Upon Close Inspection: Tomato Blossoms

Upon close inspection, I find that not all tomato blossoms are the same.

In this collage, the top blossom will one day be a ‘Reisetomate’ tomato, a very odd tomato that looks like a bunch of little tomatoes all growing together.

The bottom blossom will one day be a 'Trusty’ tomato, a large slicing tomato.

I’m looking forward to trying both of them, hopefully by early August.

"Close inspection" is a good practice in the vegetable garden, in any garden. That's how you notice little problems before they become big problems.

So far, I've found no problems with any of the tomatoes, but I am on watch for tomato hornworms and signs of blight, two problems that if left unchecked could mean no 'Trusty' or 'Reisentomate' tomatoes for me!


Thank you to everyone who joined in for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. How fun to read through all the posts, to see that we really don't garden alone, but virtually together, each in our own unique way. I encourage everyone to review the list of those who posted about what is blooming mid-month, find some new-to-you garden bloggers and check out their posts.


  1. I can't say I've ever noticed tomato blossoms being different, but then I can't seem to keep tomato plants alive either. Which type of tomato variety do you think has the nicest flowers?

    Christine in Alaska

  2. I find it fascinating that not only do different varieties have different flowers, but even on a single plant differently shaped flowers will turn into differently shaped fruits/veggies. In commercial pepper and tomato greenhouses they actually remove abnormally shaped flowers (after close inspection!) which is how they get such perfectly shaped peppers...

  3. That is so interesting! Thanks for sharing - it makes sense that if the fruit is different then the flowers will differ.

  4. Best wishes for happy, healthy tomatoes!
    I have noticed that my "Brandywine" tomatoes have more petals and calyx points than the regular kind, but I don't know why that is!


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