun which seems to only come out when I have a massage client to work on or a family commitment. You are doing just fine! We all are, we just have to believe it.

  9. You have so much garden space! Lucky you! Enjoy!


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