Morning In The Garden

Morning in the garden...

The light is softer.

The air is cooler.

The garden smells different.

It looks diferent.

It is filled with sounds and blooms that you don't hear or see later in the day.

It is my favorite time in the garden.

Everything is fresh, everything is possible, in the morning, in the garden.


  1. I agree. Then the relentless sun comes out and the heat and humidity team up to chase us back into the house.

  2. Yes, morning is always sweet, greeted by air, leaves, plants, insects, birds and gardeners. ~bangchik

  3. I LOVE that!! I feel like that should be on a plaque or something in my garden!!

  4. Morning is sweet. I love the freshness. Tea time is lovely. I love sitting in the Cottage admiring the roses and restoring the tissues. 'Cocktail' hour is sociable, sharing the day with my husband while checking the latest blooms.

  5. It does smell different, doesn't it? As the weather heats up, I'll do my hand watering before heading off to the office. Best time of the day.

  6. I so agree, The morning is so Magical it's a special time of day like no other...

    The Sun and sky are softer, There's dew on the plants and grass and Migrating birds come through that I would not have had the opportunity to see had I gotten up later in the day.

  7. I was just thinking that myself as we are here in sweltering high 90 degree humid nasty afternoons. My Garden seems like such a different place in the morning. My favorite time to visit as the sun peeks over the trees...

  8. Carol - so true! I have to force myself to stop wandering aimlessly around the garden in the mornings and get in the car and go to work!

  9. I think as gardeners we relish the quiet and peace of the morning - before all the work starts, before the kids are trampling through and before the sun scorches. I start my day with a quick walk around, still in my bathrobe, coffee in hand. This morning I was greeted by a long awaited daylily bloom.

  10. What a lovely glimpse of your abundant garden! Yes, morning is when I 'bloom' anew, too. I love that I can walk around my garden in my pjs. :)

  11. I just wish morning didn't come so early.

    Night Owl

  12. I completely agreed with you. Morning is the perfect time to refresh. Every morning I do yoga exercises in my garden. It so refreshing! It makes me feel so relaxed and free from all stress. You should try doing that thing.


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