Where Have All The Rabbits Gone?

Where have all the rabbits gone?

Are they gone? I haven’t seen any bunnies this year and didn’t have many problems with them last year.

Have they turned their back on my garden, and moved on? It’s almost eerie not to have them around.

They’ve left the peas alone and taken nary a nibble from the lettuce and spinach. They haven’t made a warren in the strawberry patch or left any droppings in the lawn.

Are they really gone?

We had such fun! The rabbits were worthy opponents, and in hindsight, I enjoyed my epic battles with them, my attempts to outwit them and out maneuver them, in a “winner take all peas” contest that commenced early each spring and went on until the peas were tall enough to be out of reach of the rabbits.

They challenged me, made me stronger, helped me become a better gardener. If not for them, I would never have come up with the “spoon trick” to protect the green beans, which, reflecting back, seems to have been the beginning of the end of the rabbits in my garden.

Are they really gone?

They inspired me with their seasonal visits, not only in spring and summer, but at Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and even Easter time. Remember Bountiful Bunny? He really seemed to “get it” when it came to growing vegetables.

Are they really gone?

Our battles were epic. Our truces were negotiated. I had rules to fight by and the rabbits had rules, too, to make it a fair contest.

Perhaps the rabbits and I have finally reached that understanding that I had hoped for and dreamed of, where they can come and play in the garden, as long as they only eat clover and lawn grass.

Are they really gone?

Come back!


SEO Los Angeles said…
Wonderful post! I just had a hard time figuring out if you really want them gone or you want them to stay. LOL! It seems like you have won the battle.
Maybe they will come back to investigate your garden once all the construction is over. Be careful of what you ask for, it might happen.
debbie said…
I think they have all come to my house, do you want some back? We have so many around our house, my son has to be careful when he mows the lawn. The little buggers are so bold, they won't move until we are right next to them. I don't want to think what they are going to do to the garden this year. Are you sure you don't want some back?
lotusleaf said…
Do you have a trick to keep the squirrels away too? Squirrels eat all my pomegranates, even the unripe ones, just to spite me! They even eat the heliconia flowers.I'm afraid the spoon trick will not work with the rascals.
Vetsy said…
I can understand how you feel, Once you have been bugged by bunnies or any other creatures for so long..there sudden disappearing act becomes a Mystery!

Maybe they are making a map of the New garden... I'm sure they miss it and can't wait to return..LoL!
Joseph said…
I hate rabbits. Almost as much as I hate deer. Wish they would vanish from my garden -- but the fact is, they probably will, eventually, temporarily. Rabbit populations tend to be cyclical -- going in a series of booms and busts. When they get in high enough numbers, predators and/or disease start thriving, knocking their numbers way down. With fewer rabbits around, the predators and disease start dying off, which allows the rabbit population to rebound... and then crash, and then come back, then crash. Sorta like the stock market.
Anonymous said…
Naturally there is always someone who likes rabbits, squirrels, woodchucks and moles. That would be me. I enjoy their antics in the garden and don't begrudge their "raiding."

But, I have also noticed fewer rabbits...was just commenting on it yesterday. By this time of the year, there are several small ones chasing each other through yard. Not even an adult so far. Still, watching the thieving squirrel youngsters being run off by mourning doves is almost as amusing.

Thanks for a funny article!
Okay, now I'm starting to worry about you. I don't miss the rabbits. I love my fox. Would you like some squirrels for a new challenge?
wiseacre said…
Rabbits have a nasty cycle to ride. They'll slowly reach a peak population then suddenly crash. The population around here was getting high after years of recovery. They weren't a bunny anywhere you looked yet but this year the ones around my place are gone. The coyotes invited them all to dinner.
Alison said…
I was plagued by bunnies and groundhogs at my old place, but here I have a 6 foot fence around the yard, and haven't seen any. I do still have to worry about raccoons and crows, though.
Gatsbys Gardens said…
They are at my house! Last night they ate one of my very narrow stemmed rose bushes to the ground. Here today, gome tomorrow. I think it was Carefree Delight.

Carrie said…
Ah, I guess you have to be careful what we wish for.
Lisa said…
Goodness, I hope you have some rabbits back.

To me, they're a sign that you have a garden worth visiting (as a wildlife habitat), and even though I might begrudge some Rudbeckia hirta (and other plants) nibbling, in good years, they like the clover best.

And their habitat preceded ours, in any case...

Carol Stafford said…
Well you must have sent them over my way because I had 6 lovely "Intensia" plants near my front sidewalk (a Mother's Day gift). This plant was new to me. I caught a rabbit eating. In no time he had them all!! Carol S - your neighbor