Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - June 2010

Welcome to Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day for June 2010.

It seems like June is a month when gardeners from all hardiness zones begin to have more plants blooming in common, though we sometimes grow those plants differently.

Who doesn’t have coneflowers, Echinacea purpurea, pictured above? (Thank you to the butterfly who decided to pose there for a picture.)

Hardy from zone 3 to 9, coneflowers are surely blooming by now in almost all gardens where they grow. These will continue to bloom from now until frost in my garden, attracting all kinds of bees and butterflies.

I suspect we’ll also see many colors and sizes of daylilies, Hemerocallis, today amongst the bloom day posts. Here in my garden, there are still ‘Stella D’Oro’ daylilies blooming, even though I thought I dug them all up and tossed them out earlier this spring. They are not easily gotten rid of it seems!

I also have the common ditch lilies, Hemerocallis fulva, blooming on the utility side of my house.

Sometimes I wonder why I have this little stand of ditch lilies. There are so many other daylilies that are nicer than these ol’ common ditch lilies, like this spider-type daylily, 'Longstocking' which started blooming over a week ago out in the vegetable garden.
The one advantage that the common ditch lilies have over other daylilies in my garden is that every time I walk by them, I’m reminded of summer drives to southern Indiana to see my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. So they get to stay.

Elsewhere in the garden, I have the rain lily, Zephyranthes sp., in common with other gardeners in warmer climates.
I grow mine in shallow containers and store them in my garage all winter. Grown this way, they seem to last for decades. They would never survive if I left them outside all winter here in Zone 5b.

I also have a new-to-me plumbago type flower in my front garden, Ceratostigma plumbaginoides.

It’s not exactly the Plumbago grown in southern gardens, which would have to be a one season container plant here, but it does add a nice touch of blue to the garden.

Another plant I have in common with southern gardeners is the Queen of the Night, Epiphyllum oxypetalum.

Mine bloomed Sunday night, which is close enough to bloom day for me to post another picture of it.

I keep mine inside year round, so its one or two blooms a year are special events. I know that where it is grown outside year round, it can be covered with blooms all opening at once. Wow, that would be something to see!

There is much more flowering in my garden in mid June, but I’ll save those blooms for another day and end with Kalimeris pinnatifida ‘Hortensis’, also known as the Oxford Orphanage Plant.

I read about this plant on the website, Human Flower Project, when Allen Bush wrote about getting it as a passalong plant from Elizabeth Lawrence.

It’s not as double as I thought it might be, and in this, its first full year in my garden, it is a bit straggly, having been moved earlier this spring with other favorite plants to the vegetable garden to wait out the construction of the new patio and cultivation of new flower borders.

But when I see it, I'm reminded that it was Elizabeth Lawrence who helped to inspire Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day with her quote - “We can have flowers nearly every month of the year" - and so it stays, too.

And today, it is again Lawrence who inspired me with her preface to The Little Bulbs to not only share about my blooms but also to compare them with how the same flowers might bloom in other gardens…

“It is not enough to grow plants; really to know them one must get to know how they grow elsewhere. To learn this it is necessary to create a correspondence with other gardeners, and to cultivate it as diligently as the garden itself. From putting together the experiences of gardeners in different places, a conception of plants begins to form. Gardening, reading about gardening, and writing about gardening are all one; no one can garden alone.”

What’s blooming in your garden on this beautiful mid-June day?

We'd love to have you share your blooms with us on the 15th of each month by joining us with your own Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day post. Just post on your blog about what is blooming this month in your garden and then come back here and leave a link to your blog post in the Mr. Linky widget below along with a brief comment to entice us to virtually visit your garden.

The rules for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day are simple... no rules! You can include pictures, lists, no lists, common names, botanical names, whatever you’d like to do to showcase your blooms. You can post early, you can post late. We are grateful for whatever you share with us. Thank you, and all are welcome!


Helen said…
Oh, Carol, that cereus is serious beautiful. And thank you for posting the whole quote from Elizabeth Lawrence. When school is done, I want to get to know her. As always, we arrive here with gratitude for giving us a forum for sharing a correspondence with other gardeners.
teresa said…
I never heard any one call them ditch lilies. I always hear tiger lilies. The name does fit and also brings back memories for me of summers gone by. Your flowers are beautiful. that Queen of the night is breathtaking!
Blackswamp_Girl said…
I love that cereus, as always... but what I can't get over is that you have plumbago blooming already! That's a SEPTEMBER plant for me, usually. I know you said it's new for you, Carol, so does that mean that you planted it this year? If it had a little bit of greenhouse forcing in its recent past, that would make me feel a little bit better about how far behind mine is, lol.
Town Mouse said…
Carol, that Queen of the Night is stunning! And I so agree about sharing ones garden with others, and learning from them. How else would a garden grow?

Thanks so much for hosting!
Hi Carol,
I enjoyed your post. I've been taking side streets when I go somewhere instead of main streets, so I can see gardens. I've even taken a few alleys. A lot of places have certain blooms open earlier than mine.

One thing I've been noticing lots of, are the old orange daylilies. They sure are pretty in masses. I like yours and the spider type ones, too. I'm not familiar with the rain lily. It sure is pretty, and the night bloomer is awesome.

I have an enormous number of daylily buds, but only a few blooms so far.
Though much of my garden has bloomed early, the coneflowers just have buds and no blooms yet. More proof of what a strange year it's been. On my street, three houses in a row with lawns that slope down to the street have replaced the grass on the slope with ditch lilies. Such a common plant but sure looks great en masse! Thanks as always for hosting this great event.
Megan said…
Oh my gosh! The butterfly on the coneflower is amazing!!! Love your garden!
MulchMaid said…
Carol, I love your ditch lilies. It's those associative plants that have the deepest meaning for us: My ceanothus is because a dear aunt grew it (in England!) and my first Bloom Day picture shows a sweet polyantha rose we got as a cutting from a great aunt. They are the sweetest memories.

Thank you for hosting Bloom Day!
NellJean said…
It was hard to decide what is most representative of June. Echinacea is already fading away here. Some daylilies are already putting up scapes to rebloom. And it's hot!

My Cereuses (Cereusii?) will be blooming in about a week or so if I can keep them watered enough to keep blooms from dropping.

Happy Bloom Day. Thanks again for hosting.
Leslie said…
Thank you for hosting us again..what a wonderful idea you had all those months (years!) ago.
jo©o said…
Good morning Carol,

What a spectacular white flower and how sad it is so ephemeral.
Ceratostigma at this time of year is unknown to me: The C. wilmottiana we grow looks identical but doesn't flower until late September.

Thank you so much for faithfully hosting this regular monthly event: so uplifting to have it to look forward to in these difficult times.
So happy to be here with all of you! thank you for hosting this Carol. The 'Queen of the Night' is spectacular!
Carol thanks again for hosting GBBD. I too was spoilt for choice in what to showcase today from the garden - I think if I had posted photos of everything the page would never have loaded. I love your rain lillies - I can provide the rain but sadly not the heat that these little beauties need.

That Queen of the Night is ever so beautiful - the inside of those flowers looks so interesting especially when I clicked on the photo to enlarge it.

Have a lovely week out and about

:) Rosie
Anna said…
I enjoyed your June blooms Carol. I have never heard day lilies referred to as ditch lilies before now and wonder why they are called so. You have the best reason for keeping them. An excellent quote from Elizabeth Lawrence which made me smile. Thanks for giving us the opportunity each month to experience the 'putting together the experiences of gardeners in different places". It is much appreciated
Iris said…
Hi Carol,
Thanks for hosting! We're in Lisbon, Portugal right now and have seen coneflowers here, too.

Your Queen of the Night is stunning!
Carol said…
Very Early Good Morning Carol, I wish I could share the sounds of the birds singing and the bit of blush over the hillside! Then again that is something we all most likely share in our gardens birdsongs and sunrise. I do not have Echinacea or Hemerocallis blooming yet. I am a bit behind you... although I do now recall seeing some early daylilies... even Stella D'Oro. I still am happy with mine and would gladly take on any toss outs. Not sure why everyone has given up on them. Our ditch lilies are not in bloom ... a good name for them ... and I agree they do paint lovely memories of country drives. Your rain lily is so delicate and very lovely, but nothing can compete with your Queen! Gorgeous! Thanks for hosting Bloom Day. ;>)
Thanks again for hosting, Carol.

This month's scans are here:
kanak7 said…
Love your first shot of the butterfly on the coneflower. The Queen of the Night is truly exotic! Lovely garden!
Debbie@GardenofPossibilities said…
Happy Blooom Day! I loved the quote from Elizabeth Lawrence. You have certainly taken it to heart and inspired many of us to do the same.

I also have common daylilies blooming right now in my garden. I love the under-appreciated, common flowers even more because it seems like so many gardeners are foresaking them for the latest cultivars. They are becoming less and less common.

My echincea should be blooming in a week or so...unless the deer get to them first!

Thanks for hosting GBBD.
I just love the cerus bloom. Mine just sits there not blooming. Sigh~~ That photo of the butterfly is so nice. I love to see them flitting around the garden. Happy GBBD.
lotusleaf said…
The Queen of the Night is beautiful. Here it is called the Star of Bethlehem. I have never seen anyone grow the Coneflower here. I hope I'll get some seeds some time.It is nice to read what other gardeners from all over the world are growing! Thank you!
Marcia said…
Ahh .. another Bloom Day! I put together my posting on Sunday in hopes that I would be able to add more photos to it. Alas, I didn't have the time so if you visit come back another day to see what else is doing in my garden.
Les said…
Good Morning! Thank you for hosting GBBD. You are right, at least in my case, about seeing some of the same blooms. My daylilies are in full bloom right now, along with my Echinacea (I just grow the species, the newer varieties are just a waste of money if you ask me). Thanks again and have a good day!
Gatsbys Gardens said…
Carol, I yanked all of my Stella D'Oro's also, but I do like Happy Returns. I have lots of buds but only Happy is open.

Rebecca said…
I have so much to learn! Queen of the Night is new to me...Simply exquisite! My yellow (actual name unknown to me) lilies are just beginning to bloom. They are a welcome addition to the whites of my hosta right now.
Rose said…
I divided my Stellas last year and gave away a lot of them, but they still keep coming back. Even though they're so common, you've got to love a plant that is so tough! I do enjoy learning from other gardeners, Carol, so I'll be checking out what's blooming all over the country as the day continues. Happy Bloom Day!
I've got to disagree with you about the coneflowers. Mine are only just forming buds, although I expect by the end of the month they'll be in bloom. How odd that your Ceratostigma plumbaginoides is blooming. Mine never starts until late in August at the earliest. Love the Epiphyllum. Happy Bloom Day! Thanks for hosting.
Happy Bloom Day, Carol. Thanks you for sharing the Lawrence quote. It would seem to have been written especially for garden bloggers. Your blooms are a little ahead of mine, but I have lots of buds on the day lilies and the tiger lilies. Your garden is so lovely. Thanks again for GBBD.
Muum said…
I made it this month! Thanks, Carol!
Kimberly said…
Beautiful blooms in your garden this month, Carol. That night bloomer is spectacular!!!
Lancashire rose said…
Well I for one wouldn't be without the purple cone flower or those ditch lilies. I love them all and what a treat for the butterfly to pose. He must have been too busy to notice you. Happy June Bloom Day.
Diane said…
No coneflowers blooming in Chicago yet, and my lilies are a few days away from opening. What a difference a few miles makes! Love your Cereus - such an event when it blooms.
islandgal246 said…
Good morning Carol, greetings from Barbados. I can say that we have one flower in common for today's GBBD. It is the zephyrantes lily. Mine are border plants and oh what a sight to behold! They stay in the ground all year round and I have had mine about ten years. I adore day lilies, I have tried growing them down here and only one yellow would flower. They have taken a beating with the drought we have had and hopefully they will give me some blooms.
I love the night blooming cereus! I'm still going to have to get one of those someday... Great photo too!
Thanks for hosting. Long time viewer, seldom participating.

I've got echinacea too.
Your Queen of the Night is magnificent! We can grow them outdoors here, almost all year long. But they bloom best here too, in May or June. What a wonderful month June is, all over the country! Thank you again for hosting.
Hi Carol: Thanks for hosting Bloggers Bloom Day. I have to common ditch lily too and I like it because it is usually the first to bloom but I remember when we first moved here and I had nothing to pretty up the place. I dug them up by the roadside. Eventually I will get rid of them maybe.
Jo said…
The Echinacea photo is beautiful. Happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day all!
Carolyn Gail said…
One comment is made in Chinese, Carol, in case you didn't know. Just hope it's not the one that's been spamming me with the Viagra commercial :-)

Lovely blooms in your June garden. I've planted my red spider daylilies but it'll be a while before they bloom. I didn't have the heart to dig up my Stellas either.

Happy June to you.
commonweeder said…
Carol - I thank you so much for inventing Bloom Day and sharing the beauties of your garden, and the stories of your plants. I love seeing all the gardens - and having a record of my own.
Interesting to see your plumbago blooming too - I wasn't expecting mine to bloom for a few more months here in zone 6 but last week there it was, the first blue flower, with many more quickly following. Definitely a strange spring...
Rosey said…
I have this to look forward to. Lilies. AHhhh.
Everything in your garden is looking fabulous.
Thanks for hosting, Carol!
Anneliese said…
Like Linda from Each Little World said, our purple coneflowers have yet to bloom. I expect they'll be along soon, though.

Looking forward to seeing you next month!
Katie said…
I MISSED bloom day last month, because I was having a garage sale and I forgot all about it! *SMACKS HEAD*

My garden was SPEC-tacular then. But, It's doing well now.

I enjoyed seeing all of your "Southern Plants," Carol!

happy Bloom Day!
Gail said…
Happy Bloom Day Carol, Love the butterfly jewelry on the coneflower! gail
Denise said…
Loved the quotes from Lawrence. That was exactly my train of thought this Bloom Day, what's included and what's left out (No daylilies in my garden tho I am trying a couple echinacea). Wonderful post and magnificent cereus!
Marie said…

Lovely blooms in your garden. Every plant has a story. I remember the "ditch lily" from my childhood too. We called it "roadside lily".

Thank you for hosting Bloom Day. I can't wait to peek into the other gardens.
Wendy said…
Great daylilies! I planted a Jungle Beauty - the beauty of which I will not see. There were numerous buds about to burst one morning and when I got home from work...all levelled by deer. Grrrr!!!
ryan said…
That echinacia photos is wonderful. And you have several flowers I would not expect to see in Indiana, the cereus and the rain lily. Very beautiful. Happy bloom day and thanks got hosting.
Beautiful as usual, Carol. I particularly enjoy the photos of your nightbloomer when it is out. What an extravagant blossom.

I missed last month, but return this month with riots of color.
I love all of your lilies. Plants that may not be a all that "fancy" but have sentimental meaning are an important part of the garden, at least to me. Daylilies have just barely begun to bloom out here in the Seattle area, Coneflowers will be another month still. Both good ones to be looking forward to.
That Queen of the Night is just incredible. The lilies haven't quite opened here in New England, but any day now, if we can just keep the sun around...
Ruth said…
Carol, Your daylilies are gorgeous! You inspire me to add more to my garden. Thanks for hosting Bloom Day once again. :)
Erica Smith said…
That rain lily is gorgeous! And my ceratostigma isn't blooming yet in zone 7a, go figure.
Entangled said…
I have no coneflowers in bloom (at least I don't think so, better check again).

The ditch lilies were blooming along the roadside everywhere I was in the last week (Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois), but there are none of those in my garden either. I think they're just as beautiful as all the fancy new cultivars.
Carol, this is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing! You inspired me to do a blog of my own for GBBD on the Safe Fertilizer Reviews blog! Katie Elzer-Peters and I will be managing 365 Days of Growing Things once it goes live this Friday (the 18th). I really hope you get a chance to check it out! Thanks, and take care!
Amy said…
Love the orange lilies against the periwinkle bench. And the night blooming cereus is amazing (on my wish list). Thanks for sharing and hosting bloom day!
Alison said…
I used to have a Cereus, but had to give it away when we moved, it was just too big and bulky, and they wouldn't take any of my houseplants anyway. I've always thought it's a good thing the flowers are so pretty and smell so nice, because it's an ugly plant!

No dayliles or echinacea on my GBBD post, like Catherine said, it will be a while here in the PNW, especially since we have had such a cold, wet spring.
Strangely enough, my coneflowers aren't out yet, even though I'm not that far north of you. The ditch lilies just started firing up, and the hydrangeas have started a week or two earlier than normal. The marsh phlox is telling me that summer is here!
HappyMouffetard said…
Beautiful flowers, as awlays, Carol. I love the queen of the night :-)
Happy Bloom Day my dear garden friend. I'm glad things are popping in your garden, and I love your new daylily. I have ditch lilies too, and they remind me of traveling to Missouri to see my Granny.~~Dee
danger garden said…
Carol that Queen of the Night, Epiphyllum oxypetalum is amazing! I need to learn more about this one. Thanks again for hosting and I'm off to see what's blooming!
Birdwoman said…
I love the butterfly and coneflower. As a habitat gardener, that's what it's all about for me.
Carol, your Day-lilies are gorgeous! And I'm envying your Queen of the Night. Mine has never bloomed yet. But I am enjoying the surprises in my own garden this spring. OK I'm off to enjoy what is blooming everywhere else.
Karen715 said…
Hi Carol:

This is my first time participating in Bloom Day. I have a houseplant blog called "Life Among the Leaves" where I also occasionally feature my outdoor gardens.

I love your Zephyranthes; I tried them indoors once, with some success.

Happy Bloom Day to you and all my fellow bloggers.
Hi Carol,
This is my second month posting! Thank you once again for this fab opportunity!I have been looking forward to this post!!
Happy Bloom Day Everyone!
Sylvana said…
Oh my! That Queen of the Night is certainly a special treat! I am in love.

Your picture of the echinacea and butterfly is so wonderfully shadowed.
cat said…
my link is posted! i love seeing everyone's different beautiful!!! thanks again carol for doing this..:)
Cherry Lane said…
Ooh, I'll have to check out that Ceratostigma plumbaginoides you have. I love plumbago, but I'm just a bit too far north to grow it here. Great pictures, and thanks for hosting!
Ivynettle said…
Oh, how I wish I had space for daylilies. I found myself nibbling on one of the 'Stella D'Oro's at work yesterday, they're yummy - I definitely must have some edible flowers next year.
Nicole said…
Perfect first pic and cereus. Thanks for hosting another GBBD.
Camella Black said…
I am so glad I found this blog, thanks to Patsy! I love it and the flowers are stunning.
I'm late to the game today! Great butterfly picture on the coneflower. I have several ditch lilies that I'm considering moving to a hillside which is a little dangerous to mow. I figured the long stems would be hidden if planted in rows for a mass color effect. Thanks for hosting Bloom Day!
CarlyJean said…
I posted my June Blooms in haste to join the GBBD. This is my second year gardening, but many existing perennials came to life after some TLC. I'm excited to post more pictures and have a link here. Thanks so much!
Pam/Digging said…
I love that quote about corresponding with other gardeners to get to know plants better. I hadn't heard that part before.
Wow, I started by GBBD 24 hours ago and just hit post! Too much going on right now, in life and in the garden. Happy GBBD (and I'm super jealous of your day-lilies), mine are a week or so away from blooming still.
Jane said…
What a fantastic idea! As a fledgling gardener, I’ve enjoyed viewing Bloom Day posts in the past, but this is the first I’ve participated in. It’s so much fun seeing what’s happening in everyone’s gardens.

I also did not know the lilies in your photo are referred to as ditch lilies. Now I’ll stop referring to them as tiger lilies! How embarrassing.
Bumble Lush said…
I love the pink and orange colors of the flowers this June Bloom Day! Most of my garden is vegetables, so I love looking at other bloggers' beautiful flower gardens.
Jan said…
Carol, my June post is up. Can't believe I forgot to do one this May.
You do have many of the same plants that I grow down South.

Always Growing
jeansgarden said…
Carol, It's so interesting to see how the same plants (or different species of the same genus) grow at different times or are used differently or are valued differently in different gardening regions. Here in Maine, it's too early for most daylilies. Everyone has the early "Canada Lilies" (Hemerocallis flava) in bloom, and I have seen early rebloomers like 'Stella D'Oro' and 'Happy Returns' in bloom here and there. Today, I even saw a Hemerocallis fulva in bloom today, up against a west-facing foundation at the local library. BTW, Hemerocallis fulva here is not known as "ditch lily," although it does grow freely by the side of the road, and it is much loved. I love their long, graceful stems and the vibrant orange of their flowers. I think one of the reasons people love them here is that they naturalize so easily; since they're a species plant, they actually self-sow and come true from seeds. -Jean
Melody said…
What would a summer garden be without coneflowers and dayliles? I've got my post up. Hope you enjoy:)
EAL said…
I don't think anyone here has their daylilies and echinacea yet--you are ahead! Love those heritage daisies.
garden girl said…
We have buds, but no blooms on our coneflowers yet. I'm looking forward to them though!

I think the color of ditch lilies is just divine. Finding them blooming in the wild wayback here last year made me wonder why I had no orange yet in our garden.

Happy Bloom Day!
This is my first visit and first garden blogger post on my blog.

I really love the tiger lilies (ditch lilies). Your Queen of the Night is quite beautiful.

And I love your purple bench!

I'm excited to visit other gardens!
Thanks for hosting this!

happy day!
Vickie said…
My mom calls them 'ditch lilies' too! We found a park full of them on our visit to Fort Scott Kansas last week. I'd love to have them in my garden.
Big fan of coneflowers. I have a few varietals, but none have bloomed yet here in Denver area.
Lee17 said…
Oh my goodness! I simply must have that Queen of the Night cactus! I am busy making a moon garden off my back porch and I NEED to have that flower!
Shady Gardener said…
My post is up. As always, yours is beautiful. I tried very hard to make a list... probably missed a few (in fact - my Rain Lilies!). Oh, well. Thanks for this fun meme. :-)
Diana said…
Carol - How nice that Miss Butterfly posed for you on the coneflower just for us. Personally, I LOVE ditch lilies, and one of my good Austin Blogger friends brought me one back from WI in her car in a bucket! I am so thrilled it has been blooming for 2 weeks now. I can't imagine a Cereus full of blooms, 1 just about blows me away.Checked mine outside - no sign of a bloom.I was hoping it would get inspired if I told it yours was blooming!
MLight said…
I love the lilies!! Thank you for hosting!
John said…
Thanks for the reminder on the Queen of the Night. I need to get mine into a bigger pot. I had a big one year's ago and then lost it.
Annie in Austin said…
It's still June 15th in Austin so guess I'm on time, Carol! Finally got my GBBD Post up and what do I see on your blog? A butterfly on a'll see one on my post, too ;-]
And a few daylilies... but no wonderful nightblooming cereus!

"No one can garden alone" - Miss Lawrence sure had our number, didn't she?

Hugs from Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Kelly/Floradora said…
Love that rain lily you've got. I remember them popping up wild after a rain where I grew up. I should try them in my garden now.

My garden has definitely rounded the corner into summer. Got a whole new batch of things popping up.
Jill-O said…
It's a little early for coneflowers in my neck of the woods, but I think I'm going to have a bumper crop this year.
Kerri said…
No Echinacea or Daylilies here yet, Carol. I'm happy to wait though. There's color enough to make me very happy with the blooms I have for mid-June.
Time's too short to list them all but I've managed to get a post together.
Your rain lily is so dainty and the exotic Cereus is a real beauty.
Ditch lilies are homespun. I love to see them blooming along the roadsides.
That's a very accomodating butterfly. Beautiful photo!
Happy Bloom Day and thanks for hosting.
lisa said…
Your Bloom Day was gorgeous as always! I sure hope my night blooming cactus looks like yours some day!
Barbara E said…
Since most of my gardening this month (and this spring) was directed at preparing for a wedding in our backyard, my post is of the event. I'm looking forward to being able to read more blogs and enjoy and learn from everyone else's gardening experiences.
shirl said…
Happy Bloom Day Carol, everyone else too! Just wanted to say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking part with you on this over the years. It has been great fun :-D

Love your cone flower with butterfly, we’ve not seen too many butterflies yet this year… Mm… that’s a point where’s my cone flower? I wonder if it has been a winter casualty. Aw :-(

In case I don’t catch you next time, I’d like to wish you a great summer :-D
The Violet Fern said…
I love bloom day and always look forward to it! It's a virtual garden tour!
lisavollrath said…
Yep, I have those same purple coneflowers in my Bloom Day post. I just planted them this spring, and I see why so many people grow them---fast growers, and lots of bang for the buck. Their display is spectacular!
Abbey said…
Thanks for sharing the details about bloom day. I just started my garden blog so June was my first bloom day. I chose the theme Shades of Purple.
Carol, I'm late as usual... I'm amazed to see your ceratostigma blooming now - I always think of it as coming much later in the summer. I'll have to pay more attention this year... And I'm so happy to be able to include a night blooming cereus like yours - Blithewold's bloomed Sunday night too! (And last Friday and apparently last night only I missed that one. boo.) Thanks as always!
Jean said…
Okay, I was with you on all the southern plants - yes, most of them are blooming in my southern garden too. But then I came to that Queen of the Night. Full stop! I don't have one of those and don't know anyone who does. But I must have one!

I love the quotes from Elizabeth Lawrence.
Anonymous said…
your rain lily is so beautiful..
it has nice colours..
Caroline said…
Your blooms look SO lush and glorious! Have a happy June!
Thank you so much Carol for giving us the opportunity to see what other gardeners are growing around the world. We are not so different after all! June is probably my favourite month as my latest blog shows, thanks again, elizabeth (Betty) Countryrosecorner England
The regular ditch lilies are blooming here, too, but my doubles aren't yet, which is weird. I think there's a LOT of weirdness in my garden this year.

Your Cereus is seriously awesome, Carol!

I finally got my post done. Lots of photos and I'm slow at the photo thing. Besides, I've got a reputation to uphold since I'm TQOP. ;-)
meemsnyc said…
Love daylilies. The blog list is great, will check out others!
Gale said…
Thanks for being so flexible with the rules. I really wanted to share all the native flowers I discovered this month when I let my yard go wild....but was right in the middle of my kids camp the 15th. :-)
VP said…
Oops - I'm a bit late to the Blooms fest this month :(

And whilst I was putting my post together, as if by magic it turned itself into a list of things to do in the garden!
Oh my goodness, Carol--I'm so glad to see that I am not alone when it comes to being late! I wasn't even going to do a 'formal' GBBD post, but I'm so happy I chose to. Hope you are enjoying your summer.
Texifornia said…
Oh well...missed the linky deadline. Misplaced my camera cord and couldn't load my pictures til now. If anyone wants to see how my widlflower expiriment (ie not mowing and seeing what comes up naturally) goes...stop by
grovespirit said…
Mahalo (a Hawaiian thank-you) for this awesome idea. Really enjoyed seeing what's blooming in the yards & home of other gardeners. My heliconia pic which I've tried to submit via linky widget is blooming in Hawaii. Aloha, and happy gardening. :)