The Greatest Spectacle In Gardening

There’s a race going on here in Indianapolis this weekend.

Have you heard of it?

It’s the greatest spectacle in gardening!

It’s the race every gardener runs in their garden on Memorial Day weekend, trying to finish planting all those annuals, vegetables, perennials, shrubs and other assorted plants purchased and acquired throughout the month of May.

The  birds are cheering us on and the rabbits are watching in awe as we run about from garden bed to garden bed. This is not the time to doddle and putter about. The race is on, the finish line is just around the next turn. It’s nearly June!

This weekend seems to be for many of us the “unofficial deadline” for getting to the finish line of spring planting. As the green flag drops signaling the start of another race in Indianapolis, the Indy 500, (you knew I’d get around to mentioning that other race eventually), you’ll find me and many other gardeners out in our gardens, racing around planting, weeding, mulching, and hoeing, with plenty of pit stops, trying to get everything planted now.

While I’m out racing around in my garden today, I’ll also be tuned in to that other race, listening on the radio just to hear Jim Nabors once again sing ‘Back Home Again in Indiana’, signaling for me, summer’s arrival in the garden.

Gardeners, start your wheelbarrows!


Don't forget to go back to Friday's post about the hoe●dag®, to leave a comment about your missing garden tools and enter to win your very own hoe●dag®. Deadline is Tuesday, June 1, 2010, 9:00 pm EST. My goodness, there are some funny stories of missing tools and some sad ones, too. Where are all those garden tools going, and are garden fairies involved in their disappearance? Find out on Tuesday.


  1. I've been carting so much stuff that the handle on my wheelbarrow broke off at at bolt. I'm going to have to buy a replacement handle. Bummer. I'm out of the race we prepare for all winter!

  2. Very funny. I'm way behind this year and I'm ready to finish planting today. My wheel barrow is on fast forward. Have a great Memorial Day.

  3. OK. I was thinking of a nice quiet relaxing visit at the nursing home today, but now I'm thinking I need to finish planting, weeding, and mulching instead!

  4. I loved the post and analagy to a race. If I had a deadline, just maybe I would have more in my garden comkpleted.

    Ready, set....go!

  5. Every year at this time I think why didn't I plant a few annuals for some jolts of color this summer. Well, It didn't happen again. I probably won't get it done this year either. It is so darned hot. It just doesn't feel right to plant anything now.


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