Tangle Rainbowfly's Great Escape: A Guest Post By The Garden Fairies

A guest post by the garden fairies...

We garden fairies have some extremely important extra exciting news to share, which has caused us to write yet another guest post.

This will be our third post this year, which is some kind of record for us garden fairies. Usually we don’t like to do this much work, but when news is this exciting, we do what we have to do.

Are you all caught up on the goings on around here with the new garden design? We still don’t know what to make of it all, but we were more or less getting used to the changes when those two young fellers showed up, again, and started tearing out the brick patio, brick by brick.

My goodness! What is Carol going to think when she sees all this? We know she’s got some big plans. We just hope these two young fellers are supposed to be tearing up this patio. We have a special fondness for it. After all this is where our garden used to be, the miniature garden. It’s long gone, but all the plants got loaded up into big containers and moved out yonder by the honeylocust tree.

(Where's the picture of the plants from the miniature garden out yonder by the honeylocust tree? I could have sworn Carol took one? She's messing up our guest post by not having a picture of the tiny hostas all potted up. Oh, wait here's one taken right before she moved them out by the tree...)
It shows that wooden step that she never did like.

Anyway, what were we garden fairies writing about? I swear, sometimes we have the attention span of a gnat. No offense to those gnats, who are our friends. They entertain us sometimes by flying around Carol out in the garden, then we howl with laughter watching her swat at them.

We do know that we like one of Carol’s new flowers, a little Lilium cerneum ‘White'. It’s pictured up top of this post. You see that little bug on top there? Carol zoomed that right in and turns out that is a mosquito!

Even we garden fairies don’t like mosquitoes. They can suck all the… well never mind. We do like that pretty little lily and we like that she planted it near some foxglove, another favorite flower of ours.

Did you ever see those spots on the inside of a foxglove flower? Carol always says those are fairy foot prints, and she’s right about that. But it’s our secret how they get there.

Oh, wait, we writing about our big news, weren’t we.

Guess what?

Tangle Rainbowfly is back!

Some of you nice readers were concerned that he ended up in a bag of plants back in April and got hauled off to Carol’s sister’s garden where there are dogs and cats and kids, oh my! Well, that’s exactly what happened! But ol’ Tangle, he’s been around a couple of centuries, so he didn’t panic. Instead he bided his time, hid from the animals and kids and then one evening, when they were all gone, Carol showed up again with some ferns.

Ol’ Tangle saw her and knew that this was his opportunity, his one chance to escape and return to May Dreams Gardens. He waited until she threw down the last bag of ferns, then just as she was about to walk away, he grabbed onto her pant leg and hung on for dear life. She never even knew and got back in the truck with Ol’ Tangle still attached. Then she drove him all the way home, still not realizing he was there. That’s because he tried to stay as quiet as can be and he held his breath, too. At one point he thought he was going to get truck-sick, but he didn’t, thank goodness. He made it all the way back and as soon as Carol got out of the truck, he released his grip on her pant leg and ran as fast as he could toward the lawn and safety.

He thinks she almost saw him because she reached down at one point and he thought she was going to touch him, but she didn’t.

We were so excited to see Ol’ Tangle again and had quite the party that night in his honor, which partially explains the footprints on the foxglove, but then we party like that every night and try to sleep all day, except when those young fellers show up and start tearing out the patio!

Anyway, as long as blooms like that lily keep popping up, us garden fairies don’t get too shook up about all the changes around here, even though there sure are a lot of them!

Posted by Thorn Goblinfly,
Chief Scribe and Typist for the Garden Fairies


  1. Welcome home, Tangle Rainbowfly! A fairy usually doesn't roam too far when they have finally found a happy home.

  2. Whew! So glad one of my fave garden fairies is back. I was worried about him. The plans look divine and progress is being made. Hurray!~~Dee

  3. I'm so glad Tangle made it back safely! I was rather worried about him; Carol's garden is such a sanctuary for you fairies that I was afraid he wouldn't survive out in the big bad world. Now just watch out for all those young fellars moving things around in her garden!

  4. That was quite a daring move on Tangle's part. He must be quite the hero now. I bet all the girl fairies are giving him lots of attention!

  5. All's well that ends well. I know Tangle is glad to be home again, even if it does look vastly different from when he left!

  6. It's all very well to have mysteries in the garden . I think we all have mysteries. Inexplicable doings. But I don't think they are all caused by garden fairies. I think you area really lucky to have this elfish tribe in your garden. Especially since at least one of them can type.

  7. Could garden fairies help with my deer situation because obviously the gnomes are useless. I would much rather have a team of fairies.

  8. It is a good thing that the head garden fairy found his way back. The garden will need some fairy dust to bring that magic back after all is said and done.