Dear Friends and Gardeners July 5, 2010

Dear Dee and Mary Ann and Gardening Friends Everywhere,

Don’t you just hate when people say “hot enough for you”? Well, is it hot enough for you where you are? It has turned hot here, with high temperatures in the low 90’s yesterday and probably today.

Out in the vegetable garden, I’m picking some squash every day now. I thought I picked all the squash that was big enough to pick yesterday morning, but this morning there are at least three or four more to pick that look like they could end up oversized if I don’t get out there soon.

And yesterday the green beans looked almost ready to pick and now this morning they seem to have doubled in size. Time to pick them, now, too!

Elsewhere in the vegetable garden, the tomatoes are growing but are still very green, still a few weeks away from being red or yellow or pink or orange or purple. I have a lot of varieties of tomatoes this year. The corn is starting to tassel, too, so I might have some sweet corn about the same time I pick tomatoes. I forgot to check the eggplant, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to have friend eggplant with squash, sweet corn, tomatoes, green beans all in one meal? Sounds good to me – that’s my idea of good eats!

Here’s a picture of the garden taken from where I usually stand. All you can see from there now is the sweet corn.

And here’s a picture taken from another spot.

Saturday evening I watered the vegetable garden because the rains of June are gone and we hadn’t had any rain for a week. I like the garden to get about an inch of rain a week. Otherwise, I water it with a sprinkler. Then yesterday morning I weeded it all and just generally checked that all is okay as I prepare to leave it for a few days to meet you all in Buffalo.

The rest of the garden is doing well. New plantings in front are settling in and plans are being made for what to plant in the new borders and gardens in the back. I think the patio guys will finish up the patio today. The change is dramatic, for the better. I’ll post some pictures once it is all finished.

Carpe hortus,


P.S. The daylily pictured above is ‘Moonlight Orchid’, one of several I got from Soules Garden last summer. It’s planted out in the vegetable garden, patiently waiting to be moved to a proper flower border.

P.S.S. Did you read earlier this week about the bluebirds I saw in the garden? I checked the bird house they were looking at and it had an old nest in it. I removed that, and checked yesterday to find a new nest. It could be bluebirds are going to take up residence or maybe it is some other bird. In any case, I'm happy that some bird is using that house!


  1. It is hot enough for me! And I've got to go move my sprinkler in the vegetable garden. I do not have anything like your harvest yet! It will come.

  2. It is amazing how quickly your garden catches up with southern gardens once it gets going. Is your planting date May25th or thereabouts? Must be the heat! and the rain! Wouldn't 1" a week be just perfect. We got our months supply in 2 days but I can't complain can I ?

  3. It's so interesting what a difference a few USDA zones make! We are pulling out our tomatoes and "hunkering down" for the hottest part of the summer. Real gardening might not ensue until September!
    Stay cool,

  4. That is a beautiful daylily my friend, and your garden is so beautiful this time of year. Here, it's not very hot. We've had a bunch of rain this week, and the garden feels very soggy.~~Dee

  5. Ooh, I love the photo of the eye level view of the corn. Looks promising! See you very soon as we shuffle off to you-know-where!


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