Happy May 1st

All year I dream of the days of May when the sun is warm, the sky is blue, the grass is green, and the garden is all new again!

Welcome to the month of May at May Dreams Gardens.

Welcome to a garden that is nearly fully awake now with new blooms, new leaves and even new weeds nearly every day.

I enjoy this month in my garden to the fullest extent possible, as I watch the transformation from spring to summer, from the possibility of frost to the promise of long summer days.

While this transformation goes on, I’ll be spending time in the garden, doing what I enjoy most – gardening.

And hoeing, and planting, and weeding.

I’ll fill containers with blooms and plant the rest of the vegetable garden.
I’ll weed and plant.
I’ll mulch.
I’ll mow.
I’ll just be in the garden, working to fulfill my May dreams.

Happy May 1st!


Happy May 1st to you too Carol! I hope this month brings you all the happiness and peace it possibly can.
Gatsbys Gardens said…
I love May also. I am just obsessed with getting everything done, but is the garden ever done?

Darla said…
Happy May 1st to you too!
May is coming down in buckets this morning. I will look forward to seeing and hearing about your garden redo. May is marvelous.
Susie said…
Best month of the year!!!
Happy May 1st to you too my May friend. Hope the weather clears up soon, and all you see is blue skies.~~Dee
Jessa said…
I can't wait to get out in the garden! Happy May 1st to you.
Pam/Digging said…
Happy May 1st to you, Carol!

May is like Sunday afternoon to me, with Monday looming. It's all still good, but the wonderful gardening days are coming to an end until October returns. I am already shelving several gardening projects I'd hoped to get to this spring but didn't because of a busy work schedule. They can wait until fall.
Rose said…
Happy May Day to you, too, Carol! I know this is the month you've been waiting for for so long; may it bring you lots of sunny days and gentle rains (at night!) for perfect gardening weather.
Naturegirl said…
Carol and how happy we gardeners are that May will bring all the promised flowers..sure wish that April could have had more showers!
I can't tell you how many times I've pulled out the hose to water my plants. Happy garden season to you!
Jayne said…
Happy May 1st to you too Carol.
donna said…
So many things to luv about the month of May including the fact that I still feel like I have some control over what's going on in the garden. But then... it all grows too fast, too lush and out runs me.

Annie in Austin said…
You dream of May all year - now you'll be too busy to dream at all! Happy May, Carol

Les said…
Please enjoy this time, it is after all, your month.